Herricks fifth graders on the road to middle school

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The pandemic and school closure did not stop Herricks fifth-graders from moving up in a memorable way.

Center Street, Denton Avenue, and Searingtown schools all held graduation events that celebrated students’ completion of their elementary years while adhering to safety guidelines.

The three buildings held car processions during which families drove the graduates past their schools as district leaders and staff members cheered them on.

Denton’s event took place on June 24, Center Street’s was on June 25 and Searingtown celebrated on June 26.

Students had the opportunity to get out of their decorated vehicles at designated times and locations to receive certificates and have pictures taken. Music, applause, and bright backdrops added to the exciting ambiance.

Students received videos complete with speeches, videos, and songs to further honor their accomplishments and next steps.

Submitted by the Herricks Public Schools

Photos Courtesy of Herricks Public Schools

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