East Hills to install security cameras at community entrances, exits

Rose Weldon
The security commission of East Hills, comprising, from standing left, Trustee Stacey Siegel, Deputy Mayor and Supervising Trustee Manny Zuckerman, co-chair Marc Spector, Mayor Michael Koblenz, co-chair Steve Mussman, Trustee Clara Pomerantz, Trustee Brian Meyerson, Nick Diamantis, Donna Friedman, and Dorie Meyerson, and, seated from left, Jeff Sapper, Scott Fishkind and Wendy Bishop, has voted to install security cameras. (Photo courtesy of the Village of East Hills)

The Village of East Hills will install security cameras at all available entrances and exits throughout the area, according to Mayor Michael Koblenz.

“Indeed, we are fortunate that East Hills is one of the safest in Nassau County,” Koblenz wrote in a statement. “Yet, we are taking additional measures to deter and detect crime … The new program will add a new and necessary layer of protection and deterrence against crime in East Hills. Through the security cameras we will continue to do all we can to keep East Hills safe.”

Koblenz said the determination came after the village’s Security Commission  recommended installation of cameras with license plate readers following public hearings. The mayor added that the program does not include speed cameras for traffic enforcement use.

“Through the license plate readers we can trace cars when crimes occur, whether they are home invasions, which thankfully are now rare and far between, or even break-ins of cars in driveways,” Koblenz wrote.

Koblenz added that half of the $450,000 project costs would be reimbursed by New York State, as arranged by Assemblyman Charles Lavine (D-Glen Cove). The remaining funds will be paid by the village.

Deputy Mayor Manny Zuckerman, who serves as supervising trustee on the project, said it would be completed by year-end.

“Once the program is completed, our new signs at the 43 entrances will prominently state:   ‘Warning! This Village is Protected by Security Patrols and Security Cameras,’” Koblenz wrote.

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