East Hills trustees vote to change ID card terms for nannies and grandparents

Harrison Marder

Nannies and grandparents who visit the Park at East Hills will no longer have to renew their identification cards at the end of each year.

Village of East Hills trustees last week voted unanimously to change the terms of the nanny and grandparent cards from expiring on Dec. 31 to now expiring one year from the date of issuance.

The fee for a grandparent card per couple increased from $125 to $150, Village Attorney William Burton said. The fee for an individual grandparent card remained $100.

Burton said the cost for a nanny card also remained $150.  Both the nanny and grandparent cards allow access to the park with a resident child.

Donna Liebowitz, chairperson of the Park Rules Committee, recommended the changes to the board, Burton said.

Identification cards are required to use the park, Burton said.

There are a number of different identification cards in addition to the grandparent and nanny cards, Burton said, including adult, young adult, teen, child and caregiver.

Burton said adult, young adult, teen, child and caregiver cards are free of charge for East Hills residents.   

The cost to replace a child card is $10, Burton said.

Teen, young adult, adult, nanny and caregiver replacement cards cost $20.

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