East Williston school board OKs strategic plan changes

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The East Williston school board adopted changes to its strategic plan that aim to strength its math and science programs, district officials said Monday.

The district adopted the current plan four years ago and unanimously voted to accept Superintendent Elaine Kanas’ recommended revisions. The original plan was designed to last five years before needing adjustment.

Change included the option for students to take a college-level Advanced Placement science course that focuses more on software engineering instead of taking an AP computer science course, said Elaine Kanas, the district superintendent.

The district also plans to offer a new math course for students who want to continue studying math but prefer to not be placed at the AP level.

“We’ve added onto the strategic plan a college discrete math course that’s not an AP course but provides an opportunity for students who do not want to take math AP but want to continue on with an additional math class,” Kanas said.

The district also wanted to examine its eighth-grade math research program in the context of how it fits in with the rest of the district’s research programs, Kanas said.

The district will begin implementing the changes in the next school year, following the planning of new coursework and the adoption of next year’s budget, said Mark Kamberg, the school board president.

The school board is also considering extending a property tax exemption to Cold War veterans.

The state property tax law has recently been amended to give school districts the option of providing a partial property tax exemption for Cold War veterans, said John P. Sheahan, the school district’s attorney.

The tax exemption applies to those who were on active duty in the U.S. military between Sept. 2, 1945, and Dec. 26, 1991.

 “The school district has the option of choosing between 10 percent exemption or 15 percent exemption … or for an option for a second exemption which relates to disabled veterans,” Sheahan said.

The board plans to choose one of the options and adopt an exemption at its December meeting, Kamberg said.

The board also honored the Wheatley School’s successful athletic teams.

The varsity girls’ soccer team won the Nassau County championship for the fourth consecutive time. 

Also recognized at the board meeting was cross-country prodigy Brianna O’Brien, who set the school record for the five-kilometer run multiple times during her most recent season.

O’Brien will  run in the Northeast Regional Cross Country Championship on Saturday.

By Ted Ryan

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