Best Sites To Buy 5000 Instagram Followers (Real & Cheap)

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Buy 5000 Instagram Followers

If you are an entrepreneur, and want to make an online buzz, Instagram is the right platform. It can help you reach your target audience, increase brand awareness, and create buzz about your products and services.

Instagram helps you easily capitalize on the benefits of having followers on social media, and more so, it enables you to expand your audience to buy 5000 followers on Instagram.

To help you fuel your online presence readily, our team of social media marketing experts did some thorough research, browsing through 50+ sites where you can buy 5000 Instagram followers instantly. 

So, let us take you through the best websites available in the market where you can buy 5K Instagram followers and easily kickstart your Instagram journey!

7 Reliable Sites To Buy 5K Instagram Followers

Providing high quality and cheap instagram followers is one of the reasons why more influencers are opting for Media Mister. Using the services of this brand can work wonders for your social media reach and engagement. The multiple payment options attract a lot of clients to Media Mister, making it one of the go-to places for Insta leaders.

Key Features

  • The drip delivery system ensures the safe addition of followers to Instagram
  • 100% authentic followers with real accounts
  • Provides refund guarantee for every purchase 

Customer Reviews

“I was skeptical at first because I was afraid to get scammed, but they are legit guys. I got my followers on the same day. Thank you so much!” – JP

“Very happy! I’ve gotten the same order delivered for two of my accounts, and they have always overdelivered! Definitely recommend it to anyone!” – Jill


The price to buy 5k IG followers is $95.00.

Famoid is the second brand on our list of the most popular sites to buy 5000 Instagram followers. It offers ad-based growth methods and promises instant delivery from the real instagram users. The large customer base speaks to the value of using Famoid’s services.


Key Features

  • Has daily delivery plans
  • Offers secure social media growth
  • Data-focused advertising is a top priority

Customer Reviews

“Real quality likes in real quick time. I will definitely go with Famoid again in the future. 100% recommended.” – David Smith

“I am Highly Impressed with the extreme quality of service that Famoid provides. Amazing man..!! Really superb.” – Lauren Bentley


The price to buy 5000 followers on Famoid is $69.95.

If you want authentic 5K instagram followers who would love your IG content, then look no further than Get A Follower. Offering one of the best ways to buy 5,000 Instagram followers, you can instantly get real, high-quality followers to grow your social media presence. 

Key Features

  • Targeted services
  • Provides 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Has great customer support

Customer Reviews

“I was amazed at how fast I got my Instagram followers. I had never seen such quality followers before. They were even better than the real followers on Instagram.” – Amelie Hamilton.

“I am happy with their help delivering my order within an hour. I’ll order more. Thank you guys.” – Lucy.


The price to buy 5k followers at Get A Follower is $95.00.

With a rich history of exceptional service for 5 years, Buy Real Media promises tailor-made services for social media beginners. You can buy 5000 Instagram followers at an affordable rate without worrying about privacy invasion. Buy Real Media helps you grow your Instagram reach to new heights.

Key Features

  • Gradual delivery of followers to preserve credibility
  • Real and active IG followers
  • No password requirement

Customer Reviews

“I was really impressed with both the quality and the speed of delivery. The followers were real, engaged, and delivered real results. This is a highly recommended site for buying Instagram followers!”—James Conway.

“I wanted to try and test this service and bought 100 Instagram followers. The result was that I was really satisfied with the stability of their services.” – Abby Davis.


The price to buy 5k Instagram followers is $95.00.

Buy instant 5K followers who are real, active people on your instagram then look no further than StormViews. It has a recurring customer base with options for high-quality or premium insta followers. Using StormViews has proven to be a sure-shot way of growing Instagram reach for tons of people and companies.

Key Features

  • Offers high-quality followers for a credibility boost
  • Real followers mean better brand value
  • More than 100,000 monthly customers use it

Customer Reviews

“My engagement metrics improved noticeably after buying followers. This indicates that having a higher follower count can positively influence other aspects of your Instagram profile.” – Michael Williams.

“I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable it was to purchase Instagram followers from Stormviews. The service is not only budget-friendly but also incredibly effective in boosting your social proof.” – Jennifer Martinez.


The price of buying 5000 followers is $49.99 for high-quality and $74.99 for premium followers.

Social Viral boasts 24/7 customer support for all its clients who want to buy 5K Instagram followers. The company uses IG accounts that look real with posts and profile pictures. This can help to keep the image of your social media clean and ensure your follower count grows organically.

Key Features

  • 24/7 customer support for all social media needs
  • Support for other social media platforms like Snapchat, Spotify and Twitch
  • High-quality Instagram followers

Customer Reviews

“Understanding the Instagram algorithm was tough. Social-Viral made it easier to realize the importance of having a substantial follower count, especially for educators.” – Amanda Taylor.

“As an educator, credibility holds utmost importance. Social-Viral’s genuine follower service has immensely boosted my profile’s reputation.” – Jessica Garcia.


The cost of purchasing 5000 followers is $39.49 for High-quality and $59.24 for Active followers.

InstaMama offers real Instagram followers. Customers regularly use InstaMama for their social media needs. It uses social media advertising to boost the follower count of its clients’ accounts. InstaMama offers tailor-made packages for beginners as well as experienced social media users.

Key Features

  • Premium real accounts to follow
  • Has a credit card payment option
  • Guarantees gradual delivery of followers

Customer Reviews

“You guys do a great job; I appreciate it! Thank you, and keep up the good work!” – Adam.

“This was the boost we needed to get our page into the spotlight quickly!” – James.


At InstaMama, you can buy 5000 Instagram followers for $395.50.

Benefits Of Buying 5000 Instagram Followers

Those who want to buy 5000 followers on instagram must know the benefits of purchasing followers. Here’s a list of those.

Instant Fame

Buying 5K IG followers can provide instant fame and recognition, making you a celebrity overnight. One of the important benefits of gaining new followers on social media is getting huge organic reach. When other people view your account, your business will attract more customers. In this case, Media Mister offers the best way of getting instant fame, easily adding 5k to your follower count for an improved online presence.

Better Visibility

It’s no secret that a large social media following leads to increased visibility on Instagram. As your follower count reaches new heights, more users will view your content and expand your reach. This will bring in more genuine people to your account and increase your follower count further.

Beat Your Competitors

As you gain new followers on Instagram, you will mark your spot from your competitors. You will find opportunities to work with other companies and social media influencers. You may even get to work with advertising agencies who might hire you for your huge social media fan following.

Make Money

5000 more followers on social media means more revenue generation. You will get to work with brands and social media influencers who will bring in more money. As your posts reach more people due to organic growth, you will aim to earn more money from various social media marketing campaigns.

Become an Influencer

A higher follower count can open the door to your journey as a social media influencer. You will collaborate with other brands and find brand partnerships coming your way. Ad agencies often look for social media influencers with a high reach to promote products. 

Is Buying IG Followers A Safe Way To Grow?

Most people and companies want to increase their IG followers to earn sponsorships and brand collaborations. Buying followers is a relatively safe way to grow as long as it does not violate Instagram’s terms and services. 

However, you should be careful when choosing a website to buy followers from, as some websites sell fake followers and bots. This may temporarily seem like a good idea, but in the long run, these inactive bots provide no reach for your account, and Instagram may ban you from the social media platform. It is better to read customer reviews on the websites before you make up your mind to purchase followers from them.

Why Should You Only Buy 5K Followers on Instagram?

It’s no use buying 5000 Instagram followers if they are of low quality and do not increase your presence on social media. Here’s why Instagram follower quality is important.

  • Genuine Engagement

The newly acquired high-quality Insta followers will interact with your posts frequently. They can react, share, and provide feedback on your content. In other words, they will genuinely engage with your Instagram account, and you can grow your social media presence quite easily in this way.

  • Enhanced Credibility

When you buy 5000 Instagram followers on sites such as Famoid, your account becomes more credible, which can work wonders for your digital presence. Enhanced credibility means more people will notice your Instagram profile. This, in turn, will generate more revenue, as you will get to collaborate with other brands and even land sponsorship deals.

  • Better Algorithmic Visibility

The best part about social media platforms like Instagram lies in their algorithms, which prioritize accounts with significant follower counts and high engagement rates. Purchasing 5000 Instagram followers can help you to lock your place in the algorithm. 


  • Trustworthy Reputation


Reliable sites offer you trusted instagram followers on social media sites. This not only builds your reputation as a social media content creator but also provides collaboration opportunities. You get to work with brand partners and celebrities you have always dreamed of collaborating with.


  • Feedback And Insights


High-quality, real 5000 instagram followers will offer you genuine feedback and insights into your products and services. This can help you gauge genuine public opinion of your brand, and you can use this data to improve your brand reputation.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Buying 5K Instagram followers can be beneficial for a brand’s image while giving it a competitive edge. Here are a few reasons why you should buy followers on Instagram.

Boost Credibility

Having more followers can give a significant boost to your business’s image. Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes brands with high follower counts. It improves your chances of proving to people that your brand is trustworthy and they can safely use your products.

Kickstart Growth

Getting 5000 followers on Instagram can be extremely helpful for a new user. You can provide a jump-start to your brand, with thousands of followers engaging with your content. Growing on social media takes time, especially if you prefer organic growth. But once you begin buying genuine, high-quality followers, you don’t need to look back any longer. Your brand is on its way to becoming a huge success.

Increase Engagement

Social media depends heavily on engagement metrics. Having more followers can boost these numbers. So, if you buy 5000 followers, you will receive more likes, comments, and shares on your feed. As you engage more with your followers, your posts will attract even more organic followers.

Enhanced Social Proof

The world of social media depends on follower count to a great extent. Buying instagram followers from sites suggested in our list increases your brand’s reputation. It acts as proof to people that they can trust your brand.

Competitive Edge

Having a higher follower count from your fellow competitors gives you an edge over them. As people are likely to trust brands with higher popularity, you are likely to dominate the market with more followers compared to your competitors with a lesser following. 

Time and Effort Saved

As mentioned earlier, growing your social media presence via organic reach is time-consuming. Buying followers is a shortcut method for you to quickly increase your follower base without giving much effort.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Site To Buy 5000 Instagram Followers

While choosing a site to buy 5,000 Instagram followers, you must consider some factors. Browse through some of the crucial ones.

Quality of Followers

The first factor to keep in mind is the quality of followers you are going to buy. Sites such as Media Mister offer real followers who are active on Instagram and engage regularly with others. Low-quality followers can lead to the downfall of your Instagram account, and you might even lose some genuine followers. Customers test their site by purchasing 10K instagram followers as well. 


There are a lot of sites available on the internet where you can buy 5000 Instagram followers. These offer a wide range of pricing, from cheap to expensive. It’s crucial to check the details of each package, as a lower price may have a risk of getting fake followers and bots.

Delivery Time

The delivery time of your order can make or break your social media account. Faster delivery times can instantly increase your follower count and bring in more revenue. On the other hand, slower delivery can lead to a decline in your account’s organic reach.

Terms of Service 

As you look for ways to buy Instagram followers, you must read the provider’s terms of service. If these do not align with Instagram’s terms, you may risk losing your Instagram profile altogether. 

Source Credibility

Always buy followers from a reputed source, as there are plenty of scam websites out on the internet. Look for customer reviews of the service providers and search on multiple places for the site’s authenticity.

Long-Term Impact 

It would be a good use to buy 5000 Instagram followers if these followers stay around in the long run. Buy from trusted sources who promise the retention of followers for long-term growth. Moreover, you will also have to maintain interaction with your followers so that they can understand they follow a reputed account.

Organic Growth

What if you buy 5000 followers and fail to maintain the organic growth of your social media account? Instagram may flag your account as spam and ban you. Choose reliable sites that offer organic follower growth.

Tips & Tricks To Buy 5K Instagram Followers

While it may seem like a good idea to buy 5000 Instagram followers, there are several dangers associated with it. We believe getting scammed should probably be the last thinking you should face while searching for high-quality followers. Therefore, follow our expert-researched tips when buying Instagram followers.

Avoiding Scams

We always hear people getting scammed on the internet in some way or the other. It is important to avoid scams while looking for ways to buy Instagram followers. Beware of websites that sell fake Instagram followers to unsuspecting clients. Some scammers also dupe people by promising to provide real followers, but instead, they provide bots, which can lead to your Instagram account getting banned.

Therefore, thoroughly research available options and always buy from trusted, reliable sources with authentic customer reviews.

Maximizing Engagement

While choosing a site to buy Instagram followers, you must keep your final goal in mind. More often than not, it is to maximize the engagement of your account. Real followers will interact, comment, and share your posts – which should be your aim to grow your social media presence. Buy followers from reliable websites that guarantee an increase in the overall visibility of your account with consistent interaction, not just increase your following number.

How To Buy 5,000 Instagram Followers? - Step By Step Guide

If you want to buy 5000 Instagram followers, you have to go through a few steps. Here’s a brief guide on how to get 5k followers on Instagram.

  • Choose a Reputable Provider – Surf through our list of recommended websites to buy 5k followers and choose the one that suits you best.
  • Select the Right Package – On your choice of website, check out the offered follower packages. Select the one that best aligns with your budget. For long term benefit, picking a 100K instagram followers package is the best to go for. 
  • Review Terms and Conditions – Carefully go through the terms and conditions provided on the website.
  • Provide Your Instagram Username – Add your Instagram username to get followers delivered to the right place.
  • Make the Payment – Choose your preferred payment method and make the payment.
  • Monitor the Delivery – The service provider will give you an estimated date of the order delivery when you place the order. Keep an eye out for the same.
  • Quality Check – After you gain new followers, monitor closely how these new accounts interact with your posts. In case of any odd behavior, contact customer support immediately.
  • Engage with Your New Followers – An important part of social media is posting content regularly and interacting with your followers. This can help you retain followers while gaining more organic ones.
  • Track Your Progress – Use social media metrics to track your progress and continue making better content for an improved presence!

Instagram Followers FAQs

The price of 5000 followers on Instagram depends on the website that provides the service. The value can range between $50 and $300 on average as there are various factors responsible.

When you buy 5000 Instagram followers, there is always a chance of buying fake accounts. Legitimate websites such as Media Mister offer real people as followers so that you can increase your reach on social media.

A quick and easy way to get 5000 followers on Instagram is to buy these followers from reputed sites. These websites provide real accounts to customers to increase their organic reach on social media platforms.

5000 followers on Instagram is a really good number. It can help your account reach more users and might even land you some branded sponsorships. 

Yes, it works if you use reliable websites to buy 5000 Instagram followers. It boosts your engagement. More followers on your social media can increase the credibility and visibility of your account and help your brand to stand out.

To get your first 5000 followers, you can organically post content on Instagram and wait for your follower count to increase. You can even buy followers from websites that sell genuine followers in exchange for a small price.

There is no risk if you buy followers from trusted sites as these comply with the terms of Instagram. Buying fake followers, on the other hand, can lead to a violation of Instagram’s terms, and your account might get into trouble.

Concluding Thoughts

As we’ve highlighted all the aspects associated with buying 5000 instagram followers, along with the top service providers who can cater to your requirements, you can make an informed and appropriate decision.

We’re sure you would have selected the right service provider for you by now, but if you are still chasing the goose, we suggest going for Media Mister. They offer several packages and services that can help you grow your business. You can also use their services to nurture a social network presence across major social media platforms.

Ultimately, taking help or sticking to organic growth for your social media platforms is completely your choice. We advise you to take time, research, and do what you believe is best for your business.

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