Can Mixing Strains Get You Higher? 7 Amazing Combinations To Try!

Nikhil Goswami

Cannabis serves as a recreational drug for many and as medicine for others. Often, you find out that different strains of it give you different feelings. Thus, it is natural to be curious whether mixing these different strains will give you a unique high or make you higher.

With countless numbers of sativas, hybrids, and indicas available, many people have more than one favorite strain. Mixing two or more buds to explore the unique high is a common practice. The cannabis community has tagged it “making a salad.”

The good news is, yes, mixing strains can get you higher, but it depends on what strains you are mixing. The cannabinoids profile, genetics, and terpenes contained in the various strains determine the best combinations.

Why Mix Cannabis Strains?

The most common reason people combine cannabis strains is to get a unique high. In addition, people mix strains to get a specific desired effect. One strain can balance out the other or complement the other. Generally speaking, mixing strains allow users to experience what is commonly known as “the entourage effect.”

The entourage effect is when various terpenes and cannabinoids work together to produce a unique effect. This effect cannot happen when consuming isolated CBD or THC.

Gradually, researchers found that they cannot completely harness the effects of CBD and THC except when paired with other cannabinoids. Thus, mixing different strains is likely the best way to experience the full effects of cannabis.

Recreational users can benefit from the mixing process by taming their high. For example, combining a THC-high strain with a CBD-high flower can tune down your high, making it more comfortable. As CBD prevents THC from binding to brain receptors, this combo can cool down the high feeling.

Medical users can also benefit from mixing as it may help reduce undesirable side effects. Mixing indica with some sativa may help relieve uncomfortable side effects. Also, CBD will reduce the psychoactive effects of Rosin THC percentage, potentially leaving a user with pain and anxiety relief.

Growers may also enjoy mixing as it gives them first-hand knowledge on making a cultivar. It may also reduce the need to grow new strains and create a hybrid.

Is Mixing Strains Worth It?

Many users firmly believe that cannabis strains are meant to be mixed to be fully enjoyed. The entourage effect also backs up that school of thought, as many strains work best when combined.

However, if you are wondering if the process is truly worth it, we believe it depends on your expectations. The combination process may involve trial and error and some bad mixes, but the results can be spectacular.

This process also depends on how dedicated you are to finding a gourmet blend. Furthermore, some long-time users do not get a high from their familiar strains anymore; thus, mixing is a remedy for them.

Benefits Of Mixing Strains

As the number of cannabis strains is numerous, so are the benefits of mixing them. Firstly, mixing cannabis strains can create unique effects for different situations. In other words, you can create a different high as the situation demands.

For instance, two strong indica strains may help you knock off to sleep after a long day.

Another mix of energizing strains may help you stay mentally alert at work or purely recreational. You can blend two opposite strains to keep the jitters away before a speech. In addition, a CBD-high and THC-high mix may reduce anxiety and paranoia, thus giving you a balanced high. The possibilities are truly endless.

Secondly, a significant benefit of mixing strains is achieving a better flavor profile. Terpenes are aromatic compounds responsible for taste and scent in plants. The cannabis plant has over 200 terpenes. Terpenes are not only responsible for smell and taste; they also have unique effects.

Thus, a special terpene blend may usher in the entourage effect. Some terpenes are stimulating, while others have a stoning effect. You can mix different strains based on their terpene profile to create a customized and stronger high.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, some users no longer feel the high from their usual strain. Thus, mixing cannabis strains comes as a welcome development. If you have lots of leftover strains from a previous purchase, buy another strain and mix them up. Many cannabis users already mix their favorite strains and end up with pairs that work perfectly together.

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Reasons For Mixing Cannabis Strains

Before making a cannabis blend, you must know why you’re mixing. Mixing for the high is the most common reason for recreational users. If you want to experience a full-body buzz, mixing indica with sativa plants can give you that effect. Also, CBD can soften the high of THC, so mixing those may give you a calmer effect.

Mixing for flavor is another common reason for recreational users. Having tried different marijuana strains, you may pick out two flavors that you think may combine well. Sativa has a floral, fruity, and spicy flavor, whereas indica has more earthy undertones. As a hint, lemon and blueberry strains mix well with many other strains.

Finally, medical conditions are solid reasons for mixing strains. Patients who use cannabis as treatment may find relief by mixing indica and sativa. They may use a mix of specific terpenes to attend to their symptoms.

Generally speaking, many users take sativa to help with conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Conversely, they use indica mostly for pain, sleep, and inflammation.

To deal with pain, you may use pure indica or add a little sativa if you do not want to fall asleep. However, with anxiety, a sativa-high strain mixed with a CBD strain may smoothen the edge.

What Strains Are Best For Mixing?

Firstly, it is important to note that blending strains may take some time to master as it creates complexity. Determining the combo you prefer will require ongoing experimentation and patience. Many cannabis users who mix usually do so to create a well-rounded effect.

The possible combinations of strains to mix are practically endless. However, getting a premium blend may require understanding terpene and cannabinoid profiles. It is also essential to conduct some research before blending random strains. Let your research depend on your reason for mixing.

When mixing, it is important to consider the ratio of each strain. This is because mixing two different strains may create a balanced effect you can get from a hybrid strain. However, the advantage of mixing strains is that you can avoid or allow some specific effects.

Indica and sativa strains differ, including physical look and effects. Each contains different terpene in high concentrations, which you can balance by combining.

Mixing with terpenes in mind can also produce a unique strain. Terpenes contribute to the taste and effect of cannabis and provide a diverse flavor profile. Linalool will give you a zesty taste, while humulene has an earthy taste.

Finally, cannabinoids are responsible for the major high effect. THC will make for a psychoactive experience, whereas CBD will produce a clear-headed feeling. Additionally, minor cannabinoids like CBG, THCV, and CBC may contribute to a unique blend. While they are still being studied, some breeders infuse them for a special combination.

How To Mix Cannabis Strains?

Mixing random strains is a game of chance, although it might work out. However, getting a premium blend requires specific actions. Before you blend or exhale strains, research each strain’s cannabinoid and terpene profile.

The research will help you indicate different cannabis strains that complement each other or one with what another lacks. When aiming for a medical effect, it is especially important to carry out research.

As a general rule of thumb, you should have a solid strain with strong effects as a base for your mix. OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Sour Diesel are some remarkable bases, to begin with. Next, look for another strain to complement whichever one you choose.

When looking for complementary strains, check for specific terpene and cannabinoid content. Research what strains are particularly known for and consider the effects you want. In addition, using minor cannabinoids in your mix may open up greater combinations.

During the process, avoid combining different types of products. A combination of an edible and a flower may leave you with an extreme high that may be unpleasurable. Ensure to mix according to your tolerance level. Long-time users are usually better at tolerating the strains they mix than first-time users.

Furthermore, taking care of your flowers and buds is good cannabis practice when mixing. Use sharp scissors or a grinder to cut instead of your fingers. Also, store your flowers in a heat-free location, and avoid light and air to keep the terpenes strong.

Mixing strains when not operating a vehicle or heavy machinery is important. As much as mixing may be fun, you must also apply caution. Start pairing with well-known and liked strains and mix enough for only one hit.

Best Strain Combinations

These recommended blends are tried and tested if you are new to blending. Choose the blend that matches your needs and mix enough for one hit.

OG Kush And Sour Diesel

While Sour Diesel is rich in limonene, OG Kush has myrcene. This highly recommended blend goes well together as they create an intense effect. They are on the opposite ends of the sativa and indica spectrum, which gives it a balanced effect. OG Kush is indica-dominant, while Sour Diesel has 70% sativa makeup. The combination of these two THC-high strains is rich in flavor and gives a well-rounded high.

Royal Domina And Medical Mass

The perfect CBD and THC combo, these two strains keep you high and functional simultaneously. Royal Domina delivers a high with a 20% THC content, while Medical Mass cuts it down to 10% CBD. The former will also produce a powerful high and an appetite. However, the latter will keep you creative and clear-headed through the high.

Royal Cheese And Blue Mystic

Royal Cheese has intense earthy, cheesy flavors, whereas Blue Mystic has contrasting fruity, sugary flavors. This THC-high combo will leave you feeling high but relaxed.

Lemon Shining Silver Haze And Shogun

These sativa-dominant strain combinations will leave you with mental alertness. Shogun will produce a head high and deliver high cerebral functioning. This THC-high combination might make you want to get physically active.

Blueberry And Bubblegum

These two fruity flavors are a treat for the senses and deliver a mild high. They are both indica-rich with moderate THC levels.

Wedding Gelato And Chocolate Haze

Both strains are euphoric, but the Chocolate Haze is heavy, whereas Wedding Gelato is calm. This indica-sativa blend is high in THC and will leave you euphoric but lucid enough to carry out tasks.

Jack Herer And Afghan Kush

The Afghan Kush will cause a sleepy high but will be balanced with an uplifting, energizing feeling from Jack Herer. The sativa-indica combination will leave you feeling a well-rounded high.

To Bundle Up: Is Combining Strains Good?

Now that you know mixing two cannabis strains can get you higher, get your chef’s cap on. Combining strains can benefit your health and recreational life. The major reason many users mix strains is to get a customized high. However, people who use medicinal marijuana may also mix strains to cater to specific illnesses or eliminate undesirable side effects. For a user that has never experienced the entourage effect, combining strains is a great way to get on it.

Before mixing, research the strains you’d like to combine. It is also important to single out why you’re combining cannabis strains; greater high, greater flavor, or medicinal purposes. This guide will help you know to mix hybrid strains with varying qualities to achieve your desired effect.

There is no right or wrong way to mix strains; mixing should be fun and experimental. Some helpful tips before mixing; start with one hit, and do not operate a vehicle. Additionally, consider the THC and CBD contents, and ask advice from seasoned users.

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