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Looking to buy Terra Luna crypto but unsure of the best platform? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! One of the biggest challenges for crypto beginners and investors is navigating through the numerous exchange options available. It can be time-consuming and demanding to figure out where to buy and sell coins or tokens.


This process not only leads to headaches but also results in potential transaction delays and missed opportunities for getting the best prices. Thankfully, we’ve created a comprehensive guide tailored for both beginners and experts. Our guide lists the top five exchange platforms that cater to everyone’s requirements.

How To Buy Terra Luna In 4 Quick Steps

If you want to buy Terra Luna quickly, follow these four simple steps:


Step 1: Visit eToro’s website and open an account.


Step 2: Deposit $10 using Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, a credit/debit card, or a bank transfer.


Step 3: On the website, search for LUNA and select Trade.


Step 4: Enter the amount of Terra Luna tokens you want to buy and select “Open Trade.”

Where To Buy Terra Luna Coin?

Luna Coin is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies on the market, but you’ll need a crypto exchange that offers it to buy this new cryptocurrency.


For the best possible trading experience, you’ll need to choose a crypto exchange with a good reputation, the best prices, ease of use, trading tools, and a wide variety of crypto coins.


We’ve reviewed five popular exchanges offering Terra Luna and reviewed them below.


Charges a 1% fee


Up to 14.5% interest

Overall Best Crypto Exchange To Buy Terra Luna


  • Credit or debit card Terra Luna purchases
  • Best social media trading platform
  • CopyTrading for crypto
  • Around-the-clock customer service


  • Available in only 46 US states
  • Limited account types

eToro is a great option for people interested in buying Terra Luna but don’t know much about cryptocurrencies.  Thanks to this exchange platform, you can purchase Terra Luna with PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, or even a debit/credit card.


eToro has a reputation for fair, low-cost trading. With this platform, you’ll never have to pay more than 1% per purchase. It ensures you know exactly how much you spend to maximize your long-term investment growth and minimize costs.

About The Company

eToro was launched in Israel in 2007 by three entrepreneurs with a vision of bringing open-ended financial systems to the world. Established in 2010, OpenBook was the first social trading platform and remained at the heart of eToro’s investment experience.


It has since grown into a global company that operates a social trading platform, enabling users to copy their skills and strategies and invest in stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.


eToro has recently introduced trading options to its platform. Now, you can trade in forex, stocks, and contracts for difference (CFDs), alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies.


The company snowballed and has now expanded to serve over 140 countries worldwide, with over 20 million users.


eToro is regulated by several financial authorities, including the US FINRA and FinCEN, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, and ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission).


Besides, it also has a license from CySEC (Cyperus Securities and Exchange Commission).

Best For Lowest Fees Of Terra Luna Token


  • Invest in 250+ cryptos
  • 8% crypto Visa rewards
  • In-built lending platform 3% APY
  • 2.99% transaction fees


  • No e-wallets or PayPal purchases

Crypto.com is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by transaction volume, providing access to over 250 cryptocurrencies, including Terra Luna, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance, plus a competitive rewards program. The best part is that they do not charge any transaction fees.


The company has also made using cryptocurrency credit cards, NFT marketplaces, a decentralized crypto exchange, and standalone crypto wallets possible. Users can also stake some of their cryptos in a Crypto.com wallet for up to 14.5% interest.


Crypto.com offers a low-cost option for buying and holding Terra Luna. Fees are limited to 0.40% but drop depending on the size of your portfolio and how much you trade on their platform.

About The Company

Crypto.com was established in 2016 in Hong Kong to provide a safer, more convenient way for people to use cryptocurrencies. Crypto.com is now one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency platforms worldwide, with over 10 million users from at least 90 countries.


Since a range of coins can be deposited or spent, Crypto.com can be used by anyone interested in trading or investing in cryptocurrencies. It has both advanced and beginner-friendly features.


Crypto.com offers a variety of crypto tools, including a bitcoin wallet and the option to buy and trade cryptocurrencies through an easy-to-use interface. It may not be the best choice for someone just starting with crypto, but it could be ideal for active crypto traders or anyone who wants to spend their cryptocurrency rather than simply hold it.

#3. BitDD

Best For Blue-Chip Crypto Exchanges Securely

BitDD- Where Can I Buy Terra Luna


  • Licensed by the US Treasury Department
  • VIP account managers
  • Free trading for 90 days
  • The welcome reward program of 8888 USDT


  • Stablecoins pairs are limited

BitDD is one of the best crypto apps to combine advanced currency and derivative transactions with the highest level of compliance and security. It provides a safe and secure environment for sophisticated trading in digital assets like BTC, ETH, and USDT.


Besides, BitDD is among the few companies to secure a Money Service Business — Money Service Provider (MSB) license from the United States Treasury Department.

About The Company

BitDD is a fast-growing tech company helping customers manage their digital lives, with offices in Los Angeles, Malaysia, and a brand new website. They have been online since 2017, serving more than 500,000 customers, with 2+ million users expected by 2023 worldwide.

#4. Coinbase

Best Exchange For Beginners To Buy Terra Luna

Coinbase- How To Buy Shiba Inu (SHIB) Coin


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Buy Terra Luna with credit and debit cards
  • Built-in crypto wallets
  • Offer Luna staking


  • High processing and spot trading fees

With over 100 cryptocurrencies available for exchange and the ability to trade between cryptocurrencies, Coinbase is the world’s most popular way to buy, sell, and securely store digital currency.


To buy Terra Luna, simply visit the Coinbase website, select a cryptocurrency to buy, enter how much you want to purchase, and confirm your payment details. After that,  it’s all smooth sailing from here!


Coinbase is one of the most secure software wallets available, and it’s perfect for making traders and investors feel secure while they make trades.


It allows you to lend or borrow your cryptocurrency holdings to earn interest on your digital asset holdings. Unfortunately, lending out Terra or Luna is not currently possible, but staking Luna to the Terra blockchain is feasible to earn rewards.


With a slick interface, mobile app, and support for most cryptocurrencies, Coinbase makes it easy to get hold of your first set of Terra Luna tokens.

About The Company

With 98+ million users and $256 billion in assets, Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The company was founded in 2012 to buy and sell Bitcoin.


Coinbase has become one of the most well-known crypto companies in the world, supporting dozens of different cryptocurrencies. Besides, it boasts a global employee base of more than 4,900 people. However, while the company is decentralized, it has no central headquarters.


Coinbase is a global cryptocurrency platform with users in over 100 countries and trading exceeding $309 billion per quarter. Besides, it helps you to manage your cryptocurrency easily and efficiently by joining 13,000 financial institutions.


The company has a product suite to help you start, manage, and track your cryptocurrency portfolio. In addition, Coinbase offers trading on two different platforms and the standalone Coinbase wallet. These include Coinbase and Coinbase Pro.

#5. Binance

Best For Terra Luna Trading


  • Supports staking Luna
  • Have Terra Luna order the book
  • 0.10% fees on each spot trade


  • Not beginner-friendly exchange

Binance is our go-to exchange if you plan to profit from trading Terraluna. That’s because Binance has a low overall cost structure compared to other exchanges and offers a great user experience.


The advanced trading platform also means you can quickly make trades and execute strategies to help you profit in the markets.


The Binance exchange lets you trade various cryptocurrencies and provides a detailed view of the Terra Luna order book. You can stay on top of market trends, view charts, and indicators, economize on time by setting alerts and even monitor trading volumes for a quick grasp of the situation.

About The Company

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that launched in 2017. It mainly focuses on altcoin trading and has quickly become one of the largest in the world.


The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and flaunts a user base of over 90 million users. The Binance user base spans over 180 countries worldwide.

What Is Terra Luna?

Terra is a blockchain platform for creating stablecoins and cryptocurrencies. These make it easy for users to buy and sell stablecoins within Terra and develop applications that access the stablecoin market directly without worrying about central bank pegging or exchange rates.


Terra enables a new breed of user-friendly financial products that allow users to have near-instant access to liquidity with their funds. It also gives companies and individuals better pricing on loans and capital markets.


Its mission is to build the world’s most scalable cryptocurrency platform making it easy to create crypto or fiat tokens with full reserve backing. Terra and Luna are two cryptocurrencies that operate on the Terra blockchain. In addition, Terra supports multiple fiat currency versions, including the USD, GBP, and JPY.


Luna operates on the blockchain to transact using the built-in smart contract technology in the Terra ecosystem. Luna’s also mined when you validate transactions on the Terra blockchain, which keeps prices stable for its stablecoins.


So, Terra is an algorithmically-controlled cryptocurrency designed to remain stable and trustworthy. However, there is some skepticism surrounding Terra Stablecoin. Unlike other stablecoins, FIAT currency or any physical asset such as gold does not back it.


Instead, algorithmic stablecoins are smart contracts that compute the amount of LUNA that needs to be bought or sold to keep Terra’s stablecoins pegged at their value.


For example, if the price of TerraUSD drops to $0.95 and then back up to $1, a program running on the blockchain will burn a set number of tokens from the supply. It makes tokens less scarce, causing the price to increase back to $1.


In 2022, the LUNA stablecoin experienced a large spike in supply, causing it to lose 99% of its value in only a few days. This instance occurred when TerraUSD announced they had ‘de-pegged’ from the former stablecoin. It made investors sell the coin and caused panic among them.


Today, people are fleeing from the Terra ecosystem. However, given how much the economic forces work against LUNA’s peg, the situation is not bad.


Thus, if the peg were to hold and TerraUSD were to re-peg, it would still have a chance to recover most of its current value over time. However, at the same time, LUNA may be on the verge of crashing against the USD rather than healing.

What Makes Terra Luna A Good Investment?

While Terra Luna may not be one of the most well-known digital assets in the market right now, it has gained a large amount of attention over the past few years. With small audit trails and a focus on security, this is an asset that many investors are looking to invest in.


Here are some reasons why you should consider buying Terra Luna right now.

Terra Luna makes it easier for blockchains and payment systems to interoperate. For example, Terra Luna and Chainlink have partnered to bring the world’s most trusted data feeds to smart contracts. Thus, it is leveraging Terra’s decentralized infrastructure to allow anyone to securely connect their data to any IoT device, payment system, or blockchain.


The importance of Terra’s Luna token continues to rise, and with this deal, it is more valuable than ever. As Terra makes more deals like this, Luna will become increasingly important. Thus, Terra could regain investor confidence by becoming one of the best-decentralized finance coins.

For many cryptocurrencies, the price of tokens is expected to grow over time. It means if you buy them, you hope they will cost more. In contrast, the price of Terra Luna tokens tends to stay the same and only increases if users want to purchase more features on the platform.


Terra operates on a blockchain. This is a continuously growing list of records that are linked and secured by cryptography. Terra makes Proof of Stake (PoS) transactions possible. You’ll need to stake Luna tokens to make your transactions go through.


Every time a transaction is verified in the Luna ecosystem, you earn Luna tokens/interest. The more Luna tokens you have staked, the more rewards you will gain with each verified transaction.


In fact, you will earn interest just for holding Luna tokens in your wallet. So starting with Terra Luna can be a great opportunity for investors even if prices don’t increase.

Terra Luna was one of the most impressive cryptocurrencies to come onto the market in 2021. In just one year, it gained over 14,000%. There were numerous reasons for this meteoric rise, but in general terms, one can link Terra Luna’s popularity to its stability, security, and innovation.


Investors have shown excitement for Terra Luna by bidding up the company’s stock price. While many LUNA believers are still determining if it will ever regain its value, others believe that LUNA could gain more attention and interest from the general population.

Terra Luna is built on a stable and unique blockchain, with two stablecoins on the platform. This enables you to take advantage of the structure of Terra Luna and find arbitrage opportunities.


TerraUSD will have a fixed face value of USD. If the price rises above its face value, you can buy Luna and burn it to mine TerraUSD. Then you can sell your newly minted TerraUSD for more than its face value—and keep the difference!


Since you burn Luna when you convert it from one currency to another or make an exchange transaction, you can use this arbitrage opportunity to earn extra cash. While it’s still too early to say if TerraUSD will ever trade at $1, given the overall stability and liquidity of the asset, there is certainly scope for this to happen.

Terra Luna’s technology was built to be decentralized, enabling anyone to build on top of Terra’s infrastructure. As a result, lenders and borrowers have access to a well-engineered stablecoin infrastructure that you can use in various applications.

With the expansion of DeFi, Terra has a real opportunity to be a major player. However, recent events have shaken faith in their ability to operate within space. Nevertheless, if they can rebuild confidence, there is potential for growth in the future.

Price Of Terra Luna

Over the past year, Terra Luna’s price has fluctuated wildly. At the start of 2021, the Luna token was worth less than $1. By the end of that year, its value had increased to $100 per token.


Terra Luna’s price hit a low of just under $47 per LUNA coin during the first month of 2022. The dropping price was attributed to significant fluctuations in the Terra currency market, ultimately leading to the de-pegging of TerraUSD.


After that point, LUNA continued to drop until May 2022. It is now trading at around $1.31. Luna Coin has a market cap of $167.5 million and is the 125th largest crypto in the world. This gives it plenty of room to grow at only a fraction of other larger coins.

Terra Luna Price Prediction

Terra (LUNA) ‘s price for 2023 is likely to be around $2.25-$3.78. LUNA cryptocurrency can be seen to demonstrate some resistance in its movement. While we cannot say whether the prices would be bullish or bearish, analysts’ predictions point towards 2023 as a year where investors can expect the prices of cryptos to skyrocket.


Any coin held in the portfolio is subject to high risk. The change in the macroeconomic market scenario, policy restructuring, and any other cause to lower its performance will result in significant changes in the industry scenario.


The Terra price prediction puts LUNA on par with the average major cryptocurrencies regarding annual growth rates. By 2023, Terra tokens can reach a minimum price level of $2.25, while $3.02 is the maximum price level for LUNA.

Methods Of Buying Terra Luna

Terra Luna is available to purchase with fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. You can purchase Terra Luna directly from the company site or exchange it in the following ways:

Best Terra Luna Wallet

Before you buy Luna, you’ll need a crypto wallet.


  • A crypto wallet is a software program that stores private and public keys. These keys allow users to send and receive digital currency and monitor their balance.
  • A crypto wallet can be used to store any cryptocurrency as long as it supports the type of currency you’re using. So, for example, if you want to use Terra Luna, Bitcoin, or Ethereum, you’ll need a specific crypto wallet.
  • Crypto wallets are sometimes called digital wallets, making them sound more like conventional wallets that hold cash.


However, these wallets do not hold any money or other assets. Rather, they are just software programs that allow you to interact with a digital asset (in this case, cryptocurrency) through your computer or mobile device.

A hot wallet is a crypto wallet connected to the internet and can be accessed anytime. Hot wallets are best for storing small amounts of cryptocurrency, such as your daily spending.


Hot wallets have advantages over cold wallets because they are easy to use, accessible from anywhere, and can be used to buy things online. However, they also have disadvantages, such as hackers can access cold wallets easily as they are connected to the internet.

A cold wallet is a digital wallet that stores cryptocurrency offline and away from the internet. This can be done using a USB drive, other external storage, or a paper wallet. Cold wallets are generally considered more secure than hot wallets, which store cryptocurrency on devices connected to the internet.


These wallets do not expose your private keys to hackers. Instead, you must input your private key into the device for it to perform any transactions. In addition, they’re an excellent choice for long-term storage because they don’t require any maintenance or upkeep. This makes them less vulnerable to hackers than hot wallets but still more vulnerable than hardware wallets.


The disadvantage is that they are less convenient since you need to transfer your funds from your cold wallet to your hot wallet before making transactions.

A hardware wallet is a physical device that stores your cryptocurrency offline, usually in a USB drive. It’s like a credit or debit card, except it holds cryptocurrency instead of money.


When you purchase cryptocurrency, you can use a hardware wallet to store it offline. So if you’re ever hacked (or someone steals your computer), they won’t be able to steal your funds because they were stored on the hardware wallet.


Hardware wallets are also used to access your funds when you don’t have an internet connection (say, because you’re traveling). The most common hardware wallet is a USB device that plugs into your computer’s USB port. You can also buy wallets that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth or NFC.

Our Recommendation - eToro Terra Luna Wallet

The eToro Money wallet app is a trusted financial software solution that lets you store, send and receive hundreds of cryptocurrencies, including Terra Luna. We highly recommend this wallet for its secure and easy-to-use features.


With a simple and secure user experience connecting to the eToro Cryptocurrency Exchange and Wallet, users can quickly buy, sell and swap cryptocurrencies. 


So, head to Google Play or Apple App and download the eToro Money app today for free and transfer your investments from other leading exchanges.

A Tutorial On How To Buy Terra Luna

Once you’ve selected a brokerage, it’s time to start. Purchasing Luna at eToro, our favorite crypto exchange, is straightforward. If you’re unfamiliar with eToro, it’s similar to the stock exchanges and markets. A lot of the same rules and processes apply.


To help you get started, we discussed how to buy Luna at eToro so that you can trade on the exchange and join their premium community!

eToro has a user-friendly signup process that lets you open a free account in less than five minutes.


All you need to do is enter your email and choose a username and password. Then enter personal details such as your name, address, and phone number.


Next, upload a copy of your driver’s license or passport to verify your identity.

eToro has strict requirements for account verification, but the site is fast and responsive. Deposits are quick, with a minimum of $10 required for US and UK residents.


Depositors can make deposits by credit card, debit card, Skrill, Neteller, or bank transfer. The minimum deposit amount at eToro is $10. But keep in mind that if you are depositing via bank transfer or wire transfer rather than a credit card, your minimum amount will be $500.


Overall, there are no fees for depositing.

To start trading the LUNA, use the search box on your eToro dashboard to enter its ticker – LUNA. When Terra Luna appears in the results, click Trade to open a new order form.

You can choose whether to set a stop loss or take a profit level for your trade. It helps manage your risk by limiting the amount of investment that could be lost if the price changes suddenly.


If you are investing long-term in Terra Luna, leave these blank. Once you’ve clicked Open Trade, your purchase will be complete.

How To Sell Terra Luna?

The Terra Luna digital token that you can buy and sell on exchanges. You can buy Luna with cryptocurrency (namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin) and sell it back.


To sell LUNA, you must follow the same buying process on the exchange app. However, instead of clicking on buy, select the sell option.


When you sell a cryptocurrency, your funds will be available in your exchange account. Then, you can use them to purchase another cryptocurrency or withdraw them.

FAQs On Terra Luna

Terra Luna is a decentralized stablecoin system that combines two cryptocurrencies, Terra and Luna.


These 2 cryptocurrencies are complementary components in the Terra Luna ecosystem: Terra is a series of stablecoins with increasing degrees of stability, whereas Luna is a governance token one can use to mine Terra.

Kwon Do-Hyung, or simply Do Kwon, is a South Korean entrepreneur who co-founded Terraform Labs. He serves as the company’s CEO and advisor to several decentralized projects in Asia.

Exchanges can be confusing, so we’ve done our best to simplify them! We chose the best available exchanges on our list to trade Terra Luna on. These include eToro, Crypto.com, BitDD, Coinbase, and Binance.

To buy Terra Luna coins, you must open an exchange wallet with a supported currency. Many popular exchanges like eToro support Terra Luna and allow you to buy their coins on your exchange wallet.

Terra Luna is currently worth USD 119.18 million at market price.

With current market conditions, it is safe to assume that Terra Luna is a good investment. With growing revenue and positive cash flow likely to be at $2.25-$3.78, a steady increase in revenue over the next five years will make this an excellent investment.

Terra Luna has 6.0 trillion LUNA coins in circulation. Besides, there are two types of Terra Luna coins, Terra Classic (LUNC) and Terra Luna 2.0.

To stake Terra Luna, you can choose one of our list’s best crypto exchange wallets.

Terra Luna is better to buy because its price is more stable than Bitcoin, and its value will not decrease so much for investors.

Conclusion: Where Can I Buy Luna Terra Crypto?

Terra Luna is a cryptocurrency intended to be the foundation of a new ecosystem called Terra, including other Terra Luna tokens and smart contracts. Project’s main goal is to build a decentralized economy while giving users complete control over their data.


Therefore, this guide discussed the best cryptocurrencies and places to buy Terra Luna in 2023. We have walked you through the comprehensive overview of each exchange and platform and the pros and cons.


Our favorite and one of the major exchanges for Terra Luna is eToro. It caters to casual and professional investors with various trading instruments, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, and stocks.

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