East Hills upset over county choice not to repave part of Glen Cove Road

Max Zahn
East Hills Mayor Michael Koblenz

Village of East Hills officials and residents are uphappy that a stretch of Glen Cove Road was passed over by a Nassau County repaving effort completed late last year, East Hills Mayor Michael Koblenz said on Tuesday.

The county repaved portions of the road that run from Jericho to Hillside Avenue, from I.U. Willets Road to The Pines and from Harbor Hill Road to Northern Boulevard.

East Hills officials are unsure why the county skipped a portion of the road that stretches from Pines to Harbor Hill Road.

“If you’re going to do the road, do the whole road,” Koblenz said. “If they come back two years later, they will spend twice as much to do it. It’s very wasteful. They could have done it all at once.”

Koblenz said cars have sustained damage due to the poor condition of Glen Cove Road, though he could not confirm whether that damage occurred on the portion between Pines and Harbor Hill Road.

Steven Anker, a civil engineer with the Nassau County Department of Public Works, said the partial repaving of Glen Cove Road was in line with county protocol.

“It’s not a budget issue, just planning,” Anker said. “We don’t do the road top to bottom. We have three or four contracts each year, and ten roads on each contract. That’s forty roads per year.”

He said the stretch of Glen Cove Road between Pines and Harbor Hill Road would likely be repaved in 2017 or 2018.

The county protocol for paving roads has been in place for at least 20 years, he said.

“It should be on the paving list,” he said. “Then we just go out and do it.” 

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