GNWPCD upgrades website for added customer convenience

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The Great Neck Water Pollution Control District (GNWPCD) is proud to announce some significant upgrades to their website that all focus on customer convenience. With the latest round of website enhancements, residents and local business owners now have the convenience of a new secure online bill payment portal for certain transactions, interactive forms for sewer connection and disconnection, and grease trap applications.

As the GNWPCD and the community continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, the District has taken many measures to limit face-to-face interactions to keep both employees and residents safe.

“The COVID-19 pandemic, like for so many, has really made us take a second look at how we can improve the customer service experience in the name of safety and convenience,” said GNWPDC Chairman Jerry Landsberg. “The launch of these website upgrades was also fostered by our continued pursuit to improve services for our customers while streamlining operations to become more efficient and cost-effective. This project has certainly accomplished all of these goals and we could not be prouder to offer them to the community we serve.”

As the District embarked on making upgrades to decrease physical contact with the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has analyzed the most common hand to hand transactions. After a comprehensive review, it was quickly determined that changes to payment and application processes would provide the most cost-effective solution while also making operations more efficient.

The new process allows customers to submit payments for certain transactions and complete applications for the most common procedures from any device with an internet connection. The old method would require downloading the form electronically, printing, writing in information, and then delivering or mailing to the District. Online payments were not accepted and required submission either in-person or by mail.

“Not only is this more convenient for customers, it saves a lot of staff time that would have otherwise been spent processing paperwork,” added Commissioner Steve Reiter. “Now that these processes are essentially automated, we can focus our resources to identify additional areas for improvement and efficiency.”

For additional information and updates about the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District, visit the website at to sign up for email newsletters or call the office at 516-482-0238.

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