Delegation from China visits Herricks High School

The Island Now
Delegation from China visits Herricks High School. (Photos Courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)

As a result of our strong partnership with Asia Society, Herricks High School was selected as one of a handful of schools nationwide to be visited by a 24 member delegation from Guangdong, China.

The delegation included university deans, researchers, and government officials charged with teacher training programs and school reforms.

Superintendent of Schools Fino Celano, principal Joan Keegan, and Francesco Fratto, director of World Languages, Language Immersion and English as a New Language, welcomed the attendees.

The delegation is working to bring educational reforms to schools and teacher training programs in their Chinese province. The members wanted to know how Herricks builds capacity in its teachers, in all content areas, to engage and excite students through student-centered lessons.

“They witnessed great teaching and student engagement, but we were most proud of our students who spoke up during our debrief session on the importance of student voice in our schools,” Fratto said. “The dialogue was incredibly productive and we learned so much from one another!”

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