DiNapoli celebrates Bayview Civic Association’s 20th anniversary

Bill San Antonio

Bayview Civic Association John Minogue handed state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli a 20-year-old photo Tuesday night that brought a smile to the Great Neck Plaza resident’s face. 

The photograph depicted DiNapoli, then a state assemblyman representing Great Neck, Manhasset and Port Washington, meeting with the civic association in its early days.

“Look at all that dark hair,” he said, reviewing the photo.

DiNapoli was the featured speaker during the civic association’s 20th anniversary meeting Tuesday at the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department’s Company 1 firehouse, saying Bayview was among his favorite civic associations to represent because its leaders remained in contact with his office even after meeting with him.

The comptroller, who at age 18 was elected to the Mineola Board of Education, noted the importance of civic associations as a way for residents to meet their neighbors and get involved with matters in their communities.  

“It’s something we’ve lost from the time when I was growing up,” said DiNapoli, 61, who was raised in Albertson.

During the meeting, the civic displayed photographs and other mementos from throughout its history and honored past board members.

The civic also raffled off two bottles of wine, provided soft drinks and pizza to its attendees and  Minogue also described major projects and philanthropic efforts set forth by the Bayview civic, including the construction of the playground behind the Mary Jane Davies Green and annual movie and bowling nights and “Guys Night Out” events.

“To look back on 20 years, we just started this by walking the neighborhood,” he said.

DiNapoli also described various initiatives and programs his office is undertaking, like annual audits of local governments and school districts as well as an effort to return lost or unclaimed funds to residents.

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