Desk of Paul Ehrbar: Spring comes early to Williston Park

Paul Ehbar
Williston Park Mayor Paul Ehrbar. (File photo)

Although spring has not yet arrived, outside activities will soon be starting in the village.

The Williston Park Recreation Committee has announced two upcoming events for the children of the village, while the Senior Committee has announced one.

On March 10t, at 10 a.m., they will be hosting a Saint Patrick’s Day Gold Hunt at Kelleher Field. The committee wants all our children to know “that a leprechaun has been in Kelleher Field!

He has dropped his gold coins everywhere! How many can you collect? Return your coins to recreation in exchange for prizes!” Families should be at Kelleher Field around9:45 a.m. if they would like to participate.

This is a weather permitting event, so make sure to watch the local weather forecasts.

On March 18th, the Annual Senior Social celebrating both St. Patrick’s Day and St. Joseph’s Day will be hosted by the Williston Park Senior Committee. This enjoyable event will be held at the American Legion Hall,730 Willis Ave., Williston Park, beginning at 2pm and ending around 5pm. Coffee and cake will be provided. Music will also be provider for both dancing and easy listening. This has been an enjoyable event for Seniors over the years, so all seniors are encouraged to attend to socialize with friends and neighbors.

On March 25, at 12:30 p.m., the Williston Park Recreation Committee will be hosting their Annual Easter Egg Hunt. This event will also be held at Kelleher Field. Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny will be on hand to greet the children.

I’m told that candy and toys will be available for all ages.  Egg hunters are encouraged to bring a basket to hold their collected eggs.

Bags will be available for those without a basket. The committee sends the message: “Come and celebrate Spring with the best neighbors around!”

On a more serious note, the Parking and Safety Committee has asked me to remind residents to “Push the Button” when crossing Hillside Avenue and Willis Avenue. Their reason’s are three fold:

  1. When pushing the button, the signal activates to change the light,
  2. More time to cross is automatically longer, once the button is pushed,
  3. The pedestrian is safer crossing, after a light change, as opposed to trying to cross against the light.

However, when crossing in a cross walk, after “Pushing the Button” don’t automatically assume that drivers are going to stop. Before entering the roadway make sure to look both ways.

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