Hardwood & Timber Window Costs In 2022 In UK

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When your utmost priority is to give that traditional charm to your house with a blend of elegance, homeowners know what windows to choose — hardwood or timber windows. While giving your home a rustic feel, the mere appearance of these wooden windows screams elegance, filling your house with the same feeling you’d have when seeing a mighty Oak tree. Hardwood and timber windows pair best with homes using period and brickwork styling.

Although hardwood and timber are quite durable, the impact of weather and time on these wooden windows takes quite a toll on them. After the initial deterioration in the seals and insulation of hardwood and timber windows over time, you may notice the chilly draughts sneaking into your house and the windows getting squeaky. This is when you should consider changing your wooden windows.

Hardwood or timber windows can be expensive, mainly when you include installation costs. However, for people with houses donning rustic or period-style interiors, UPVC windows may not be the right choice.

Luckily, looking for cheaper alternatives is not the only option when your hardwood or timber windows need replacing. This article will act as your guide to help you replace your hardwood or timber windows, ensure a quality job, and be the most economical choice for your wallet.

Here are the costs for installing timber and hardwood windows in 2022 and tips on how to save money while doing so.

How Much Do Hardwood & Timber Windows Cost?

Before we delve into the cost calculation for hardwood or timber windows, let’s identify the two most commonly used types of windows. These are box sash windows and casement windows.

Box sash windows contribute to the traditional idea and add that period look to the property. On the other hand, casement or framework windows have a modern touch but are also available in classical style.

The other feature differentiating these types is their opening mechanisms. While casement windows open via a hinge, box sash windows traditionally slide over one another vertically.

Notably, the variety is comprehensive for both of these popular window styles. Still, you must consider multiple factors before selecting the right type for your property.

Now there are a few hard and fast rules that apply to wooden window prices:

  • Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) windows cost almost 30% less than wooden windows. So, these can be your best choice if saving money is your priority.
  • Regarding the selection of windows type, casement windows can usually be 50% more economical than box sash windows. Therefore, choosing casement windows for your property can be cost-cutting after selecting the suitable material.
  • Furthermore, knowing that double-glazed windows will cost you double the price of single-glazed windows can help your decision.
  • Darker woods such as maple and mahogany are significantly more expensive than oak, a lighter wood. Therefore, many people prefer oak for its features and more for its price factor.

Considering these factors, here’s a handy table for you to compare prices. Please note that these prices are estimates of what you should expect and not the actual cost.

Basic draught proofing £200 – £400 (entire house)
Secondary glazing £300 per window
Temporary secondary glazing £120 per square metre
Repair hardwood windows £200 – £250 per window
Replacement window panes £30 – £35 per pane
Small repairs £25 per window
Recondition casement windows £65 – £85 per window
Fit single glazed hardwood windows £160 – £650 per window
Fit double glazed hardwood windows £1,350 per window
Double glazed full window fit £10,000 +

Basic Draught Proofing

Even if your windows have aged, you can still use proofing to maximise their insulation efficiency. Box sash windows are more prone to wear out from general wear and tear. Therefore, you must always draught-proof them to boost their life and efficiency.

Basic draught-proofing requires precision and, thus, calls for a professional window fitter for best results. Once the window fitter has draught-proofed your old wooden windows, you will have an airtight seal between the moving window and the window frame.

The price of draft proofing the wooden windows of your entire house will cost from £200 to £400. Once you are done with draught-proofing your hardwood windows, you can expect to save more than £50 in energy bills due to the natural insulation these windows provide.

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Add a Secondary Glazing

Another option is to add secondary glazing to your current wooden windows to strengthen deteriorating insulation. Ultimately, your existing windows will be double-glazed, and you will not have to replace them anytime soon. Since secondary glazing serves the same purpose as buying double-glazed windows, it helps you save money.

Secondary glazing to your wooden windows will cost you about £300. EcoEase is a go-to choice for homeowners, with a price range starting from £110 per square metre.

Hiring a professional for a job like this is recommended; however, you can also do it yourself to save on labour charges.

Repairing Current Windows

Years of expansion and contraction have their toll on the windows since the wood is vulnerable to several elements. Even though repairing your well-aged wooden windows may seem undesirable, repairing them can still be a viable option.

A window fitter can completely disassemble your windows, and readjusting, realigning, and servicing all joints on your windows should be a relatively simple task for them. Consequently, you will witness a smooth operation and original draught-proof properties for your existing windows.

For box sash windows, we recommend you completely refurbish them every ten years or so. The price per window will lie anywhere between £200 to £250. Additionally, if you want replacement glass panes on your existing window frames, you can expect to pay £30. Apart from that, it would be best to allocate £25 per window for other minor repairs.

In the case of casement windows, you can have them overhauled for £70 to £85 per window. The reconditioning will include installing new seals, repairing loose joints, and mending hinges.

Fitting New Wooden Windows

It is no doubt that completely replacing your hardwood windows is the most expensive option you can opt for restyling your home. However, it is, for sure, the best option to have great visual and aesthetic results.

Above all, if energy saving and insulation are your main concerns, the above-mentioned options would be highly cost-effective. With an average cost of £320, single-glazed hardwood windows generally range from £160 to £650.

The difference in prices results from the variety of styles and sizes available. Nevertheless, the most cost-effective way to install new wooden windows is to shop around and buy frames and windows separately.

As for wooden double-glazed windows, the prices double. The maximum cost for a box sash window is £1,300 per window. So, when you want to install double-glazed wooden box sash windows in your house, you must have a budget of at least £10,000.

Hiring a team of two professional tradesmen can have three to six windows installed daily. However, the number of windows installed depends upon the window size and the ease with which the target area is accessible.

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What Affects the Cost of Hardwood Windows?

Prices of your hardwood or timber windows can be affected by a multitude of factors; some of the most important ones are listed below.

Condition of Existing Windows

The condition of your current windows is a significant factor in dictating whether or not a repair is the best option instead of replacement and decides the price you will pay for an overhaul.

Therefore, we advise you to take good care of originally fitted hardwood windows. It will ensure that you won’t have to plan their refurbishment while only having to make an initial investment that will result in the long life of your windows.

Number of Windows

In simpler terms, the more windows your property has, the higher the service and installation costs will be. The traders will take more time to cover more windows, increasing your budget. In addition, higher costs reflect the fact that you will be paying more for materials to replace the windows in your home.

Size of House

Just by the number of windows we have mentioned, the size of your house is also a deciding factor. If you own a single-storey bungalow, you will be paying less, and it is because there is no need for scaffolding and specialists using height machinery in such a house. In contrast, you will need to set a far higher budget for a four-storey townhouse to accommodate the installation and repair expenses.

Choice of Timber

The more luxurious the wood you choose, the higher the price will be. So, if you are after an economical option, it would be best to opt for less premium wood ranges. Doing so will help you cut the cost of materials and the wood maintenance requirements after installation.


Location is the factor you can be only lucky at but cannot change. Some areas in the UK cost far more than others. For example, the costs in London are typically far higher than in Northeast England.

Secondly, you will have to consider the costs of reconstruction permits or the scaffolding that you might require. For instance, your roads might not allow for parking for your refurbishment crew. In this case, you will have to pay the permits to ensure your workers’ parking space and allow for scaffolding in your building.

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How Can I Save Money on Timber Windows?

With UK’s high costs and labour fees, it’s beneficial for you to know how to significantly lower overheads. Here are some factors that you should not overlook.

Keeping up Appearances

Every window frame is unique — it comes with its quirks and problems. It might need to be taken apart, reassembled, glued and sanded — a nightmare for any homeowner.

Therefore, good maintenance is the only thing that can save your windows from worsening and increasing their lifespan. If you take good care of your hardwood windows, you can successfully avoid the huge replacement work you might need ahead of time.

The best way to keep up the appearance of your wood is to treat it regularly. You can keep the wood surface from any foliage or moss. Moreover, doing a quick visual check of the wooden windows regularly will help in increasing their life span. Regular visual checks will allow you to grab problems before they become a terminal concern.

Refinish and Repaint

A good amount of TLC is the best way to keep your wooden windows in top condition. One way of treating your windows well is to refinish or repaint them every five to seven years based on weathering and other conditions.

Find Local Tradesmen

Similar to the other home renovation projects, finding and hiring local tradesmen can aid in cost reduction. Since local workers will not charge you as highly as established national companies, you may enjoy a more flexible price range by hiring them. However, do check referrals and experience before hiring local workers. Companies like EcoEase provide highly trained and experienced professionals while also being considerate of your budget.

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Are Hardwood Windows the Best Choice for My Home?

Hardwood windows — being expensive — may not always be the right fit for homeowners. These days, many modern, budget-conscious options are available for homeowners, including UPVC and Aluminium windows. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each option.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardwood


  • Hardwood windows add to the aesthetics of your house. Ultimately, it increases the worth and value of your property apart from spicing up the style.
  • Energy efficiency is another reason people choose hardwood windows to refurbish their houses. Usually, these windows can last you decades if taken good care of.


  • Installing hardwood windows require regular upkeep to retain their original condition.
  • Besides regular maintenance, hardwood windows are pretty costly to repair and replace. Installation of new windows is even more expensive and might not be viable for many homeowners.

Advantages and Disadvantages of UPVC


  • The greatest advantage of using unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) windows is their energy-efficient properties. UPVC windows can retain about 10% more heat inside your house. Therefore, it helps in significantly lowering your energy bills.
  • Another prominent feature of UPVC windows is they are long-lasting, with an average life span of 25 years.
  • What’s more enticing is the security accolades; insurance firms reward lower premiums to property owners with UPVC windows installed.


  • The only downside to UPVC windows is that they are neither as eye-catching nor as timeless as hardwood. UPVC windows may come off as a cheap choice.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminium


  • Aluminium is a sturdy material used for windows to give a modern look to homes. Aluminium windows can last more than 30 years; therefore, they are durable, saving you from replacement costs.
  • Aluminium windows are affordable and can withstand the tests of time and weather conditions. In addition, aluminium windows do not degrade, unlike UPVC.
  • The best part of having aluminium windows on your property is they are sustainable and energy-efficient.


  • Less flexibility with window design is a stumbling block that one might have to compromise with aluminium windows.
  • When compared to hardwood varieties, aluminium windows are seen as a less attractive option.

What’s Involved in Fitting Hardwood Windows?

When you have hired a window fitter for your hardwood windows project, there are some factors that you must be aware of to determine if a quality job is being done. The following are some of the main steps in the process of removing and installation of new windows.


The window fitter will remove your old windows. Firstly, he will dismantle the window panes. Since this task depends on the size of the windows, help from more than one person will be needed.

To carry out the task, tradesmen will use a chisel and club hammer to displace the window frame. Consequently, they will take out the old windows.

Outer Sill and Frame Installation

The contractors will then cut the new window’s outer sill according to the size. This ensures that your windows will have a nice fit per your home’s brickwork.

They will install the window sill by screwing them onto the window frame. Moreover, the workers will take care of ventilators and vents and screw them.

Windowpane Installation

The installation of your new window will follow the outer sill and frame installation. The window fitters will use a spirit level handy to ensure the levels continuously during installation.

Trims and Finishing

The workers will cover gaps with a scotia trim outside if gaps are left behind. Additionally, they will then add an internal trim and then secure both sides using a sealant for a tidy look.

How Do I Find and Hire a Window Fitter?

Finding someone reliable to provide you with the products and services you need can be difficult. If you have spent some time in the market, you must have probably experienced the high prices and extra charges of other companies.

Therefore, the first thing we suggest you do is to seek recommendations from family, friends, or neighbours. Every homeowner must have had traders who have or have not done a great job. This way, you will know which window fitters to hire and which ones to avoid.

If not, another great option is to look for a window fitter online. FENSA is our preferred choice in this regard because their traders are a part of specific bodies. The company provides a platform where you can search for approved windows and door installers per your location.

What’s more enticing is that you can request a quote online, and once your project is done, FENSA will also provide you with the installation certificate. You can also use HouseholdQuotes to help save you up to 40% of your project fee while shortening the time you have to spend looking for traders.

Ensuring the Professional Is the Right Fit

The reputation of double-glazing salesmen has been tainted over the years, thanks to their aggressive selling strategies. While everyone is trying to rip you off your hard-earned money, it’s better to rely on some tips for an even play.

Be on the Lookout for Inflated Prices

In some cases, tradesmen will try their best to hook you on a price 50-70% more than the actual price. Therefore, always try to negotiate a fair price point with them, especially if locally hired.

Buy-Today Discounts

You should not agree to the pushy sales strategy of window fitters. The companies or tradesmen will offer you a reduction for hiring them on the spot. However, despite all the benefits you see, you must stand firm and have enough time to understand and analyse their proposed price. Interestingly enough, the discount will never be void, and you will be able to avail of it even next time.

Ask for a Written Quote

Apart from keeping a record of your expenses, it is worth asking your contractors for a written quote. This will allow you to quickly check the prices since all the charges and project highlights will be on the quote. It can also serve as written proof if a disagreement takes place between you and the contractor.

First Customer Power

Luckily, if you are the first house on the street to entrust your project with the company you chose, you’ll have better-negotiating powers. Moreover, letting the company pursue their advertising board will sweeten the pot for them.

It is also well worth knowing if the contractors are installing windows with a manufacturer’s guarantee. If it does, you can save money on repairs when the time comes.

So, if you are struggling with information on replacing or repairing windows, you can visit FENSA and CERTASS trade associations to hire competent tradesmen.

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Final Checklist

Whether your property already has hardwood windows or you are planning to swap UPVC ones for something more stylish, here are some important points that you must remember:

  • It will save time and money in the long run to choose the timber that goes well with your taste and your budget instead of going for extravagant or cheap choices.
  • You should ask your contractor for a written quote and double-check for the manufacturer’s guarantees. Referrals and testimonials go a long way in cementing a firm’s trust.
  • Once you have repaired or replaced your hardwood windows, make sure you are not turning a blind eye to regular maintenance. It will keep your windows near to original condition even after years of installation.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Hardwood & Timber Window Costs

  1. Are hardwood or timber windows long-lasting?

If you look after your hardwood or timber windows, you can expect them to be long-standing. Therefore, proper care and maintenance of timber windows will help in a prolonged lifespan upwards of several decades.

  1. Is repairing a timber window better than replacing it?

Yes, repairing your worn-out timber windows is one of the cost-saving options to keep them from a complete overhaul. You will not be spending money on their replacement if you maintain your timber windows. Comparatively, full replacement is far more costly than repairing hardwood windows now and then. So, you can also speak to your contractor if you need only replacement parts for timber windows.

  1. Are air-dried timber windows more reliable than kiln-dried windows?

Generally speaking, the advantages of both air-dried and kiln-dried windows lies in the installation location. Air-dried windows are dried in the atmosphere to retain a natural moisture level. However, kiln-dried windows are dried in kilns to a further level.

So, kiln-dried windows are the answer for indoor environments, and air-drying is perfect for outdoor windows to combat temperature fluctuation.

  1. Is it okay to fit new windows myself?

You will face no problem in fitting the windows yourself. However, if your prime concern is greater efficiency and better visuals, it is better to rely on professionals.

Conclusion: It Is Cheap To Get Timber Wood Windows? 

Haggling over wood window prices can be hard work. Who should you trust? With the costs of equipment and material rising day by day, it is challenging to save money even when you are only repairing your wooden windows.

Hence, this article was made keeping in mind these problems exactly. Your choice and cost of windows are dependent on many factors. So, you must take care of them before you place your foot in the market for purchasing material.

While it is not impossible to fit windows yourself, it is better to seek some professional help for an impeccable finish. Therefore, we have shared some tips with you in hiring the best window fitter in your area per your budget.

Before you set off, we advise you to consider the final checklist we have created to ease your legwork. If you are still unsure where to start, you can seek guidance from FENSA for hiring approved installers.

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