Golf course using new methods to cut back water use

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Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth announced on Monday that the Harbor Links Golf Course in Port Washington is implementing new methods to conserve water.

The  changes are part of the Port Washington Water District’s conservation plan “Be Smart and Green, Save 15,” an initiative to cut water use by 15 percent.

“Conserving water on a golf course can be challenging, especially during the hot summer months,” Bosworth said in a news release. “However, we are confident that with this wide range of water conservation methods we can make a significant cut in the amount of water used at Harbor Links every year.”

The town plans to build a second holding reservoir at the golf course, which the town said it believes will “drastically reduce the amount of water that needs to be purchased.”

The 450-acre town-owned golf course has already started cutting back on its water usage by using digital moisture meters on greens to monitor when they need to be watered. The course is also using a sprinkler system that targets specific grass that needs watering while avoiding areas that do not.

While the course continues to monitor its new sprinkler system, the release said it is also hand watering course hot spots to save water. To cut back watering, the course is using “wetting agents” that allows the watered areas to retain moisture.

The water district announced its conservation initiative at a press conference on July 21 and said that it will be focusing on educating residents on saving water, but also monitoring high-water usage areas like multifamily homes and golf courses.   

Bosworth said that heavy water users will be provided with water-conservation consultants who will help them be more efficient with watering. 

In the news release, Bosworth also announced that the town designed a smart irrigation system for the new Alvan Petrus Park in Port Washington. “The system will only irrigate a few areas of the park and landscape the remaining areas using low-moisture development plants,” the release said.

Bosworth announced in a separate statement that the Town Board is setting up an advisory committee for the golf course to represent the town residents and golfers “in identifying key issues facing the golf course and to suggest ways to improve the golfing experience.”

The town is partnering with Arnold Palmer Golf Management and will work with the course’s management “to help prioritize solutions and work with town officials in order to streamline approval and implementation,” the release said.

By Stephen Romano

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