Duo behind The Blonds get introspective with new collection

Nikhil Goswami

From the first beat, it was clear The Blonds latest collection would fuse their past with the label’s latest collection and one embellishment would tie it all together — gold chains.

Strutting to Jennifer Lopez’s “Get Right,” the first model Wednesday glittered in a gold corset bodysuit made of dangling gold chains. From there, golden links adorned everything from corsets to denim to printed fabric and even leggings.

The creative couple David and Phillipe Blond drew from the early days of not only their love story but their brand in their spring/summer collection unveiled on the closing day of New York Fashion Week. Their show delivered their high-octane opulence with bedazzled jumpsuits, slinky evening gowns and glittery chunky heeled boots.

“Phillipe and I used to go out all the time and we totally fell in love with dance music,” David Blond said. “And the music of that time really meant something to us as like a special place in our heart.”

Models twirled down the runway and struck seductive poses to the thumping beats. Rapper Saucy Santana vogued and twerked while performing some of his TikTok hits including “Material Girl.”

David Blond said he wanted the collection to merge the future of the brand with its move toward more ready-to-wear activewear while still paying homage to their past with more sculptured pieces. For the designers this meant: chain printed shirts and leggings but also their classic corsets.

“We’re starting a series of print collections based on archival pieces that Phillipe and I photographed, and translated to digital prints,” David Blond said.

Looks were inspired by research they did for their first book, which drew them to one of their signature elements: their chain hardware treatment, which has adorned the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and Sharon Stone.

Celebrities in attendance included a mix of reality TV stars and social media influencers, and some fashionable stands outs like performance artist Amanda Lepore and style icon Daphne Guinness. The designers also featured celebrities on the runway from singer Cassie Ventura to YouTube personality Nikita Dragun.

Ventura, known for her early 2000s hit “Me & U,” sashayed down the runway in a denim corset body suit with hanging gold chains that swayed as she walked in her thigh-high denim boots.

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