GNWPCD Commissioner Patty Katz running for re-election

The Island Now

Great Neck Water Pollution Control District Commissioner Patty Katz recently announced that she is seeking reelection to the Board of Commissioners. Katz, a Great Neck resident for 35 years, will be on the ballot for her second term as commissioner on Tuesday, Dec. 10. The election will be held from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Great Neck House, 14 Arrandale Ave., and the Great Neck Social Center—80 Grace Ave.

“I was sworn in as commissioner in 2017 at the cusp of a number of infrastructure projects aimed at lowering costs for taxpayers while protecting the environment,” Katz said. “In the three years since, we as a Board have planned for, and oversaw, this work as we continue to keep our wastewater treatment center a model for other facilities in the northeast region.”

At the District, the upgrades have included major upgrades to our three digesters to increase capacity and safety. A new bulkhead bordering on Manhasset bay that was completed on time and under budget. An additional microturbine was added to our co-generation facility and the District is also completing construction on Nassau County’s first and only grease receiving station.

In the fall of 2017, the District launched its Shed the Meds program offering residents an environmentally-friendly alternative to dispose of unused or expired pharmaceuticals safely. Following its fifth event last month, the program has collected a total of 1,710 pounds of pharmaceuticals. The District has also spearheaded its F.R.O.G.s decal program launched in partnership with local eateries indicating which locations have approved grease traps.

“Every day as commissioner my duty has been to represent the community and make decisions with the community’s best interest in mind,” Katz said. “Collectively, the Board has made those important decisions that not only benefit our residents today but for future generations to come. The next three years offer great opportunity to carry this mission forward and continue the several important initiatives set in place.”

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