David Broza & Trio Havana coming to Landmark

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David Broza, one of Israel’s most important recording artists, brings the full spectrum of his music in collaboration  with the Cuban band, Trio Band

Israel’s legendary singer-songwriter David Broza brings a unique Cuban twist to his hit songs through a collaboration with Trio Havana. Band members include Manuel Alejandro Carro– Cuban-born singer-songwriter and master percussionist with a style firmly rooted in Latin Pop; Yuniel Jiminez “El Guajiro” –  master tres guitar player from Santa Clara, Cuba; Jorge Bringas – renowned bassist from Havana, Cuba, who played previously with Albita Rodriguez and the late Celia Cruz.

From his whirlwind fingerpicking to Flamenco percussion and rhythms to a signature rock and roll sound, David Broza’s charismatic and energetic performances have delighted audiences throughout the world.

Raised in Israel, Spain and England, Broza has performed worldwide since 1977, when his song “Yihye Tov” first hit the airwaves, promoting a message of peace.

Broza has been fascinated with Cuban music since he was a teenager listening to Celia Cruz.  Further explorations led him to become absolutely hooked on the Afro-Cuban sound.

Broza first met Trio Havana at a private event in New York and was stunned by their versatility.  By the end of the evening, they were jamming together and found a special magnetism in the sweeping rhythms.

Combining the Cuban sound with Broza’s Spanish guitar and songs sung in Spanish, Hebrew and English proved a rich common ground that connected naturally.

Now touring again post-COVID, the result has been pure magic – every show is a mystery, a dance and romance expressed through pulsing rhythms and sweet melodies, resulting in uplifting, energetic performances that leave audiences delighted and exhilarated.

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