Equality regarding people of color, President Biden’s Afghan situation and some thoughts about Texas’ six-week abortion ban law

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To learn, one must have an open mind, but questions should be asked of Trump supporters like Gayle Palmer about how long their minds have been closed to information that disagrees with what they have been told to believe.

In Palmer’s letter titled “President Biden’s Afghanistan tragedy,” she somehow begins with comments on racism and states that “the left keeps telling people of color that they cannot make it in this country” and to show that such statement is not true, states that “people of color are able to experience successful and rewarding lives in America.”

Her statement by itself sounds quite racist. The question should be, how many people of color are hurting and, for the most part, are they really equal in our country? As for equality, did we, the white people, also serve as slaves next to our black brethren? It’s a long hard road to achieve equality.

But let’s quickly turn to President Biden and the Afghanistan situation.

I salute Ms. Palmer, or should I say General Palmer for her expertise about Afghanistan and her military know-how since I assume she was in that country observing the events and subsequently discussing and planning military strategies with her fellow generals. However, what does surprise me is that she does not agree with most of Trump’s original deal with the Taliban.

The part of the deal she is in agreement with is the trade to free 1,000 American prisoners without giving up anything in return, that is unless you totally ignore the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners, some of whom played key roles in the Taliban’s swift takeover of the country.

Keeping the Taliban in mind and everything else that’s currently going on in our country, and in the world, let’s think about the possibility of Trump running for president in ’24.

Ms. Palmer and so many others like her believe that he would be perfect for ’24, but realistically, we’re really talking about him taking us back to 1924 or even more appropriately, 1824, some thirty-seven years before the start of the Not-So-Civil-War. Please God, I pray. Save our democracy.

Regarding the new Texas’ six-week abortion ban law, it includes a provision that rape will not be an excuse for the girl or woman to have an abortion. How would any woman, especially one in Texas, feel about having a baby whose father is a rapist?

Regarding abortion as a whole, I guess for Texans, freedom of choice does not apply to women who want to have control over their own bodies and sanity.

For Texans, saving a life must be the key. Based upon that conclusion, getting vaccinated to prevent you from contracting the coronavirus fits into that same category of saving a life unless Texans know more than doctors and scientists.

Apparently, throughout the United States, many others share that same belief and I understand that in most law-abiding states, it’s illegal to practice medicine without a license.

Alvin Goldberg,

Great Neck


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