Best Sites To Buy 4,000 YouTube Watch Hours Instantly & Cheap (2024)

Suvrat Singh
Buy 4,000 YouTube Watch Hours

You’ll need 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers over 12 months to monetize your channel. Most brands and influencers use this secret strategy since it helps build watch time organically over time. 

However, you must buy YouTube watch hours from a reputable website or brand to get genuine views/watch hours from real people with active accounts. Our experts have reviewed 40+ sites before listing the top 8 options to buy youtube watch hours for monetization. Read our reviews before finalizing your purchase. 

Best Places To Buy YouTube Watch Hours & Time

Here are the list of top sites to buy YouTube subscribers, watch hours and time:

Media Mister is the best option to buy YouTube watch hours, especially if you are looking for global reach. The brand gives you the option to choose your targeted country in order to obtain worldwide followers. 

Another plus point is the 100% authentic and genuine YouTube watch hours that you’ll get, along with a zero-spam policy and satisfaction guarantee. You can also combine watch hours with other promotional services like views, shares, likes, favorites, comments, and subscribers. They only take 3-6 working days to deliver 1,000 legitimate watch hours on YouTube. 


  • 100% safe and authentic watch hours
  • Multiple pricing packages from $99
  • Delivery times are quick
  • A refill guarantee for the first 60 days

Social Viral is another choice to buy YouTube watch hours. It offers high-quality and authentic youtube views that will lead to better engagement in the future. 

The brand does not believe in using bots to inflate views and YouTube watch hours while complying with YouTube’s terms and conditions at every stage. There is a transparent procedure without delays or hidden terms, along with timely delivery of multiple packages that customers can choose from based on their preferences. 

Key Features

  • Secure payments & an easy checkout process
  • 100% authentic and genuine viewers
  • Pricing starts from $3.99 for every 500 views
  • Fast delivery options 
  • Discounts of up to 58% on more than 1000 views is at #3 on our list and is an excellent option for buying YouTube watch hours because of its features like 24-7 customer support. The brand offers a reliable live chat option, which is a major plus point for customers. 

You also get high-quality YouTube watch hours and views, along with instant delivery options. The best part about this website is that you can flexibly choose packages with fabulous discounts on the final pricing. 


  • Multiple packages are available
  • Attractive discounts starting from 50%
  • 100% guarantee of high-quality and authentic YouTube views
  • No need to share passwords or other details

GetAFollower offers an attractive proposition for customers wishing to buy YouTube watch hours with strategic delivery solutions. The timelines usually start from 6-8 days once you buy YouTube watch time and can go up to 17-23 days for bigger orders. 


You can start off with packages starting from 1,000 YouTube watch hours and go up to 4,000 with a single order. The brand offers abundant expertise and experience in the segment, with responsive customer service, money-back guarantees, and a firm emphasis on customer satisfaction. 


  • 100% authentic and genuine watch hours
  • Targeted services to engage specific audiences
  • Pricing packages are affordable
  • Drip-feed delivery methods

#5. SidesMedia

With SidesMedia, you can buy YouTube watch time across high-quality and premium segments. This categorization helps you choose as per your present needs and budget. 

Once you buy YouTube watch time, you can expect quick delivery with reasonable pricing and packages. You can buy YouTube watch time in diverse volumes, ranging from 100 to 1,000, as per your requirements. The brand has a customer satisfaction rating of 94% and offers prompt and helpful support to address your queries swiftly. 


  • Competitively-priced packages
  • High-quality watch hours from real people
  • Immediate and guaranteed delivery
  • Secure payment gateways

#6. TweSocial

TweSocial is a reputed website for buying YouTube channel watch hours if you want a standard money-back and refill guarantee. The guarantees are given for 30 days each to ensure greater mental peace. 


You can buy YouTube watch time and views in varying amounts at competitive rates. At the same time, you also get a delivery guarantee for YouTube watch hours, which are 100% authentic and genuine above all else. From support for multiple payment methods to prompt customer support, there are several other plus points for users. 


  • 100% authentic and high-quality YouTube views
  • Targeted services available
  • Guaranteed delivery is provided
  • Varied pricing packages

#7. UseViral

UseViral offers high-quality YouTube watch time with swift delivery timelines for customers. The brand ensures instant delivery of watchtime from genuine users with active accounts. 

For those who wish to buy YouTube watch hours, 100% privacy and safety are guaranteed, with no personal details required. At the same time, 5-star customer service and targeted services for accessing specific niches are also available. The brand also accepts multiple secure payment options like credit cards, PayPal, and more. 30-day refill and money-back guarantees are also offered as standard features to customers here. 


  • 100% safe, private, and high-quality watch hours
  • Guaranteed deliveries for customers
  • Multiple watch hour packages 
  • Innovative tracking number/order ID 

#8. Growthoid

Growthoid is #8 on our list for buying watch hours and offers varying packages at affordable prices. A major benefit is that you can buy YouTube watch hours ranging from 250 to 10,000 in one go. 


The brand offers targeted solutions to help you boost organic growth in your chosen niche and demographics. You’ll get these high-quality YouTube watch hours in addition to perks like a delivery guarantee, refill guarantee, and complete privacy. 


  • Packages with 250 to 10,000 views
  • A refill guarantee of 30 days
  • 100% authentic views from active accounts
  • 24-7 customer support to resolve queries 

Is It Legal to Buy YouTube Watch Hours? 

The answer is technically yes, although there are a few things worth remembering. When you buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube or any other package, the main thing is that they should come from actual viewers with active accounts. These viewers should engage with your content and enable you to grow your channel in an authentic manner. 

There may be ethical problems when you buy 4,000 watch hours or any other number from sources using bots or other unethical methods like click farms to artificially increase your watch time. This will violate YouTube’s terms of service, and once the algorithm detects it, your channel may face penalties, including permanent termination.

The key takeaway here is that you should only buy YouTube watch hours from reputed websites that ensure genuine users and comply with YouTube’s rules and regulations. 

Benefits Of Buying YouTube Watch Hours

What are some of the main benefits when you choose to buy YouTube watch hours? Here’s a look at a few of them. 

Instant Credibility 

When you buy YouTube watch time, you benefit in terms of higher credibility since more people will perceive you as trustworthy because of a higher number of views. The higher your watch times, the stronger the message that your content is valued by audiences, which increases the chances of attracting more people in turn. 

Enhanced Visibility 

YouTube algorithms are tailored to promote specific content that engages viewers for a longer duration. When you buy YouTube watch hours from genuine users, the algorithm perceives your content as valuable and more engaging. 

This will increase your overall visibility, and your videos have a higher chance of appearing in recommendations, search results, and related video sections on YouTube. It will ultimately boost organic growth since more people will gain exposure to your content, leading to higher subscriber volumes and superior engagement. 

Jumpstart Growth 

Starting your channel or revitalizing your existing one can often be challenging, especially if you want to organically increase watch hours. Choosing to buy YouTube watch hours from a reputed website will jumpstart growth and help you gain momentum, enabling your channel to stand out from the rest. 

Focused Content Creation

One of the benefits of accumulating higher watch hours is the indication of your content being consumed by a larger audience. This may help you navigate your content creation strategies, knowing what works and what your viewers relate to. You can quickly identify videos with the highest watch times, topics that stimulated the highest interest, and formats that boosted engagement. This will help you chalk out a focused content creation plan accordingly. 


Niche Relevance

Whether you buy YouTube watch hours for monetization or simply to give your channel a head-start, what ultimately matters is building the right niche. Buying watch hours from a reputed website helps you focus on niche audiences interested in your specific content type/category/genre. Once viewers’ interests match your content, your performance is bound to improve in the future. 


Time and Resource Efficiency

Most people buy YouTube watch hours from reliable sources to avoid the huge time, effort, and resources involved in organically growing their channels. In comparison, buying watch hours from genuine audiences will accelerate the growth of your channel while enabling you to focus on creating content that resonates with your targeted audiences. 

How To Choose The Best Site To Buy YouTube Watch Hours?

Deciding to buy YouTube watch hours can be great if you do it right. However, what’s the trick to choosing the right service provider for this purpose? Here’s the lowdown.  


You should always buy watch hours from an authentic and reliable service provider. The website should deliver high-quality and genuine watch hours from people with active accounts. It should comply with all the policies and terms of YouTube to maintain the credibility of your channel. 

Targeting Options 

Don’t just buy YouTube subscribers and watch time in a vague manner. Find providers that can give you specific targeting options based on factors like niches, interests, demographics, and so on. This strategy will help you reach viewers who are more likely to appreciate and engage with your content. 

Pricing and Package Options 

Compare the packages and pricing structures of multiple service providers before making a final decision. Choose service/delivery packages that align with your budget and requirements for growing your online audience. 

Customer Support

Responsive and prompt customer support is crucial when dealing with any website or service provider. Select a company that offers helpful support, ideally 24-7. 

Delivery Timeframes

It’s not enough to buy YouTube watch hours; you should ensure the delivery time is aligned with your requirements, be it instantly or over a few days. Check the delivery estimates carefully before going ahead. 

Why Are Watch Hours The Most Important YouTube Metric?

There are several queries that can be seen online on how many watch hours to monetize YouTube and so on. While this is one of the advantages of buying watch hours, there are several other benefits as well. They include the following. 

Revenue Generation

For those looking to monetize their YouTube channels, watch times are extremely important. Higher watch time can lead to better ad revenues, particularly if advertisements are run on your videos. With an increase in watch hours, the potential for ad impressions goes up, thereby enhancing your overall earnings. 

Audience Engagement

More extensive watch hours indicate that your content can retain the attention of its audiences. Engagement for extended durations may lead to a better connection with target viewers and loyal subscribers. The recommendation system on YouTube can be influenced positively, where videos with higher watch times are likely to be recommended to other people. It may lead to higher watch times, views, and prospective subscribers. 

Long-Term Growth 

When you buy YouTube watch hours, it’s a recipe for long-term growth. Those with more watch time and subscribers will naturally have higher visibility and influence on the platform. 

Community Building

Community building is important for long-term success. Buying YouTube watch hours may lead to more engagement with an active viewer community. More people may start commenting on and sharing your content, thereby building a whole ecosystem around your brand. 

Diversification Opportunities

With YouTube public watch hours going up, you will find more opportunities for income diversification. Instead of only sticking to ad revenues, you can explore options like sponsorships, merchandise sales, crowdfunding, and even affiliate marketing. It will be possible through the strength of your watch hours and subscriber count. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Buy YouTube Watch Hours

How do you buy YouTube watch hours from your chosen website? Here’s a step-by-step guide that will help. 

Select a Package

The first thing you’ll have to do is choose a package from the options listed on the service provider’s website. Check the package details, i.e., number of watch hours/views, delivery times, and pricing, before choosing. 

Provide Basic Info

The next step is to provide basic information like your email address and YouTube channel URL. Remember that reputed websites will never ask for your password or other sensitive data. 

Provide Payment Details 

Choose your preferred payment option, right from credit cards to PayPal and other methods, before providing the necessary details to complete the transaction. 

Finish Your Order

The final step is to finish the order on the website and then carefully check the delivery/progress. 

Is Buying YouTube Watch Hours Really Safe? 

It can be safe and hassle-free if you choose a reputed website/service provider with a solid track record. Opt for a brand that provides high-quality and genuine watch hours from actual people who have active YouTube accounts. 


Reliable websites always follow ethical and smart practices that comply with YouTube’s guidelines and terms of service. 


The problem only starts when you purchase watch hours from illegal and unethical sources. If YouTube discovers this, you may face penalties like removal of watch times, loss of content and subscribers, permanent termination/suspension of your account, and even losing the ability to monetize your account. 


Hence, selecting the right website/service provider is necessary before purchasing YouTube watch hours online. 

FAQs About Buying YouTube Watch Hours

YouTube does not pay per watch hour but per view. You can monetize watch hours if you gain at least 4,000 of them in 12 consecutive months. 

You can buy watch hours on YouTube from reputed websites and platforms like Media Mister,, GetAFollower, SidesMedia, and many others. They will ensure organic growth by delivering genuine and high-quality watch hours. 

Just buying watch hours may not guarantee the monetization of your channel. You will also need 1,000 subscribers to start monetizing the channel, along with following the YouTube community guidelines. 

Yes, it is possible to buy watch hours for any YouTube video posted on your channel. You should ensure that your website/service provider adheres to the platform’s policies while delivering watch hours. 

Buying YouTube watch hours can be worth it if you choose a reputed website or service provider. This will ensure higher watch hours from genuine sources and significantly boost your channel’s growth. 

The risk of buying watch hours arises when you purchase them from unethical or illegitimate sources, such as click farms and sites that use bots to provide them. If you get caught, your account may be terminated permanently. 

Conclusion on Buying Youtube Watch Time

Buying YouTube watch time can be a smart and strategic move for swiftly growing your channel and opening up opportunities for monetization. Yet, choosing the best place to buy YouTube watch hours is important since you need to ensure that these hours come from genuine and high-quality sources. 


This is where our expert reviews come into the picture. Go through them carefully and compare multiple websites before making your final decision. If you need a recommendation, we’d suggest you go with Social Viral. The platform offers real and active watch hours with fast and realistic delivery!

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