BRYANT LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, ROSLYN, NY, Nominating Committee nominations for Trustee

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 LEGAL NOTICE BRYANT LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, ROSLYN, NY TAKE NOTICE, PURSUANT TO Article VI, Section 1 of the Association Bylaws, the Nominating Committee reports the following nominations for Trustee: Mr. Bruce Belsky, Mrs. Margy Ringelheim and Dr. Shuvendu Sen each for a three-year term; to be filled by election at the Annual Meeting of the Association of the Bryant Library on Monday, November 9, 2020 at 7:30pm. Additional nominations by members of the Association may be made pursuant to Article VI, Section 1c by petition signed by 25 members of the Association and submitted to the Assistant Director, Deepa Chandra, care of the Bryant Library, 2 Paper Mill Road, Roslyn, NY 11576-2193. Signed:NOMINATING COMMITTEE Natalie Mansbach, Chair Francine Fabricant Deborah Gottlieb Evelyn Pollack Randall Rosenbaum 

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