H. Frank Carey seniors reclaim world record

The Island Now
The H. Frank Carey High School gymnasium fell silent as H. Frank Carey seniors Frank Porcasi and Gabriella Fiumaro knocked over the first cereal box. (Photo courtesy of Sewanhaka Central High School District)

Frank Carey High School seniors Gabriella Fiumaro and Frank Porcasi took on former WWE Wrestler and movie superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Guinness World Record of toppling 3,006 cereal boxes in domino fashion on Dec. 3.

The students beat the 2016 Guinness World record of knocking down 2,686 boxes by toppling 2,859 cereal boxes on Nov. 27. They were bested by Johnson only hours later, but that didn’t deter them from trying to reclaim their title. With the help of Principal Christopher Fiore, the students were able to retrieve the donated cereal from the first attempt, which was on its way to Florida and Puerto Rico hurricane victims. They then secured additional boxes to assist them in their mission. Surrounded by their teachers, classmates and community members, the pair ultimately toppled 3,416 boxes of cereal, regaining the world record.

After celebrating their success, the students at Carey packed up the cereal for the last time and it will be delivered to Florida and Puerto Rico as planned.

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