End date in sight for Old Mill public hearings

Janelle Clausen
Paul Bloom, a legal representative for 2 Old Mill LLC, as seen at Monday night's Great Neck Estates village board meeting. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

Great Neck Estates village officials said Monday that they hope to wind up hearings on a proposed housing subdivision in November.

The officials continued a public hearing about subdividing Clover Drive properties to Oct. 9. They adjourned the meeting on Monday because a stenographer was absent and they needed to have an exact record of what was said.

“We don’t have a stenographer to take down whatever happens at this hearing, and that’s an essential thing if we wind up in court over this,” village Attorney A. Thomas Levin said.

The project would build 11 single-family homes, one of which is in Great Neck Estates.

Trustees originally intended to present comments and questions about the proposal to representatives of Old Mill 2 LLC, which is managing the project for Lalezarian Properties.

Now, Levin said, they intend to deliver a list of questions and concerns within two weeks to be addressed at the Oct. 9 meeting.

“They will be prepared to address all of those at that time,” Levin said. “There will still be a public hearing aspect, so the public will be able to ask questions and hopefully get answers.”

The Village of Great Neck Board of Zoning Appeals and its planning board first approved the subdivision in May 2014, pending approval by Great Neck Estates trustees and state officials approving plans for the access road.

Levin said that while the Village of Great Neck gave its original approval in 2014 following years of proceedings, the approval process didn’t conclude there until 2016. Then, he noted, an application was not filed in the Village of Great Neck Estates until Oct. 2016.

Levin said the village hopes to set a final public hearing for Nov. 8 at the next hearing.

“These hearings have been going on a long time in this village,” Levin said. “They went on a very long time in the Village of Great Neck before that and we’d all like to see this come to an end in our lifetime.”

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