Herricks student says school’s clubs help his education

Rebecca Klar
Bhavesh Patel, a Herricks junior, said he's learned as much from his extra curricular activities as he has from his classes. (Photo courtesy of Bhavesh Patel)

Bhavesh Patel, a Herricks High School junior, said he’s learned as much from his extra curricular activities as he has from most of his classes.

“I’d be a completely different person if I never joined these activities,” said Patel, a 16-year-old from Albertson.

Activities Patel is involved with include DECA, Model United Nations, robotics and student government.

It’s a diverse group of activities, but Patel said he enjoys them all.

He also said the clubs help prepare him for his future.

“All the activities I’m involved in seems like stuff I’ll need in life, but interesting and also building my skills throughout life,” Patel said.

Patel has been in student government for three years, and this year four people were chosen for the Board of Education committee, he said.

Two of the committee members go to the board meetings held every other Thursday, he said.

Last year Patel served as secretary and he was the public relations chair the year before that.

He’s the marketing director in DECA, and the director of public relations and treasury in robotics.

With all of the activities Patel is involved in, it can get pretty hectic, he said.

But Patel embraces the added challenge.

He said it helps him learn to manage his time – another skill he knows he’ll need in the future.

“I sort my way through it … I focus on studies, but also on doing all these activities,” Patel said.

In addition to his school clubs, Patel is also involved in his temple, he said.

Patel goes to BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, a Hindu temple in Melville.

At his temple, Patel doesn’t just focus on religious studies, he said.

The temple has different classes for kids and teens in a range of subjects, he said.

Patel said he enjoys cinematography skills he’s learned through classes at his temple.

Going forward, Patel said he wants to double major in cinematography and business when in college.

Patel said he’s also grateful for all that is offered to him as a Herricks student.

He said he knows from friends he has from temple that go to school in different districts that not every student has he opportunities Herricks students have.

The district is also both competitive and supportive, both of which Patel said he appreciates.

“The competitiveness teaches me to do better, pushes me to do better,” Patel said. “My friends are all competitive … at the same time if you’re going through something tough or need help they’ll help you right away.”

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