Reader’s Write: GN library critic smears letter-writer to make point

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In the Nov. 8 Great Neck News, Norman Roland responded to a letter from Myra Breakstone in which she described being locked in the Main Branch of the Great Neck Library. She went on to describe how two librarians, acting above and beyond the call of duty, remained behind until the key, which freed her, was found. Using this as a jumping off point, Ms. Breakstone went on to urge residents to support the proposed library renovation.

And what was Mr. Roland’s reaction? “Myra Breakstone must have been a plant.” 

What gall! Mr. Roland does not know Ms. Breakstone, yet he accuses her of being a “plant.” 

I do know Ms. Breakstone. She has been a pillar of this community for almost 60 years, serving several of them as president of the local Hadassah group (In the interest of full disclosure she also happens to be my cousin). 

Coincidentally, one of the librarians who was of assistance to Ms. Breakstone is a neighbor of mine. 

So, I think I have all the facts in this case correct. More than can be said of Mr. Roland.

As to the renovation, I voted against it when it came up for a vote previously. On Nov. 19 I voted in favor for the following reasons: 

The current proposal is much less ambitious and will cost considerably less.

I walked through the library and saw the horrendous condition it was in, e.g. electrical wires and a bulb hanging down from a ceiling. 

A decent library correlates with better learning opportunities for both students and adults. 

If you neglect infrastructure both institutions and nations suffer. 

There has been adequate community input. Anyone who has questions about the renovation can have them answered by e-mail, calling the acting director, or attending a community meeting.

So Mr. Roland, Myra Breakstone was no plant, but maybe you are a prickly cactus.

Hal Sobel

Great Neck

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