Readers Write: Focus on letter-writer a distraction

Grace McQuade

I am writing  this letter in response to Jay Feldman’s letter critiquing me in the Jan. 13 edition of the Roslyn Times.

The title of my previous article was “Globalism Is a Threat to Western Civilization.”

The title was not “Dr. Roth is Obligated to Trash John O’Kelly f/b/o Jay Feldman.”

The main purpose of my letter was to show the disgust I have for “progressive” deceit and hypocrisy.  Mr. O’Kelly was incidental to my letter.

I could have easily written the exact same letter without mentioning his name or referring to him.

Mr. O’Kelly was topical in the last few issues, so I thought it appropriate to make a connection instead of writing the letter out of thin air.  It made things more coherent.

Mr. Feldman has charged me with “giving  Mr. O’Kelly a “pass on his anti-Semitic views” and for “dismissing Mr. Kelly’s comments about Jewish bankers.”

My response is that he is not correct in saying that I did not address the above issues.

I explicitly stated that I did not believe in Rothschild conspiracy theories and, additionally, I clearly stated that most central bankers were not Jewish.

Does anyone see a “pass” on anti-Semitism there?

Does anyone see me “dismissing” Jewish banker taunts there?

The thrust of my letter was anti-globalist and anti-progressive. It’s my letter and I can emphasize what I choose.

Let us take a further look at Mr. Feldman’s response to my letter.

While he can cherry-pick any sentence out of context, I would like some answers regarding the overwhelming bulk of my letter.

Was Mr. Feldman interested in talking to my point about Christian persecution?

How about cultural imperialism?

While I made one small, passing reference to Mr. O’Kelly, I subsequently spent four, lengthy paragraphs reviling George Soros.

Since Mr. Feldman has his super-duper, turbo-charged, anti-Semitic, detection meter on full alert, I actually would have expected some response to that.  I got zip!

I find that a little peculiar for someone who stated, “anti-Semitism should never get a pass” and then proceeds to give Soros a complete pass.

Apparently, Mr. Feldman seems less concerned with someone having the worldwide political clout of Mr. Soros and seems more concerned with John O’Kelly of Mineola.

A distinctly distorted perspective.

My penultimate paragraph was a further critique of globalists.

My last paragraph was a denunciation of the thundering silence of the rabbis of this community who had not a word about our neighbors equating Trump to Hitler.

Mr. Feldman chose to ignore 99 percent of my letter.

So Mr. Feldman, why don’t you flex your Arnold Schwarzenegger, anti-Semitism, locator muscles where they could have a more significant impact?

Has anyone visited any Jewish institutions lately?

I have been to the Center of Jewish History in Manhattan.  I have been to the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park.

Did you notice the “airport-like” security?

You go through metal detectors and have your belongings inspected for bombs.

I also noted several extra police vehicles around our synagogues during the recent High Holy Days.

I am a member of the JCC in Roslyn Heights.

They have heightened security and they patrol the grounds full time.  I wonder why.

Was that to protect us from the Mr. O’Kelly’s of the world?

Or, just maybe, it could be someone else.

Oh my, who could that be?

I guess I could pick some name at random.  Let’s see.  Oh, just for argument sake.  How about Muhammad?

I await the letter writing campaign from our resident “progressives” displaying the same intensity of criticism regarding Islamic anti-Semitism as they have with John O’Kelly.

No hurry. I got time.

Dr. Wayne Roth

Roslyn Heights

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