5 Best Soccer Betting Apps & Sites For October 2024

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As a soccer fan looking for ways to keep up with all the latest stats, trends, and predictions, You’ve come to the right place. 


With the 2022 FIFA World Cup, an estimated 20.5 million American adults bet $1.8 billion on the tournament. That’s a tremendous amount of money. You can get in on the action before the next FIFA World Cup by looking into the best soccer betting apps to help you get the most out of your bets. 


Try out the top 5 soccer betting apps we have enlisted for you right now and enjoy wagering and make the most informed decisions possible.

Top 5 Soccer Betting Apps In 2023


VIP program with additional rewards


Up-to-date tracking system


Tips and tricks from expert betting tipsters


Excellent sign-up bonuses and promotions


Highly competitive odds

#1 Bovada: Best Overall Soccer Betting App, #1 Pick

Bovada is the leading online sportsbook that specializes in soccer betting. Bovada offers customers safe and secure betting options with industry-leading odds. Customers can bet on leagues worldwide, including the top European leagues and the World Cup. 


The app syncs with the main Bovada website, giving customers the same betting options and great bonuses. 


As a result, customers enjoy the convenience of betting with their smartphones and never have to rush to a betting shop.

With the rise of mobile technology, more and more sports betting sites offer mobile compatibility, and Bovada is no exception. Bovada offers an easy, convenient, and secure mobile betting experience, with an optimized mobile website where customers can access various sports betting and casino options. 


With a quick and straightforward deposit system, no deposit bonus, betting lines for all major sports, and the ability to track wagers in real time, customers can count on Bovada to provide a seamless and secure experience that can be enjoyed on the go.

Bovada offers players an array of payment options to fund their accounts. Credit/debit cards, Bitcoin, Rapid Transfer, Checks, and Money Orders can make deposits. All major credit/debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, are accepted. 


Rapid Transfer allows direct fund transfers from your local bank to your Bovada account, making depositing and playing your favorite games easy.

Bovada offers comprehensive customer support for its sports betting app, with a team of experts available to answer your questions. 


Through Bovada’s online tools and 24/7 online chat support, you can quickly get the answers you need about placing bets, streaming and live to-bet, different odds, making deposits, and more. 


In addition, Bovada also provides the option to call in and talk to a representative regarding any sports betting-related inquiries you may have. With knowledgeable and helpful customer support agents, you’ll always be in good hands when using Bovada’s sports betting sites.

Bovada offers excellent bonuses and promos for soccer betting fans. Whether a beginner or a pro, you can find awesome soccer betting bonuses to maximize your winnings. With promos tailored for every type of soccer bettor, you can get started with lowered risk or maximize winnings with massive bonuses. 


Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or a veteran looking to get an edge on the competition, Bovada has got you covered.


  • Easy to place bets
  • Variety of betting options
  • VIP program with additional rewards


  • High rollovers on bonus offers

#2 Everygame: Best For Soccer Bet Online

Everygame is a game-changing soccer betting app that allows users to bet on soccer matches of their choice. The app allows users to access various betting types, ranging from fixed matches, accumulators, and parlay to in-play betting. 


The app is easy to use, with a simple interface, and provides users with real-time updates on the matches and markets being monitored by the app. 


The app also comes with a range of statistics and analytics tools enabling users to track the performance of their bets and study the recent form and team information.

Everygame provides a unique live betting experience for soccer betting enthusiasts. With Everygame’s live betting platform, users can access up to the second betting data on a wide range of soccer games worldwide. 


Everygame also provides pre-game and in-play odds to ensure that users can make informed bets to maximize their chances of winning.

Everygame provides comprehensive services for all levels of eSports betting, from recreational players to professional athletes. Its goal is to remain one of the top eSports betting sites in the world, and they are on their way to achieving this.

The folks at Everygame have taken soccer bets to the next level with their advanced technology. Viewers can now make educated and informed real-time soccer bets using their platform. 


All bettings are automated, using the latest technology to ensure the best user experience possible. Each decision is made when the data is collected, offering an unbeatable experience for all soccer bettors.

Everygame offers instant deposits and withdrawals on their app for soccer bets. As a result, it makes it easier than ever for soccer bettors to place their bets. 


Everygame has a reliable and secure payment system that ensures quick and straightforward deposits and withdrawals, making it the preferred choice for soccer betting customers. 


Everygame offers a secure and stress-free environment for soccer bettors to place their bets, giving them the peace of mind that their deposits and winnings are fully secure.


    • Up-to-date tracking system
    • Easy integration with your favorite tournament platforms
    • One of the top esports sites as well


  • Poor chat support

#3 BetOnline: Trusted Site For Soccer Betting

BetOnline is an online sportsbook betting on soccer matches and other sports. It has been around since 2000 and is well-known for providing excellent customer service and an easy-to-navigate platform. 


BetOnline has many soccer odds, lines, and futures, including total goals, both teams to score, and correct scores. 


They also offer live in-play betting, allowing users to place wagers while a match is in action. In addition to soccer, BetOnline covers all the major American sports, including the NFL, NBA, NHL, and more.

BetOnline is a prominent leader in online sports betting sites, especially regarding soccer bets. They have earned a remarkable reputation among sports enthusiasts for their reliability and high-quality customer service. 


With lines on all major soccer leagues and events, BetOnline has offered some of the most comprehensive soccer betting options on the web for years.

BetOnline is one of the best sportsbooks for sports betting. Their high-quality platform features various wagers, from standard totals and money lines to futures and props. 


They have been consistently rated as one of the top websites for betting on the best NFL games, offering competitive odds and bonuses for new and returning customers. 


Whether you’re an experienced analyst or a casual fan, BetOnline is the best place to get into sports wagering and have some fun.

BetOnline has one of the most user-friendly interfaces for soccer betting. The page is easy to navigate, so the user can quickly and easily find the soccer betting options they are after. 


The interface provides up-to-date soccer odds, allows for various betting types, and offers cashout and live betting features. Additionally, the user interface has been optimized for mobile devices, making soccer betting on the go easier than ever.

BetOnline offers an excellent opportunity for soccer betting newcomers to explore the betting process without risking any money through its Demo Accounts. 


These accounts allow customers to access the sportsbook section and make virtual bets as if they were real money users, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the betting functions in the platform. 


Customers can learn the soccer betting odds offered on the platform, explore different types of bets, and gain confidence in the live betting process. It’s the perfect way to take your first step into the world of soccer betting at BetOnline.


  • Large selection of sports
  • Industry leaders for decades
  • Tips and tricks from expert betting tipsters


  • High minimum deposit limits

#4 Sports Betting: Secure Site To Bet On Soccer

Sportsbetting is an online sportsbook with an extensive selection for all soccer betting fans. It offers soccer match bets, in-play betting, and future bets on leagues, tournaments, and player performance. 


In addition, it features a large selection of props and lives bets, allowing users to bet while a game is being played.

Sportsbetting also has dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing users to place bets on the go quickly. It also features a mobile-friendly design and mobile-optimized versions of the website, letting users access the site without interruption.

Sports Betting offers secure soccer betting so customers can be sure their information and deposits are always kept safe. They use the highest encryption technology and security protocols to ensure all transactions are secure and account information is kept confidential. 


In addition, Sportsbetting maintains a strict adherence to all applicable laws and regulations regarding using player and financial data. With the highest security measures, customers can rest assured that their soccer betting experience will be secure.

Sportsbetting understands that soccer betting can be fun and profitable but encourages its customers to set betting limits and stay within them. This can help ensure that bettors make responsible decisions with their money. 


Sportsbetting allows customers to set daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limits. They also offer the innovative Reality Check tool that enables bettors to keep track of the amount they’re spending on sports betting and stay on top of their game.

Sports Betting offers sound risk management advice for soccer betting. However, it is important to set a betting budget and stick to it to ensure that any losses are kept to an acceptable level. 


Risk management also requires football bettors to bet within their means and carefully research all pertinent information before placing any wagers to maximize the chances of success. 


Sportsbetting advises remaining disciplined in this volatile venture. Being disciplined means not taking risks beyond budget and always having a sound and proven strategy before placing any bet.

Sportsbetting has just released an In-App Betting Calculator for soccer betting. Users of the app can calculate their potential winnings for all of the best in their sportsbook, including soccer betting. 


This app lets users quickly and accurately determine how much they could win from their bets to ensure their wagers align with expectations. 


This can take the guesswork out of placing huge wagers and help customers calculate how much they could win in cash rather than just the original bet amount.


  • Excellent sign-up bonuses and promotions
  • Open access to more obscure markets
  • Provides live pricing and events in one interface


  • Occasionally has connection issues with the app

#5 Tiger Gaming: Highly Recommended Site For Soccer Betting Odds

Tiger Gaming is one of the leading online sportsbooks for soccer betting apps. Established in 2013, this stunning platform offers an advanced selection of sports betting options to entice soccer fans worldwide. 


With support for Android and iOS devices, Tiger Gaming makes it easy for punters to place bets on their favorite teams and competitions without worrying about compatibility. 


It is well-known for its fast and reactive transaction times and highly competitive odds, so soccer fans can take advantage of great deals when betting on their chosen teams.

Tiger Gaming is also one of the best casino apps for people who want to experience the casino game on their mobile devices. It offers an immersive mobile casino experience that lets players enjoy the thrill of the casino from their place. 


With a wide range of games, attractive bonuses, and convenient banking methods, Tiger Gaming is the perfect online casino for those seeking the real deal.

Tiger Gaming offers the ultimate online gambling experience with in-depth tutorials to teach customers how to make the most of their soccer bets. From beginners to advanced, Tiger Gaming has a variety of tutorials tailored to each individual’s gambling needs. 


With these tutorials, customers can gain an in-depth understanding of analyzing soccer matches and making the right betting decisions. 


In addition, through these tutorials, customers can learn the strategies necessary to become successful gamblers and have a great time at the same time.

Customers have something good to say about Tiger Gaming’s sportsbook and app. They report it is one of the best casino apps out there, talking about the quality of graphics, the ease of use, and the variety of games available. 


Most customers are thrilled to report they could play comfortably on a mobile device after downloading the app, and they commend the fast payouts of winnings without any hiccups.

Tiger Gaming hosts various tournaments for those wanting to test their soccer betting skills. Players can join a variety of leagues and compete against other bettors. 


Prizes are offered to the top performers, allowing bettors to advance their skills while earning real money. The tournaments provide an exciting alternative to traditional soccer betting and help Tiger Gaming customers enjoy.


  • Multilingual customer support
  • Rich and responsive graphics
  • Highly competitive odds


  • Limited customizability options

How We Rank the Best Soccer Betting Apps and Sites

When it comes to betting on soccer, finding the best mobile sites and apps for betting on the game can often be tricky. 


To make it easier, we have created an approach to rank the best soccer betting apps and mobile sites in five categories:

Good soccer betting apps should be easy to navigate and understand. The main focus should be finding the best soccer betting options and placing bets quickly and accurately. The best apps will also provide helpful tips and indicators to walk new bettors through the app’s features.

Good customer support is essential for soccer betting apps. The best apps will have a live chat feature and a customer service number that can be used for questions and concerns. They should also have an extensive FAQ page to find answers to common questions about the app quickly.

Soccer betting apps must have a safe and secure payment process. The best apps will accept all major credit cards and alternative deposit and withdrawal options like e-wallets. It should also have fast deposit times to place bets quickly and accurately.

Most soccer betting apps will have a wide range of betting options, from traditional fixed odds to live streaming of matches. The best apps will also allow punters to create their betting system based on their goals, bets, and budget. 


It should also provide users access to the latest injury and team news to ensure they can make the most informed decisions.

An app’s overall user experience determines its ranking. The best apps should provide users with an enjoyable and rewarding experience, with features like live streaming and the ability to track bets in real time. The app should also offer excellent customer service, timely responses, and helpful support agents.

We can accurately rank the best soccer betting apps and mobile sites considering these factors. 


Punters can find the best apps based on their needs and preferences and can rest assured that they will get the best betting experience and customer service.

What are Soccer Betting Apps?

Soccer Betting Apps allow users to bet on soccer matches on mobile devices. These apps allow users to place bets on a variety of matches from a variety of countries. The apps contain up-to-date information about soccer matches, team rankings, odds, and other game-related information.


Users need to use these apps to gain an edge over the competition. The apps provide current information, odds, stats, and more. As a result, users can make smarter bets and generate higher returns on investments.


These apps also offer features like live streaming soccer matches, news, highlights, and more. This allows users to stay updated with all the important actions happening in soccer. They can also get notifications when vital information is available.


Overall, the best soccer betting apps are highly useful for those who want to take advantage of the latest betting trends and information in soccer. These apps enable users to place bets from any location and stay informed about their favorite teams and matches.

How to Sign Up for Soccer Betting Apps

If you want to test your knowledge of soccer and take part in sports betting through a betting app, here is how to get started:

Download the sports betting app: You can search for the app on Google Play Store or App Store, depending on what type of mobile device you have. Look for soccer sports betting apps to find the one that best suits your interests and preferences. 


When you find it, read the terms & conditions; if you feel comfortable with them, download the app, and install it on your device.


Create an account: After you open the app, you will be asked to create an account. Here, you must set a username and password and provide basic personal details such as your full name, address, and date of birth. 


Ensure all information provided is accurate, as it might be required for identification purposes.


Fund your account: Before placing bets, you must credit your account. Depending on the app, you may find different payment methods, such as debit or credit cards, bank transfers, or other digital wallets. Choose the one most convenient for you and top-up your account.


Place bets: Most apps offer you a range of bets. Choose between them and place the amount you want to bet. Read the rules and regulations carefully and enter your bet selection and stake.

Following these steps, you should be ready to enjoy your experience with a soccer sports betting app. 

Soccer Betting Sites & Apps For Iphone & Android

While many soccer betting apps and mobile sites exist for iPhone and Android users, Bovada is arguably the best one to go with. With easy-to-set limits, it allows users to bet on dozens of soccer leagues in real time. 


For those who don’t necessarily want to use Bovada, there are a variety of other soccer betting apps and mobile sites available for iPhone and Android users. These apps generally feature the same types of bets as Bovada, with the same levels of security and convenience.

Bonuses Available At Soccer Betting

A welcome bonus is one of the best bonuses soccer betting apps offer. This bonus is typically much larger than the standard bonuses offered and is often given to new users. It can range from a free bet to a deposit match or any other form of reward. 


Many of the best soccer betting apps offer these bonuses to new customers. In addition to welcome bonuses, most good apps offer loyalty bonuses that give customers exclusive rewards and promotions. 


These bonuses are often associated with specific games or special events, allowing users to increase their winnings and stay ahead of the game.

Payment Methods available at Soccer Betting Apps

Soccer betting apps offer a variety of payment methods for users to fund their accounts. 


  • Credit and Debit Cards: Visa and Mastercard are often the most popular credit and debit card payment methods.

  • eWallets: PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are three of the most popular electronic wallets accepted by betting sites. 

  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and other widely used cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming accepted payment methods for betting sites. 


  • Mobile Payments: Pay by Phone and Apple Pay are increasing in popularity as user-friendly payment methods for betting.

FAQs Regarding Soccer Betting

Yes, Soccer betting apps are legal in the US state-by-state, and the laws about online sports gambling can vary by jurisdiction. For example, some states may only allow online sports betting, while others may allow online and offline betting.

Bovada is widely regarded as the best soccer betting app, offering features like in-play betting, live odds, and up-to-date stats and news. 


The app provides multiple betting options on soccer leagues and tournaments, an easy-to-use interface, and secure banking options.

One, or +1, in soccer betting, refers to an Asian handicap line. In this bet, the odds are adjusted based on the estimated strength of each side, with the favorite giving up the handicap to the underdog.

Some of the safest wagers in soccer betting are the Draw, the Double Chance, and accumulators. 


The Draw lets the matched teams equal draws with no winner or loser. Bets on the Double Chance offer safety as you bet on both sides simultaneously, and accumulators will provide strong safety as you can spread risk over many possible outcomes.

Conclusion: Which App Can I Use To Bet On Soccer

Bovada, our best option for soccer betting apps, offers its customers a variety of betting options and provides convenient access to one of the largest sportsbooks in the world. In addition, its intuitive and user-friendly platform makes it the go-to choice for online sports betting.


All the apps mentioned on our list are also excellent choices and should be considered depending on your needs. Remember to go through the details to make an informed decision. 


So why not pick the best one and dive into the world of sports betting with a few clicks?

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