Clear Choice Quick Luck Review: Is It The Best Synthetic Urine Kit?

Suvrat Singh
Clear Choice Quick Luck Review

Companies hiring new people often use drug screenings to evaluate their potential employees. These drug tests are often conducted suddenly to ensure a safe and secure workplace compliant with legal guidelines. Under such circumstances, an unforeseen drug test can become a cause for concern if you are a regular drug user.

Quick Luck Synthetic Urine offers a solution for unexpected drug screenings. With a market saturated with detox products, Quick Luck stands out as the best synthetic urine to pass a drug test. While detox products may take a while to start their effect, synthetic urine can be your quick, go-to solution to pass a surprise drug screening. 

Let us help you go through an in-depth Quick Luck review, comparing similar products, explaining why so many customers praise this fake urine, and explaining a few drawbacks.

What is Quick Luck?

Quick Luck

Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic Urine is a complex fake urine formula that you can use to pass drug tests– whether you are an occasional or consistent drug user. It is entirely undetectable from actual human urine, allowing users to successfully emerge from drug screening without testing positive.

Several Quick Luck reviews online are proof of the fact that this synthetic urine helps users pass drug tests without any problem. So, learn to use the Clear Choice fake pee during the tests, and rest assured! You can carry on with your work without the worry of your boss finding out about your drug use as long as you have Quick Luck.

Clear Choice Quick Luck Features: Will You Pass A Drug Test?

Before we move on to the Quick Luck Synthetic Urine reviews, let’s discuss some of its distinguishing features. We have categorized these characteristics for your ease of understanding.

Urine Quality

  • The product comes in a ready-to-use package ideal for sudden drug screening.
  • The fake pee has the right balance of pH and specific gravity.
  • Finding more premium-quality fake urine is almost impossible, as this has undergone more than 16 years of lab research.
  • From creatinine to urea, Quick Luck’s fake pee comprises 11 chemical compounds that help it replicate human urine’s look, temperature, and smell. Clear Choice urine reviews often state that it is hard to differentiate this product from real urine.

Temperature Upkeep

  • The kit includes two heat pads that help regulate the pee’s warmth for a maximum of ten hours.
  • You also get a heat activator powder that can warm up the Clear Choice fake urine in seconds.

User Friendly

  • The Clear Choice Quick Luck reviews indicate the leakproof packaging attracts many customers.
  • Another noteworthy feature is the switch flow spout cap. This makes it simple to pour fake urine into a test cup without removing the cap.

More Features

  • The Quick Luck Synthetic Urine kit is unisex, enabling both men and women to use the product and pass a drug test safely.
  • One pack of the product is enough for two drug tests, doubling the value of the fake pee.
  • The shelf life of this product is up to two years.
  • Users can even freeze and reheat the product for a prescribed number of times without any impact on its quality.

Quick Luck vs. Quick Fix 6.3

Quick Luck vs. Quick Fix

Quick Fix 6.3 is also artificial urine like Quick Luck that people use during drug screening. It is second in popularity only to Quick Luck Synthetic Urine. Let’s compare the two products briefly to determine which one to use in case of a sudden drug test.

Quick Fix contains uric acid, creatinine, and urea, contrasting with the 11 compounds that make up the Clear Choice Quick Luck artificial urine’s premium formula. When comparing them, Quick Fix is much cheaper at $39.95 than Quick Luck, which costs $110. 

However, Quick Fix only provides enough urine for one drug test, while Quick Luck offers enough for two tests and is known for its reliable complex chemical composition.

So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution to surpass basic drug tests, go for Quick Fix. On the other hand, if you’re looking to undergo a more complex drug screening, Quick Luck can be a better alternative. 

Quick Luck vs. Sub Solution

Sub Solution

Clear Choice is a reputable brand when it comes to synthetic urine. Tons of Quick Luck reviews prove the brand has made a name for itself. Both Quick Luck and Sub Solution come from the Clear Choice house. However, Quick Luck claims an edge over Sub Solution in terms of formula.

Quick Luck comes premixed in liquid form that is easier to handle and much quicker to use for on-the-spot drug screening. The heat pads and heat activator provided with the Quick Luck kit further support this item as the number one artificial urine product on the market. 

Instructions To Use Quick Luck Effectively To Pass A Drug Test

Quick Luck

After you get your hands on the Quick Luck fake urine, you need to be able to use it to pass a drug test effectively. Here’s a step-by-step guide for using the Clear Choice fake pee.

Step 1: You don’t need to create any mixture since the urine comes premixed in a bottle. The timing of breaking the safety seal is really important. Like real urine, bacteria can grow in synthetic urine in a few days due to its realistic composition. We recommend waiting until the day of the test to break the seal.

Step 2: The next step is activating the heat pads if needed (The ideal temperature is between 94°F and 100°F.) Stick them around the container, and you will find the temperature optimum in an hour. The warmth remains for hours, so it’s better to use a single heat pad for each use. Add the heat activator powder if you need more warmth in less time. Use a small amount of this powder and check the readings.

Step 3: Hide the container in your clothes. This will also help to maintain the temperature. You can also wear baggy clothes to hide the fake pee.

Step 4: Check the reading with the temperature strip just before going to the testing center. If necessary, add more heat activator powder. 

Step 5: After dissolving the powder, check the temperature for 10 seconds. Repeat step 4 until the temperature is close to 100°F. You can now confidently submit your sample.

Do Not Use These Poor Quality Synthetic Urine Brands

People who are in search of artificial urine to clear a drug screening often find it hard to choose from such wide varieties. Poor-quality urine can usually lead to failure, which can be risky. Here is a list of urine brands that should be avoided at any cost.

  • Urine Luck
  • Monkey Whizz Range 
  • Magnum
  • U Pass

The above brands are marketed on various sites, but unlike Clear Choice’s fake urine, their effectiveness remains doubtful. Some of these are more well-received than others, but none comes even close to Quick Luck

The safe and hassle-free nature of artificial urine puts Quick Luck miles ahead of other products you can buy. We recommend using a brand that has no history of poor-quality urine. Thorough research is the only way to go.

Why Choose Quick Luck over Other Brands?

Creating brand awareness and then keeping the brand alive are two different things. Many synthetic urine brands fail to reach their potential when they start their journey. Quick Luck is a glowing sentiment that has continuously made headlines for over 26 years!

Unlike other brands, Quick Luck can pass all types of workplace standard tests. Even an experienced person fails to distinguish between real urine and Clear Choice fake pee, making it a superior choice!

Clear Choice Quick Luck Customer Reviews

Any product is deemed successful only if it has good customer feedback. We have compiled a list of Clear Choice urine reviews that testify to the brand.

“Passed test no problem. And used the heat activator but only had used about a 3rd of it to get to temp. I was worried after reading a few reviews that came back conclusive with using the heat activator but it’s been over a week and no one grabbed me from work so I must have passed I am already employed it was random at work. Definitely works just get to the right temp and you’re good.”


“That is not an overstatement! I’ve had a municipal career for 22 years and was THIS close to losing it, 3 years before retirement. I had a random test a few weeks ago., and without this product, I would have failed and been fired. I shudder to think what I would’ve done had that happened. Thank you thank you!”


“Heavy THC user for years. Used this to pass a standard panel test at a fast pace health (urgent care 24/7 place) wore some spandex and kept the bottle between my legs which kept it at the ideal temperature (didn’t need to use the powder) simply poured the bottle into what I was supposed to pee in.. and that was it. 3 days later I was hired. 110% would recommend this product.”

What Are The Drawbacks Of Quick Luck Fake Urine?

Despite having so many positive Clear Choice synthetic urine reviews, there are a few drawbacks to the product being marketed as one of the best methods to clear a drug test. We will inform you about some of these cons you should consider before searching for “Clear Choice Quick Luck near me.”

The seal of the fake pee bottle can be of concern to the user. Users have mentioned in their Quick Luck reviews that there is a loud sound each time they open the seal. It might draw attention in the testing area. 

So, a better idea would be to open the seal before arriving at the test. Unlike other fake urine products, there is no urine holder inside the Quick Luck kit. This is a very minor drawback of the brand.

How to Hide Synthetic Urine?

Suppose you have an impending drug screening, and you want to buy Quick Luck urine to clear the test. You need to learn how to hide this fake urine; otherwise, you run the risk of getting caught and, subsequently, failing to clear the test.

The container size has to be small enough that people don’t notice it. You must also be able to clear the container quickly. Baggy clothing is one of the best ways to hide the presence of any foreign material. If you wear tight clothes, the urine kit can appear bulgy from the outside.

How Long Does Quick Luck Pee Remains Warm?

Quick Luck Pee Remains Warm

A distinguishable feature of human urine is its warmth. If a person wants to use Clear Choice fake pee to clear a drug test, then they must be able to keep the temperature as close as possible to a human’s. Reading the product’s instruction manual reveals that you get heating pads with the kit.

The purpose of the heating pads is to maintain the warmth of the synthetic urine for up to 10 hours. After research, these heating pads have been designed to emit ideal heat that can match a human being’s. There isn’t any need to worry about overheating the fake pee as the pads take care of it.

Is Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Unisex?

Browsing through the vast volume of Quick Luck reviews can be daunting for anyone wanting to purchase. Reading the reviews gives you a fair idea of the product but not the types of people who use it. You may be a woman and have no idea whether this urine is suitable for you or not.

However, you can rest assured the product is unisex. Both males and females can seamlessly use it without any worries. Buying this product gives you a much higher chance of clearing an upcoming test without any tension about your gender.

Where to Buy Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

After all these promising reviews, are you wondering where to buy Quick Luck urine? 

We highly recommend users head to the official Clear Choice website to purchase Clear Choice Quick Luck synthetic urine. A Quick Luck synthetic urine kit costs around $110.00, and if you click on the below link, you will be redirected to the official website.


Clear Choice Quick Luck urine can be beneficial for someone with a long history of hard drugs or a person who occasionally uses drugs. Following the instructions on the kit will help clear a drug test easily.

Now that you have read several Quick Luck reviews, you can safely consider purchasing the item in case of a drug screening. The heating pads and premixed urine are the top draws of synthetic urine. It is a proven way of bypassing tests and has a rich history of 10 years.

It’s your call to use fake urine to clear a drug test. Take your time, read Quick Luck reviews, and do your best!

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