Elmont outduels Sewanhaka 54-43

Gregory Giaconelli
Sewanhaka guard Jayden Boyd (Photo by Gregory Giaconelli)

The Elmont Spartans defeated the Sewanhaka Indians 54-43 on Wednesday afternoon, led by K.C. Ndefo’s 18 point game and Victor Olawoye’s 13 points.

Jayden Boyd and Giovany Brice led Sewanhaka with 16 and 13 points respectively.

Sewanhaka head coach Jay Allen said he gives credit to a well-coached Elmont team, led by Ndefo, who won the State Championship last season.

“Those guys are a well-oiled machine,” Allen said. “They just did a better job of playing their style by getting out on the break and generating opportunities. K.C. Ndefo was the difference in this game.”

In the first quarter, Elmont outscored Sewanhaka 15-10 as Ndefo paced the attack with eight points. He went 2-4 on the line and hit three field goals.

Brice led Sewanhaka with six points in the opening quarter as he scored three times from inside the paint.

Elmont outplayed Sewanhaka 13-8 in the second quarter and took a ten point lead into halftime.

Ndefo added five more points in the second quarter to lead Elmont with 13 points in the first half.

Ismael Astasie finished the first half with six points, including four in the second quarter for Elmont.

Kamaal Chin led Sewanhaka with four points in the second quarter, hitting a pair of free throws and a basket.

Brice, Chin and Boyd provided Sewanhaka’s offense by combining for 16 points in the first half.

Elmont had the edge in the third quarter 11-7 and had a 39-25 lead heading into the final quarter.

Olawoye led Elmont with six points in the third quarter including a pair of baskets and two shots on the line.

Rahim Akinwunmi led Sewanhaka with three points by going 3-4 on the line in the third quarter.

Sewanhaka forward Giovany Brice (no. 13) (Photo by Gregory Giaconelli)
Sewanhaka forward Giovany Brice (no. 13) (Photo by Gregory Giaconelli)

In the final quarter, Sewanhaka outscored Elmont 18-15 but Elmont went on to win 54-43.

Olawoye led Elmont with seven points in the fourth quarter, in which he went 2-2 on the line and added a basket and a three pointer. Olawoye finished the game with 13 points, all coming in the second half.

Ndefo added five points in the second half for Elmont and totaled 18 for the match.

Boyd led Sewanhaka with nine points in the fourth quarter. He went 3-4 on the line and added three shots from the interior, finishing the game with a team leading 16 points.

Brice compiled five points in the fourth quarter for Sewanhaka and collected seven points in the second half. He completed the contest with 13 points.

Boyd said they couldn’t execute as an early deficit proved to be too much, resulting in their first home loss of the season.

“We came out flat in the first half,” Boyd said. “We tried to pick it up in the second half but we just couldn’t pull through. It’s a tough loss but we’ll bounce back.”


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