Great Neck Estates praises public works department

Stefan Singh

The Village of Great Neck Estates is apparently happy with the work of the village’s public works department.

At the board of trustees meeting March 17, Village of Great Neck Estates Mayor David A. Fox began the meeting by complimenting the department.

“I must have got 35 phone calls saying what a splendid job public works has done,” Fox said.

The board then voted unanimously to appoint a new officer, Scott R. Cody to the village force. Cody is currently a New York Police Department officer with more than nine years on the force. Mayor Fox said Cody comes “highly recommended” and is taking a significant pay cut to join the village force.

Cody will be sworn in on the board’s next meeting on April 11 and will report to duty no later than April 15.

Every summer the ball field at the Great Neck Estates Park is used on Sundays for an organized softball league and this summer will be no different. The board voted unanimously to allow the league to use the field on Sunday mornings from May 1 to Oct. 21.

Along with softball, tennis will also be returning to the park this summer.

The board unanimously also authorized the mayor to sign the Willie Notar Summer Tennis Agreement.

Fox said the agreement allows tennis pros to operate, maintain and teach tennis on the courts throughout the summer at no cost to the village.

The mayor was also authorized to sign the 2011-12 Long Island Geese Agreement, the 2011-12 Belgrave Water Pollution Control District Agreement, Recreation Consultant Agreement, Great Neck Estates Civic Association Agreement, and Mayfair Generator Maintenance Agreement.

The only thing on the agenda not carried by the board was a request by a doctor to use the Great Neck Estates Park for a charity event.

Fox said the park is dedicated for use by village residents and the board has made it a policy to not allow charity events to take place there. The board unanimously declined to make an exception. Board said that if an exception was made it would open the door to other charity events.

The board also agreed to discuss a proposed bill to prohibit invasive plants in the community at their next meeting on April 11. That meeting will also host a public hearing to discuss a bill for incentive zoning.

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