Editorial 7: Joshua Lafazan for Nassau County Legislature – District 18

The Island Now
Nassau County Legislator Joshua Lafazan (Photo courtesy of Joshua Lafazan via Facebook)

Nassau County Legislator Joshua Lafazan says he reminds himself that he is a local legislator and should stress local issues as a legislator.

He has done this very well with legislation to combat the opioid crisis, prevent suicides and aid veterans who are homeless.

Lafazan has now set his sights on the 5,000 Nassau County veterans who are homeless, soon to be homeless or housing insecure.

To help, he put together the Dignity for our Heroes package, which includes the exploration of building transitional housing for veterans in need at the Mitchell Field Complex Housing Service Center.

Lafazan, a 27-year-old Independent from Syosset who caucuses with the Democrats, became the youngest legislator ever elected at 23 in 2017.

He said no one in the county Legislature can match his record for getting bills approved since his first election in what he said is a conservative district.

Perhaps this can explain his sponsorship of legislation giving Nassau County police the right to sue protesters for harassment that opponents said would stifle free speech, particularly for minority groups.

Lafazan said he withdrew his support for his own legislation after state Attorney General Letitia James said the bill was probably unconstitutional. All 12 Republicans supported the bill, which was vetoed by Nassau County Executive Laura Curran based on James’ opinion.

Lafazan is opposed by Paolo Pironi, a 33-year-old Republican from Brookville who owns the Pironi Homes construction company.

Pironi has run a campaign characterized by untrue, extremist attacks on Lafazan, whose goal he claimed on Facebook and in mailers was to defund the police, promote “critical race theory” support communists, get his constituents to renounce their “white privilege” and other ugly nonsense.

His candidacy raises serious questions about the Nassau County Republican Party beginning with do you support these kinds of untrue attacks and, if not, will you renounce Pironi and his brand of hate and disinformation.

We strongly endorse Joshua Lafazan on the merits.




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