8 Best Sites To Buy Google Reviews (5 Star & Positive)

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Buy Google Reviews

Google reviews have a significant role in building online business credibility and trust. However, getting them organically is a time-consuming and challenging process. This is why you can buy Google reviews that are authentic and insightful, which can help you attract potential customers to your business. 

Now comes the big question—where do you buy them from? This is where we come into the picture. Our experts reviewed and compared multiple websites before listing the top 8 sites to buy Google reviews in this article.

 Let’s talk about every site in detail below: 

8 Best Sites To Buy Google Reviews


Scoreboard: 8.5/10

With 1,000+ positive reviews across public forums, GetAFollower ranks #1 on our list for its options to buy custom and random Google reviews. For better results, you can buy Google reviews based on your target country.

The site offers affordable options between 1 and 50 reviews in a single order. Strategic drip-feed delivery methods ensure average timelines of 2-4 days for one review and 8-12 days for five reviews.


  •     Packages start from $8 to $26, based on the location

Scoreboard: 9/10

Media Mister is our #2 choice for buying cheap Google reviews. It offers authentic Google Business reviews to enhance search rankings. Media Mister provides higher value to targeted customers across various regions, such as the USA, Brazil, and more.

You can opt for 1, 3, or 5 Google reviews here. Both 5-star and 1-star review options and custom ones are available. Delivery usually takes 2-12 days, and there is a 60-day refill guarantee. 


Packages start at $8.

Scoreboard: 8/10

Social Viral is at #3 on our list, notably for its vast customer base (which makes it a tried-and-tested choice) and fast delivery of its positive Google reviews within 24 hours.

In addition, you can expect one-month refills for any review drops and flexible quantities from 1-100 reviews at a time. There are also discounts when you buy reviews for Google in bulk. 


  •     Pricing starts from $7.99 for one review

Scoreboard: 7.3/10

#6 on our list of sites to buy 5-star Google reviews is Buy Real Media. The most significant plus point of the site is a highly strategic and timely drip-feed delivery system. 

You can buy 100% authentic Google reviews here, and they come with multiple customization options. The pricing packages are also affordable for 5-star reviews. 


  • Packages start from $26 onwards

#5. BizSolution

Scoreboard: 7.5/10

BizSolution stands out with guaranteed 100% permanent and non-drop buy Google reviews USA if you want real Google reviews from a reputed brand.

You can buy genuine Google reviews targeting specific locations across countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and more. BizSolution personalizes its services based on demographics, and you can choose male/female reviews accordingly. 


Prices range between $5 to $3,000, depending on volumes

#6. Growthoid

Scoreboard: 7.8/10

Growthoid is another site on our list and is a good option for buying reviews for your business because of the fabulous customer discounts on review packages and reasonable pricing from $9.25 onwards.

Other features include fast delivery of reviews from active and real Google accounts. The bulk packages are another highlight, designed to help you conveniently customize your review acquisition strategy. 


  • Pricing starts from $9.25


#7. UseViral

Scoreboard: 7/10

UseViral lets you buy positive reviews across categories like high-quality and premium, considerably enhancing your overall choices.

The brand also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you get reviews written by 100% original people with active accounts. A 30-day refill guarantee and several payment options, such as PayPal and credit cards. 


  •     Pricing starts from $9.25 

#8. SidesMedia

Scoreboard- 6.9/10

At #8 on our list, SidesMedia helps you buy Google reviews for sale (100-1,000 in one order) without any hassles. 

The brand offers 100% authentic reviews, integrated encryption, a 30-day refill guarantee, and a one-minute checkout system to ensure better customer experiences. 


  • Pricing starts from $7.50 onwards.

Is It Safe To Buy Google Reviews?

Buying Google reviews is not illegal; companies use a common marketing strategy to boost their reputation and attract more customers to their products/services.

Yet, there’s a catch: if you buy fake Google reviews, it will violate Google’s policies, which state that posting/buying fake reviews is prohibited. The consequences of breaking these rules include suspension of your Google Business Profile, penalties, and gradual reduction of your online visibility.

But there’s no need to worry; you can safely buy Google reviews from providers that guarantee 100% authentic reviews from real people (with active accounts).

How Do We Rate These Sites to Buy Google Reviews?

We’ve rated the top websites to buy Google reviews based on several important parameters. Here is a closer look at some of them.

User Friendly Preview

We’ve compared multiple sites and listed only the ones with simple and easy-to-understand user interfaces. Other points we ticked off in our checklist included convenient review buying methods and navigable sections for various services. At the same time, we’ve also focused on sites that transparently display all necessary information regarding pricing, review volumes, and so on.

Real Reviews from Real Accounts

You should only buy Google reviews from sites that guarantee 100% real and active user accounts for the same. We’ve looked at this feature closely before listing the sites that fit the bill. It matters a lot since not only will genuine reviews help you expand your business, but they will also help you avoid violating Google’s rules and regulations. The consequences for the same involve anything from account suspension to the sudden disappearance of your brand from search listings.

Refund Policy

A good refund policy is a must to assure higher peace of mind as far as customers are concerned. We’ve shortlisted only those sites that offer a money-back guarantee (usually 30 days) in case of customer dissatisfaction. That’s not all; we’ve also looked at those offering refill guarantees (usually 60 days) to clients. This means that the site will ensure free replacements for any review drops within this period.

Natural Delivery Speed

Google’s algorithms will only get suspicious if your reviews increase all of a sudden. Hence, it is important to choose a service provider that has the right strategy for review deliveries. We’ve compared multiple websites before listing the ones that follow strategies like drip-feed delivery systems and other gradual delivery methods. It’s crucial to make review additions seem more natural and authentic to avoid Google policy violations.

Successful Testimonials

We’ve gone through several customer reviews and testimonials of many service providers before short-listing the top choices for you here. Sites that have more positive reviews and a track record of providing successful results to their customers have been prioritized on our list.

24/7 Support Available

A reputable website should always have 24-7 customer support options to resolve queries swiftly. We’ve analyzed multiple websites regarding the accessibility and promptness of their customer support teams and the availability of options like live chat, email support, phone support, and so on.

Advantages Of Buying Positive Google Reviews

What good will buying positive Google reviews do for your business? Here are some results that you can expect in these cases. 

Online Reputation Boost

Google reviews have a huge role to play with regard to affecting the online reputation of your business. In fact, a local survey highlighted how 94% of respondents stated that they’re more likely to choose a business when they see positive reviews. Hence, the more positive your reviews (which have to be from genuine users, of course), the higher your online reputation. This will automatically differentiate you from your closest rivals in the long run.

Increased Visibility

Most companies look for ways to get more reviews from their customers anyway. Wondering why? It helps them boost their local search rankings and overall visibility across their targeted demographics. In this case, a higher review volume automatically helps you increase your likelihood of being found whenever people search for something that you might offer in a specific location.

Competitive Edge

Choosing to buy Google reviews gives you a big head-start over your rivals. This is because customers always prefer companies/brands with a higher number of reviews (majorly positive ones) and an established online presence.

No Ethical Concerns

Don’t worry about the ethical challenges of buying Google reviews since there aren’t any. Of course, you’ve got to ensure that your service provider gives you 100% genuine reviews from people who’ve got active accounts. That’s all that matters; buying reviews is a marketing strategy that’s commonly used by businesses throughout the world to expand their online reach.

Trustworthiness and Authenticity

Trust-building is essential for any business, especially if the goal is to attract and retain customers or integrate into local communities. Buying reviews from genuine and active users will undoubtedly increase your overall trustworthiness among your target customers. Those viewing these positive reviews will be more inclined to choose your product/service simply because many others found it worthwhile.

Higher Credibility

Real and positive reviews are not just helpful in terms of scaling up your online presence. They also work nicely in establishing the online credibility of your business. People will trust you more, knowing that others have used your product/service and that you are a genuine company in their locations. There was earlier a fascination with the term street cred, indicating respect for a business/person in the real world. Well, Google reviews are the new street cred in an increasingly digital ecosystem.

Local Business Impact

Making a positive impact in the local community is the best thing for any business. If you’ve been getting more reviews, then you’ll start showing up in more relevant and helpful local searches. This will build an entire cycle of trust, views, and inquiries that will keep coming. Hence, you can quickly consolidate your local presence with the help of strategic digital solutions like Google reviews.

Feedback and Improvement

What more reviews do is attract a larger number of people who start engaging with your brand. This helps you get insights that are valuable and help you improve in the long run. Leverage higher engagement to get feedback on what people expect from your company, what they like, what they don’t prefer, and so on.

Google’s Policies Against Buying Google Reviews

You can safely buy Google reviews from a reputable website/service provider. Yet, before doing that, it is recommended that you do a little homework on Google’s policies on the matter. Here’s a look at the same.

Fake Reviews

For starters, Google prohibits any fake review or content that misrepresents any product, service, or company. Reviews written by business owners and their families and friends also fall into this category. Google further states that reviews written by those with vested interests are also to be classified as fake or illegal.

Incentivized Reviews

If you’ve considered offering incentives to customers in return for positive or negative reviews, think again. Google prohibits companies from getting more customer reviews by providing free products, discounts, and compensation.

Third-Party Review Services

Google deems any social media tool used to generate positive reviews or artificially boost a brand’s reputation illegal. So, sites that use bots and other such tools to post reviews are always at risk of legal action.

Review Gating with Compensation

Another Google guideline mentions that companies cannot selectively ask for reviews based on customer feedback (especially when customers are offered incentives). All customers should have an equal opportunity to write reviews without being influenced by incentives and other rewards.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Buy Google Reviews?

Buying Google reviews is not difficult, provided you follow all the steps mentioned below.

Don’t just go for the first website that gives you a great deal. Select your provider only after checking its customer reviews/testimonials and examining its services, packages, and legitimacy regarding licensing/registration.

You’ll now have to finalize the number of reviews your business needs. At the same time, make sure you specify the targeted countries, locations, and demographics these reviews should focus on.

Communicate your requirements using the official website of your chosen website/service provider. Detailed discussions are sometimes helpful; some providers make it even easier by giving you a simple form to fill out.

Once the service provider receives the form, the team will contact you with an official service agreement. Please read all its terms and conditions carefully, along with other information, before signing the document.

You’ll now be asked for more information on your company and its products/services. The service provider will also confirm the types of reviews that you want. At this stage, your job is to provide accurate inputs to the service provider.

The sixth step is thoroughly checking the reviews created by your service provider. Once satisfied, you’ll have to issue your final approval to proceed.  

Most service providers offer multiple payment methods. To start the delivery process, you can complete the payment for your chosen reviews.

The last step is tracking the deliveries of your reviews and checking for any drops. Also, check whether your service provider is following a suitable posting strategy. Proper review management is necessary at your end to ensure better outcomes.

Potential Risks Of Buying Google Reviews

Here are some risks that may arise when you buy Google reviews online.

Violating Google’s policies results in suspension or penalties

If you buy fake reviews, it ends up violating Google’s policies. The consequences of this may include suspension of your Google Business profile and penalties. The biggest damage is that your business will no longer appear in search results or Google Maps.

Damaging your online reputation and SEO

Many businesses need to choose positive reviews in large numbers. They don’t realize that customers are more likely to mistrust any company or view it skeptically if they only see positive reviews and nothing else. Fake reviews can thus damage your online reputation.

Legal Consequences: FTC Legal Case

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has issued guidelines that clearly state how businesses buying reviews illegally will face legal action. The authority files complaints against such companies if they purchase fake reviews from websites or service providers. The FTC has the authority to demand consumer relief and compensation, including restitution, injunctions, and civil penalties from offenders.

Losing the trust of customers

Losing the trust of your customer base sounds like a nightmare, right? You bet! Whenever your loyal customers discover that you bought fake reviews to increase your online presence, they will stop trusting you and your product/service. Most of them will shift their business to your rival, while your company’s reputation will also be damaged.

Tips To Organically Achieve More Google Reviews

Agreed- buying Google reviews is one of the fastest ways to increase your online presence and attract more customers to your brand. Yet, there are many other ways to organically get more reviews instead of purchasing them from service providers. Here are a few tips that might help in this regard.

Enhance Customer Service

Nothing works better than consistent customer service that naturally motivates people to leave reviews on your page. Customers will feel appreciated if you promptly respond to comments and address queries. This will increase your chances of retaining customers while showing potential ones how you’re committed to ensuring complete satisfaction.

Simplify Review Process

Customers will not be interested in writing and posting reviews if they go through a complicated process. Make it easier for them by sending direct links through your emails or social media posts. Ask for their valuable feedback innovatively, and you will usually get responses.  

Email Marketing

Around 87% of marketers today choose email marketing for promotions, while personalized emails may increase click-through rates by 28.57%. Thus, email marketing is an effective strategy that you can use to get more people to visit your website but also to leave more reviews. Add review requests at the end of each email promoting your service/product. You can then send periodic follow-up emails that ask customers for feedback.

Monitor and Analyze Feedback

Set up a system to gather and monitor customer feedback and concerns regarding your product/service. Respond to these concerns quickly while focusing on serving your customers better. This approach will automatically lead to an increase in reviews over time. Regular feedback analysis will help you understand and fill gaps, boosting your reputation soon.

Utilize Social Media

Use social media wisely to increase your Google review volumes. How can you do this? Keep sharing positive reviews/feedback from customers across social media channels while inviting viewers to share their experiences. Featuring customer reviews on social media will also do a lot of good for your brand’s visibility and reputation.

Buy Google Reviews: FAQs

You can buy Google reviews from several reputed providers like Media Mister, GetAFollower, Social Viral, Growthoid, and more. These providers help you purchase authentic and genuine reviews with targeted delivery strategies.

Google has algorithms that can detect fake and misleading reviews. In such cases, it will penalize the business by lowering its rating and visibility on search engines. That’s why you should buy real Google reviews from reputed sites.

Google officially prohibits the buying and selling of reviews; however, adding Google reviews via genuine and authentic accounts can work in your favor. Several sites can help you add 100% authentic & real Google reviews at reasonable rates.

The costs for buying Google reviews vary across providers, usually between $2 and $26 per review. Pricing also largely depends on your targeted location, demographics, and other factors.

Depending on your preferences, you can target several countries for Google reviews. Many providers help you target the USA, UK, Australia, Middle East, Africa, and other markets.

Some providers offer options to target specific demographics while buying Google reviews, while location-based targeting is primarily available at these sites.

Final Thoughts: Is It Worth Buying Google Reviews?

In summary, buying Google reviews can do a lot for your business, provided you purchase them from a reputable and trustworthy provider. That’s where we’ve simplified things for you. 

Our experts have reviewed multiple websites before short-listing 8 of the top websites you can consider for buying Google reviews. Each site offers numerous benefits, from refill and refund policies to affordable packages and strategic review delivery methods. Read our reviews thoroughly before you make a final decision.

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