Fence Installation Cost UK: Average Fencing Prices 2022

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Fences are an important part of your garden and also help protect your house. They’re aesthetically pleasing and add symmetry to your home’s exterior. Moreover, the presence of a fence around the garden drastically improves the outlook of a house. Several fences are available on the market, each with a different cost. A good quality fence can last long if properly installed and taken care of.

It isn’t always cheap to install a new fence or replace an old damaged one. Not knowing a ballpark cost could throw you off your plans altogether. This article will help you calculate the cost of getting a new fence so you know what to expect. The final estimates will include the cost of the new fence alongside its accessories. Moreover, it will also contain labour, the cost of removing the old fence, and maintenance.

Continue reading to learn everything about fence installation costs.

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How Much Does Fence Installation Cost?

The cost of the fence depends on the size of each panel you want to install. Here is a simple table to make it easy for you to choose your desired size and estimated cost.

Type of Fence 4ft (Fence Height) 6ft (Fence Height)
Lattice £600 – £1100 £800 – £1600
Weave £400 – £700 £600 – £1200
Close Board £550 – £1000 £750 – £1400
Lap Panel £450 – £850 £600 – £1200
Picket £450 – £850 £500 – £1200
Slatted £600 – £1200 £900 – £1800

A fence may cost you anywhere between £1000-£2000. This is the amount you will be spending on just the fence and does not include any labour or installation costs. You should expect to pay a lot more for labour. However, labour costs differ throughout the UK depending on the location. If you’re looking for other services like tree surgeons, you can find them on Bark.

Besides labour, there are several other hidden costs that you will have to pay while getting the fence installed. For example, if you are replacing an old fence, you may have to pay the labour to remove and dispose of the old fence. Similarly, if you want to install your fence over uneven land, you must pay extra money to smoothen it first.

You should consider all such costs while planning a fence installation in your home. It allows you to manage your budget accordingly and install your fence without hiccups.

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What Affects the Cost of Fence Installation?

Depending on your preferences, several factors will affect the fence installation cost. Here are some factors that will affect the final fence installation cost.

Size of the Fence

Fences come in panels, and their cost is calculated as such. Larger areas will require more panels, thereby increasing the cost. So, the total cost will naturally be higher if you have a big garden. Similarly, you can avoid spending more by choosing smaller and shorter fences.

Thus, fence cost largely depends on the area you want to cover. However, calculating the exact number of panels for a specific area isn’t a simple task. It’s best to get professional help to measure the area and provide an estimated number of panels and their cost. will help you connect with professionals in your surroundings.

Material of the Fence

Another factor to consider that affects the cost of fence installation is the material of the fence. Several materials are available on the market that you can choose as per your preference. Moreover, depending on its quality, each material has a different cost.

  • Wooden Fences: A wooden fence panel can cost anywhere between £20 to £80, depending upon the quality and design of the fence. The wooden fence is the most commonly used fence that augments your house’s elevation. Most people prefer wooden fences over other types because of their natural look and easy cohesion in a garden setting.
  • Plastic Fences: This is a low-maintenance option because plastic is more durable and long-lasting. However, these fences are a little expensive and cost around £20 to £30 per foot in height. Plastic is better suited to the UK because of the weather as it is not affected by rain.
  • Steel or Aluminum Fences: You can also opt for a steel or aluminium fence. These fences are very durable and relatively inexpensive. Moreover, these types of fences are super easy to install.
  • Iron Fence: Wrought iron fences are the most expensive types of fence. These are highly durable and strong and do not need replacement even after many decades of use. Iron fences are definitely worth the price. However, you can always choose the cheaper types if you are not ready to spend so much on iron fencing.

Quality of Material

All different fence materials come in different qualities. Moreover, the cost varies according to the type as well as the quality of the material. Hence, you can choose a material that best suits your budget.

High-quality materials are always worth the amount you spend on them, though. Better materials last longer than low-quality materials. It is up to you whether or not you want to invest in a good-quality fence or an average one. Expensive fences become a permanent fixture and last much longer. In addition, they will also not need replacement anytime soon.

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You must spend extra money on maintenance to make your fences last as long as possible. For example, applying a sealant on the fence every two to three years is essential to avoid moisture build-up. You can hire a professional for this job. Alternatively, you may want to paint your fence to give it a fresh look and improve your home’s outlook. If you’re looking to renovate your house, you can also check out the house extension costs and services on Bark.

Other than that, fences require regular maintenance and care to last longer and stay in good condition. If you are wondering about the basics of maintaining a garden fence, here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Try trimming the grass and other vegetation close to the fence regularly. It will decrease the risk of moisture and seepage and give the fence a neat and clean look.
  • Do not delay fence repairs. Even a minor breakage may lead to major damage if left unattended.
  • Consider painting the fence if it has become dirty and worn out.
  • Make a weekly cleaning schedule for the fence and properly clean it using a brush.
  • Replace the missing or damaged parts of the fence panels quickly.

Old Fence Removal

While replacing your garden fence, you should also consider the cost of removing the old fence. Removing an existing fence is not an easy job, and you will need the help of a few people. Moreover, the process may also require one or more days.

Removing an old fence is very technical and needs proper tools or machinery. Hence, it is a challenging endeavour to take on yourself. Getting help from a professional would cost you roughly £50. The same individual will also be responsible for disposing of the old fence.

So, instead of trying to save this cost and performing this task yourself, we recommend hiring professionals instead.

Land Condition

Ideally, a fence should have flat and soft soil for quick and easy installation. However, this may not be the case in every area and every house. Sometimes the land is so uneven and full of rocks that fence installation becomes challenging.

You need heavy machinery for the job in such conditions. This difficult job often leads to an increase in the installation cost. The labour will level the soil and remove rocks to create an even surface for the fence installation. So, it is obvious that the labour cost will be pretty high.

Clearing such an area alone is nearly impossible, especially without professional equipment. You will have to call professionals for help, so plan your budget accordingly.

Getting Permits

Depending on your area in the UK, you may need to get a permit before installing a fence in your home. Almost all fences require a building permit, and their cost varies according to location.

On average, getting a permit will cost you around £20 to £200. To get a permit, you will have to share all the plan details, such as the type of fencing and installation method, etc., Moreover, you will also be asked to submit photos of the house.

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How Can I Save Money on Fence Installation?

The final cost of fence installation can be pretty high, including fences, labour, and old fence removal, among other extra costs. But there are some tips and tricks to save money and still get fences installed in your home.

Some tips and tricks to save money on fence installation are as under.

Shop During Sales or Promotions

We recommend waiting for a sale if you are not in a rush to get fences installed or replaced in your home. Most stores have routine sales and promotions where you can find your desired products at very low prices. Since you can get the same product at a reduced price, it is best to wait for sales.

You can follow the social media handles of various stores and keep an eye on their upcoming sale or promotional offers. The best time to shop for everything you want to buy, including fences, is around major sales such as Black Friday.

Prefer Durability

When choosing a fence for your home, you should prefer durability over price. Although many cheap fence options are available on the market, they aren’t as long-lasting. Instead of wasting money on a cheap and below-average fence, it is better to increase your budget and invest in a better quality fence.

It’s better to spend once instead of having to undergo the hassle of installing a new fence repeatedly. So you must get a good quality, durable fence that will save money in the long run.

Install the Fence Yourself

The labour cost for fence installation is quite expensive in the UK, and it varies depending upon your location in the UK. It is better to get your fence installed by a professional to avoid mishaps. But if you are short on budget, you can always become a DIY expert and install your fence yourself.

It will reduce labour costs and decrease your final fence installation cost. You can take help from the internet and watch videos to educate yourself about fence installation before trying. You will save quite a lot of money this way and also get a chance to enjoy a DIY project.

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Are Fences the Best Choice for My Home?

When spending so much money on something, it is normal to feel confused while making the final decision. You may doubt the fences’ worth, durability, and value. So, here is the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the fences, which might help you decide whether you need them.

Advantages of Fences

  • Clear Demarcation

A house/ garden without a fence seems incomplete. It is not evident where the area of the house starts and where it ends. There are chances that someone may trespass on your garden/ lawn without your permission, which is not safe. There have been a few cases where neighbours encroach on the unmarked area leading to controversies regarding the property. But by installing a fence around your garden and house, you will have a defined property boundary, and no one can encroach on your area. So, by getting a beautiful fence around your property, say no to trespassers and encroachers.

  • Additional Security

A fence adds to your garden and house security. A fence restricts stray animals from entering your garden and spoils your lovely plants and grass. Furthermore, a fence will not allow your toddlers and pets to cross the boundary, and they will be safe from passing by traffic cars. The habitual trespasses will change their ways, and your house will be safer than ever.

  • Enhanced Beauty

Any good fence installed perfectly around your house and garden enhances the beauty of your property to a significant level. Without a fence, your garden or lawn space seems borderless, which does not look complete and per modern aesthetics. A huge variety of fences is available in the market in the entire UK, out of which you can select the most beautiful one for you. A fence also increases your property’s overall value by providing additional beauty and security. So, get a beautiful perimeter fence for your property and enjoy the beauty all around.

  • Cover and Shelter

Usually, every pedestrian can peek into your house if you live without a fence. Strangers or even your neighbours peeking into your zone can harm your privacy. A high fence covers you and allows you to enjoy a private life without peeking. If you are sitting on the lawn, the passers can not see you from a fence. So, you can sit there as long as you want without fear of strangers observing you and unwanted starings. Even neighbours would not be able to see and judge you, which is a great relief.

  • Wind Barrier

A fence around the garden saves your small plants from dangerous winds. It serves as a strong barrier and protects your lovely delicate plants. Even a small fence can serve this purpose nicely.  The fence around the garden will also protect delicate plants from direct sunlight. Plants planted just by the side of the fence will not be exposed to the sunlight and will remain safe under the shadow of the fence. Hence, a fence can be a lifesaver for your many lovely plants.

Disadvantages of Fences

  • Installation Expenditure

It is quite expensive to install a new fence alongside your backyard or only garden. Though it entirely depends upon the material, type and size of the fence, the overall installation experience is quite expensive. Few additional charges are also included in the procedure, making it costly. Some companies provide the same services at a much cheaper rate but sometimes compromise the quality. Hence, some people drop the idea of fence installation after knowing its cost. Think hard, discuss your preferences with your partner and decide whether you require the fence or not.

  • Costly Maintenance

The fence depicts a very beautiful image of your house only if they are properly maintained. Otherwise, stains, dirt, marks, unwanted growth, chipping off paint etc., on the fence start giving a shabby and poor look. Regular maintenance is required, including repainting, staining, sealing and overall cleaning every few months. And these maintenance services are an extra burden on your budget. But this expenditure is truly worth it because your house image is uplifted as soon as fence maintenance is complete.

  • Neighbour Concerns

Installation of a fence between two houses is quite tricky and difficult. The difficult part is to convince your neighbour, and the tricky part is to cover yourself legally in property papers. The fence project should never start without a formal agreement between you and your neighbours. The neighbours’ concerns over this project should be kept in mind; otherwise, you can land yourself in trouble afterwards. As the fence will benefit the residents of both houses alike, both should be principally responsible for its maintenance. But if the other one disagrees, all maintenance will be on you. So, convince your neighbours and only then install a fence to avoid conflicts.

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Getting Professional Help for Fence Installation

Doing your tasks yourself is great, but trying to install fences yourself may damage them  permanently. Several factors need to be checked before starting the fence installation process. Every area in the UK has certain protocols that should be followed, like permits and surveys.

You cannot start construction in your house without letting the officials know. Hence, a professional fence installer would already know the process of getting the permit, and you should ask for his help.

Another reason you should ask for a professional’s help is that he will have better equipment and machinery for digging. He will use his excavator, digger, shovels, and trenchers to dig the land for fence installation. Without proper machinery, you will end up ruining the land.

Lastly, if your land is not even and has too many rocks, you would be unable to install the fences with your mini tools. You will need heavy machinery to do the job instantly. Hence, it is better to get a professional for the job.

How to Find Someone to Install Fences?

Now that you are convinced to pay the installation cost to the professional fence fitter for a smooth job look out for recommendations from your friends and family. Try to find someone reliable through your connections, so there is no risk involved. Your friends will only recommend the tried and tested professionals to you; hence you can blindly trust the person and get your job done.

If this is not an option for you, do not worry; we have another reliable solution. You can get help from to connect with professional fence fitters in your area anywhere in the UK. They have contacts of professional and trustworthy individuals who would love to do the job for you. You may also call Bark and get the quote for the estimated fence installation cost for budget planning.

FAQs Regarding Fence Installation

  1. Which type of fence can I easily install by myself?

Although it is recommended to get professional help for fence installation is recommended, if you still want to do this project yourself, you can get a wooden fence. A wooden fence is relatively easier and quickest to install because its installation is not as complex as other fence types.

  1. Can I install fences myself without digging holes?

No, if you want your fences to be stable and aligned perfectly around the garden, you need to dig holes in the land. During this process, you might come in contact with rocks or uneven land, which requires heavy machinery for digging before fitting your fence. However, if you like challenges and want to experiment, then it is your choice.

  1. Do I need my neighbour’s permission for fence installation in the UK? 

If you plan on putting a fence on your own property, nobody has the right to stop you from doing so. However, if you put a fence on the boundary line between your and your neighbour’s house, you need to get their permission. To avoid inconvenience, it is better to ask your neighbour’s consent before the project starts.

  1. Should I paint my fences? 

It is an entirely personal choice. Some people believe they need to keep changing the colour of their fence paint to give a fresh and clean look. Changing the fence every few years is practically impossible, so changing its paint would be enough for a new look. However, you can skip painting your fence if you don’t like it.

  1. Does the sense add value to the property’s worth? 

Yes, fences add value to a property depending on their material and maintenance. They provide a sense of safety to the house’s inhabitants and look aesthetically beautiful from the outside. So, a new buyer of the house will definitely acknowledge the importance and benefits of the fence in the garden.

  1. Are fences worth the investment? 

Yes, fences are truly worth the investment. Since they are valuable during the house’s resale, you should not hesitate to invest in the most expensive and reliable option. Most of the time, cast iron, vinyl, and wooden fences bring a return on investment of 50% during the house’s resale.

  1. Which type of fence provides noise reduction?

Install a vinyl fence if you live in a noisy area and cannot enjoy some quiet time in your garden. A vinyl fence provides excellent privacy and security to the house while also reducing noise. Unfortunately, other fences, such as wooden or iron, do not help reduce noise.

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Conclusion: How Much Does Fence Installation Cost?

Installing a fence to your property is a huge milestone that adds value to the property’s worth and helps make it secure. As soon as the fence gets installed, you can freely roam around in your garden. Moreover, the overall architecture of the house will also improve, and the external view of the house will look aesthetically pleasing.

The average cost of fence installation in the UK is £1000 to £2000, which may increase or decrease according to your choice of fences. Then there are other additional charges, like old fence removal, labour costs, accessories, etc., that increase the final cost.

However, we shared a few tips to help you save money while installing a new fence in your home. We would also recommend you to thoroughly explore the market and compare the costs of everything before finalising.

You can contact Bark, get the estimated cost quotes, and plan your budget accordingly. The fence installation will be quick and smooth if you get professional help. Good luck!

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