Glen Head School Second Graders celebrate GrandApple Day

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Glen Head Elementary School teacher Karen Rasin said: “GrandApple Day is the culmination of our ‘Long Ago study, when our second graders learn all about life in Glen Head, long ago.”

In preparation for GrandApple Day, eager second graders researched and learned about homes, schools, transportation, clothing and jobs in the Glen Head community – and how they have changed over time. Additionally, they studied toys and games – including colonial crafts like Apple head dolls.

“The children also interviewed their grandparents to see what their life was like when they were seven and eight years old,” Rasin said. “During ‘grandparents day’, we invited a grandparent or special older relative to come in and make ‘grandapple’ dolls with their second-grader utilizing actual dried out apples.”

The students along with their grandparents or older friends/relatives used their creativity to dress up their dolls in any way they wanted using fabric, yarn, pipe cleaners, buttons, sparkles, tape, hot glue guns, and other crafts from a table of numerous, colorful, supplies.

“It was a wonderful hour filled with love, storytelling, and one-on-one family time,” Rasin said.

Submitted by the North Shore Central School District

(Photos by Sherry Newman)

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