4 Best Pheromones Cologne For Men in 2022

Nikhil Goswami

Best pheromone colognes will offer you the edge you need whether you’re looking to improve your sex appeal, raise respect from peers, or be the best version of yourself. When looking for the best pheromones cologne, the immediate question is, do high-quality pheromones products operate correctly, or is the cologne just decorative?

Potency length varies from one pheromone fragrance for men to the other. However, this depends on active ingredients and chemical substances available. Moreover, other factors determine the time a product lasts. One of these is temperature. For those staying in places with a warm climate, pheromone cologne effects fades away much faster, unlike those in cool places.

Our Top 4 Picks Of The Pheromone Cologne For Men Picks In 2022

  1. PheromoneXS: Overall Best Pheromone Cologne For Men, Editor’s Choice
  2. TRUE Pheromones: Most Recommended Brand For Perfume For Men
  3. TRUE Alpha: Top Rated & Prime Quality Pheromone Cologne Brand For Men
  4. Love Scent: Most Popular Brand For Fragrance For Men

#1. PheromoneXS: Overall Best Pheromone Cologne For Men, Editor’s Pick 


PheromoneXS brand was established in 2011 with the simple premise of making a pheromone mixture that works. The founder Stephen Osborn is a pheromone hobbyist and enthusiast that only needed a product that worked as advertised. The brand has been growing gradually; presently, the brand is already in two countries and planning to open more in other places. This brand makes varieties of products for you to choose from. Some include Evolve XS, APi XS, XiSt, Vibe XS, Bliss XS, and others. These products are either in oils or pheromone spray forms.

This brand that offers high-potency pheromone mixture is headquartered outside Memphis, TN. Their different pheromone mixture is accessible to any person. Moreover, the products are hand-crafted in little batches using reagent-grade ingredients. It’s made to raise the feelings and captivate the senses. You will have consistent outcomes in all the sprays.

This brand accepts different payment methods. Furthermore, they also accept multiple cryptocurrencies through coin payment. If you are unhappy with the outcomes of any of the products from PheromoneXS, you can return the product within 45 days to get your money back. Moreover, if you have a query, you can reach their customer support team through a phone call, an email, or a physical address. Furthermore, one can also contact them through their social media pages, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or YouTube.

Xist pheromone oil, for men, helps improve sexual attraction and excitement to women. PheromoneXS stands out from others because its products have distinct potency and uniqueness. The product has pheromone, which helps in promoting sexual, social, or alpha purposes. PheromoneXS offers free shipping service to all U.S. and Canada orders above $34.


Powerful products: PheromonesXS makes unique and efficient products. Moreover, unlike other alternate solutions, the formulations are more acclaimed for their user-friendliness, and you can combine these products as you wish. Bliss XS pheromone mixture is suitable for both males and females. It contains a combination of DelHydroEpiandrostarone, AndroSTERONE Sulfate, Alcohol Denat, Dipprolyline glycol, Alpha AndroSTENOL, and AndroSTENONE. Tease XS is a female pheromone that’s in spray form. Ladies who use this product turn out to be soft, attention-grabbing, and inviting. They also have a wide selection of pheromone cologne blends for you to choose from. Thus, depending on your situation, you will have a wide range of choices for personalizing your preferences and looks.

Easy-to-use site: PheromonesXS brand has a friendly site. To make an order, you need to log in if you have an account or create one. All the products are available on their home page. Moreover, you can use a search box to get the exact product you require. Also, you can click on either of the colored effects boxes that you need to get a perfect product.

Shipping and Guarantee: PheromonesXS ships its products worldwide. All local orders above $34 in U.S. and Canada are shipped free to clients. Moreover, with international orders above $68, clients will also get free shipping regardless of the location. Above all, orders made before 2 pm CST from Monday to Friday, shipment is on the same day. Moreover, all the customers have 45 days to make products return if they are unhappy with the way it works to get a refund.

Brand certificate: PheromoneXS brand is a BBB-recognized Company and has an A+ rating. Due to this, this company has constantly held up to the highest standards in product manufacturing.

Effective product: The effects of products from the PheromoneXS brand can last up to eight hours. The scent doesn’t wear off quickly and sticks to one’s clothes for long to get ladies sticking around you.


  • Offers 45-day money guarantee
  • It has more products varieties
  • Offers superb customer service
  • It’s BBB with an A+ rating
  • Accepts more payment methods, including cryptocurrency
  • The products offer accurate results
  • Offers free shipping


  • Free shipping is not available for all orders

=> Click here to visit the official website of Pheromone XS

#2. TRUE Pheromones: Most Recommended Brand For Perfume For Men


This pheromone oil has no smell, making it a cunning product to attract potential partners. TRUE Pheromones product will reveal one’s true sensuality, plus you’ll be one of the most attractive guys in the room. This is an oil-based cologne that has pheromones mixed with it. It’s suitable to cast a spell on every kind of lady. Moreover, this brand’s product is one of the few that has a very high pheromone concentration. It has safe active ingredients known as Androstenone. Another main ingredient is the Androstadienone, also known as the love pheromone. The chemical produces a powerful feeling of attraction and affection in women. You will notice that they will want to come near you and communicate more.

When using this product, you must be careful with the dosage. You may overdose on the pheromones if you apply too much. The brand offers 20% discount and fast free shipping. Further, the brand has a variety of pheromone products, including TRUE Love, TRUE Opener, TRUE Essence, TRUE Instinct and TRUE Alpha. Also, it includes TRUE Sexiness, TRUE Trust, TRUE Jerk, TRUE Radiance, TRUE Communication, and TRUE Charisma. Depending on the date’s personality, one is free to mix these products to increase the chances of a lady liking you. With a TRUE Opener, your date will be more conversational and comfortable.

Buying the TRUE Pheromones package is risk-free since this pack has a money-back guarantee. The pheromone oil mixture comes with a moisturizer which helps in improving absorption. In addition, the product arrives in 10 ml bottles. With this, you will get about 280 drops. Thus, if you use like three drops a day can last you for ninety different evenings.


Customer Experience: Products from this brand have received a higher rating since they are of the best quality and most effective. Moreover, this brand has been featured in Men’s Health, The New York Times, Life Hacker and Web MD. Also, CNBC, ABC News and more media have been writing about it. Men taking this substance say it has helped them express themselves better in social situations. Furthermore, the product has helped men attract women.

Ingredients Used: Natural pheromones comprise androstenol, Androstenone, Androstadienone, etc., abundant in TRUE Pheromone products. These compounds may improve women’s interest in you. The pheromone mixture in these products makes makes you look more manly and thus more attractive.

Usage: Females near you will detect pheromones cologne through their noses when you apply it to the skin. Moreover, there are other adequate places to apply, including around your neck and behind your ears. In addition, pheromones cologne oil can remain inside your skin for up to ten hours if used correctly. Pheromones cologne is for men that want to attract the opposite sex as they maintain their natural scent. It’s simple to use and may help you enjoy dates with women in a more confident and natural way.

Effectiveness: Using TRUE Pheromones odorless oil won’t affect how women tend to see you. Moreover, this improves their sexual interest in you. Women have specific emotional reactions toward men that apply these oils. With their, men’s mood improves, and they feel confident and secure. This brand offers a money-back guarantee. Thus one will be confident returning the product if they don’t see any of these outcomes.


  • Have more varieties of pheromones cologne
  • The brand uses scientifically verified synthetic pheromones
  • The products have a long-lasting smell
  • Pheromones concentration is significantly higher compared to its competitors.
  • Have a moisturizing effect that soothes their sensitive skin
  • Pheromone oil and spray are available at discount prices
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Not all men experience products effects

=> Click here to visit the official website of TRUE Pheromones

#3. TRUE Alpha: Top Rated & Prime Quality Pheromone Cologne Brand For Men


TRUE Alpha is designed to help you improve your social status and attractiveness. Moreover, this product may help you get a better social response from women and improve sexual excitement. Furthermore, it is best for a man who feels the need to be an alpha male in his surrounding. Most users who have used this product report having a powerful feeling of self-esteem after using TRUE Alpha. This product comes in spray form and is available in a 1.0oz pack. TRUE Alpha is available in unscented pheromone oil. Since it has no fragrance, it is a stealthy weapon for getting women’s attention. The various ingredients make this product unlock your true sexiness and stand out as one of the most attractive men.

After applying the product, men’s physical attraction improves, and women instinctively want to communicate with them. The product has an extra-strength element that elicits specific emotional responses from women. The emotions include improved moods and a sense of trust and safety. If TRUE Alpha does not deliver expected results, TRUE Pheromone brand will offer you a money-back guarantee. TRUE Alpha contains the best unique formula with a higher concentration of pheromones. These elements included androstenol, androsterone, Androstenone, and Androstadienone. The hormones help trigger sexual attraction in women. The goal is for you to feel as an ideal potential mate and a confident male.

Furthermore, this product makes a man seem to be more masculine. TRUE Alpha is applied on skin where it’s more likely to reach women near you. This can be behind your ears, around your neck, or applied to both places. If you use this product correctly can remain active on your skin for about eight to ten hours.


Ingredients List: TRUE Alpha has a distinct formula with more natural pheromones concentration. The elements included include Androstenone, Androstadienone, androstenol, and androsterone. All these elements work together to awaken sexual attraction to women. The ladies around you will recognize you as an attractive male. Above all, they will also see you as the best potential mate.

Customers Review: Customer rating shows that about 90% of the users are happy with the way this product works. The success rate after wearing this pheromones cologne is very plausible.

Efficiency: TRUE Alpha helps boost your attraction to women without any drastic changes. Pheromone cologne based on this ingredient also generates more desire and attraction. This makes it best for use when going on a first date or looking for a fling. The ingredients used have a mixture of best-quality pheromones, guaranteeing new heights of sexual communication. The total pheromone content is 28,000, and you will get 129.6 mcg every second you spray. The effective dosage to use is 238 mcg. After application, the effect can last for eight to ten hours.

Discounts and Guarantee: If you are unhappy with the True Alpha product, the brand offers a money-back guarantee within 365 days. Moreover, you can get this product in one, two, and three-pack. Also, you will get a discount of 20% on all products.


  • It has a money-back guarantee
  • Ingredients have a higher concentration of natural pheromones
  • Triggers sexual attraction
  • It makes a man more masculine
  • Promotes feelings of security, comfort, and safety
  • The effects last for eight to ten hours
  • Retains one’s natural scent


  • The substance can irritate the skin

=> Click here to visit the official website of TRUE Alpha

#4. Love Scent: Most Popular Brand For Fragrance For Men


Love Scent is a one-stop online shop for all the pheromone products. You can shop for the best pheromone fragrances, unscented pheromones, and risk-free perfumes fragrances. Love Scent products have great pheromones for men, including Edge and Chikara, which are excellent pheromones for women. Moreover, this brand also makes great pheromones for use by women. These include Copulin Concentrate and Primal Women. Liquid Trust pheromones and Love Scent Pheromone Oils are suitable for any person irrespective of gender.

Furthermore, products from the Love Scent brand are backed with a 100% money-back guarantee. Thus, you will have risk-free shopping. If it does not work as advertised, you can return the product to get your money back. Love Scent offers free shipping to all products above $75. With a love Scent product, you will build your confidence and change people’s perception of you. Moreover, these products will attract women you’ve always wanted to have or improve your current relationship. Thus, you will feel at ease with your social interaction.

Love Scent offers 20% OFF on their products. One can comfortably and safely pay their orders through MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, etc. You will be rewarded a laptop cover when you purchase products above $50. If you have a suggestion or a query, you can easily reach their customer service team via their physical address or customer support service. Also, you can contact them through their social media pages, including Twitter and Facebook. The user support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions or provide guidance. This brand exists since 1996. It’s also a pioneer in pheromone formulation art.


Wide Product Varieties: This leading brand has a variety of products you can choose from. NPA, Alpha 7, Liquid Trust, Impi Red, and the Edge product line are some of the best-selling brands that Love Scent resells their products.

Refund Policy: Love Scent offers a complete refund for the products. Therefore, if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work as advertised, you are free to make a return and get back your money. You will make returns through their official address. You will get your full money back, including your shipping fees. The return should be within 60-day.

Customer Experience: Love Scent sells products suitable for both males and females. Users are happy since the product is more effective. Furthermore, other customers are satisfied with the company for its quick shipping. Moreover, users are also happy since they have a wide range of products to choose from. Customers can reach the brand’s excellent customer support team anytime to get solutions to their queries.

Discounts and Offers: Love Scent offers excellent deals on their products. You will get a 20% off after using a coupon code on any product. In addition, you will have free shipping when your orders are above %75. Moreover, if your order exceeds $50, you will get a free laptop cover.


  • Orders above $75 get free shipping
  • Worldwide shipping offered
  • It has varieties of products
  • Offers a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Has a 24/7 customer service
  • A long-lasting formula
  • BBB accredited business
  • Boost in self-confidence
  • Offers quick shipping
  • Has simple-to-use site


  • They don’t make their pheromone cologne

=> Click here to visit the official website of Love Scent


How We Made This List Of The best Pheromone Infused Perfumes For Men? 

Since several regular colognes are available on the market, we did thorough research to get the best. Some of these pheromone fragrances operate very correctly.  Others don’t have a higher potency to make them as efficient as they claim. We listed all the well-known brands that manufacture these products. Then, we created a set of requirements to follow.

With our extensive study of both the brands and the products they offer, we excluded most of the brands. Our evaluation of every product was determined by the brand’s image, testimonials, consumer feedback, guarantee, cost, etc.

What We Looked For

  • Brand’s reputation: The first consideration when determining the best brand list is the brand’s reputation. The best brands have a good reputation and have served for a longer time. This shows the company knows what it’s doing. All the brands we chose have a history of excellence; thus, you will be sure to get the finest.
  • Ingredient used: Best pheromone cologne should contain high-quality ingredients with scientific research that backs up the claims. We eliminated all the brands that didn’t have research endorsing every ingredient they used in making their product. Moreover, we also eliminated brands that had more ingredients into a single product. There were more than ten ingredients in excess in one product. Mostly they are fillers that dilute pheromone contents which makes them less effective.
  • Guarantee: We only selected products from the remaining product that had guarantees since they were risk-free. This ensures that you will get a quality product that will satisfy your needs. Most of the brands we selected on our list offer a 365-day return policy. Thus, if you are not happy with either of their products, you are free to return them within the stated period. You will get a complete refund or an exchange with a different product.
  • Cost: Pheromones cologne for men comes at different prices. It was significant for us to present brands that offer the best high-quality products at an affordable price. Cheaper products are enticing, especially on a tight budget,however, their quality is usually worse. We considered those with the best-quality ingredients with several positive reviews from customers.
  • Customer’s experience: We reviewed user evaluations for every pheromone cologne for men still on our list. This helped in determining which pheromone cologne is effective and safe. We used social media, third-party blogs, and their respective brand’s sites to get information. Every user’s experience with the product is different. We had to understand the way consumers experience various brands. This helped us in determining the best male pheromone cologne brands.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider When Buying Best Pheromone Cologne For Men 

You will get more pheromones cologne for men, which are available at the market. However, just a handful will offer the results the manufacturer claim. It’s best to consider some factors to get the appropriate product to satisfy your needs.

  • Pheromone Ingredients Used

Pheromones blend used to make a product determines the effect women will have on you. Some pheromones mixture will help in attracting ladies, and others will make women feel comfier when around you. To attract women, products containing Epiandrosterone, Androstenone, Androsterone, Alpha-androstenol, Beta-androstenol, and Oxytocin.

Androsterone will help in raising the mood and triggering sexual arousal if inhaled. Moreover, Epiandrosterone makes ladies see a man as firm and youthful. Androstenone is a steroidal hormone that more alpha males secrete, signifying confidence and appealing to women. Beta-androstenol helps in making women more receptive to a man. Oxytocin helps in triggering the feeling of love. Alpha-androstenol is a hormone that triggers the feeling of attraction and makes women feel more secure.

When you buy a pheromone cologne containing a mixture of all these, you are more likely to attain your goal.

  • Blend Concentration

This is another significant factor to have in mind as you plan to make a purchase. Remember, the more a product has a higher concentration, the stronger the effects of the human pheromones. Moreover, pheromones colognes oil is likely to have a higher concentration, unlike other pheromones colognes spray. TRUE Instinct pheromone oil features a moisturizing effect making it advantageous over sprays.

  • Duration of Effect 

The time the product’s effect lasts depends on its potency and impact on your body. Your skin will absorb this product; hence it will interact with your natural body’s natural fragrance. This will affect scent, determining how long the product will last. Temperature is also a determinant of how long a product will last. Climate pheromone and cologne effects will dissolve faster when the weather is warm.

Furthermore, the skin kind also determines fast the scent will fade away. Generally, the best pheromone perfumes should last six to ten hours with just one to two applications/sprays.

  • Brand

Best brands offer high-quality products and outstanding customer service, making them an ideal choice. Above all, the best brands make their products with extreme precision and care. Their customer support team is always available to respond to your queries, refund or replace your money if found damaged, or correct any flaws.

  • Cost

Performance and cost are other vital factors when buying pheromone for men. Several brands are in the market; hence you will have more options for performance and quality. However, the most costly pheromone doesn’t always signify that the product is of high quality. Several low-cost models provide the best results and comfort.

  • Unscented or Scented

Several pheromone colognes come with scent though there are other options. Some brands add scents to improve colognes’ general desirability. Furthermore, others utilize it to mask some unpleasant smells that are related to pheromones.

A good scent will improve your noticeability from other partners. Moreover, unscented products enable one to select an alternative cologne or perfume which matches your natural scent. Remember, the scent doesn’t alter colognes’ effectiveness.

  • Customer Reviews

Reading out customer reviews helps a lot when shopping for anything. They will give you an idea of what to expect and how effective the product is its usability, and its value. Reading users’ reviews makes it simple to get the best pheromones depending on one’s preferences and budget. Furthermore, you’ll learn more about concentration, company reputation, and fragrance without testing or buying the product.

  • Guarantee

Pheromone colognes brands on our list offer a money-back guarantee. Therefore, you will be safe as you buy their products since if you are not pleased with the outcomes, you are free to make a return and ask for a refund. This offers the best way of trying a cologne minus risking your financial commitment.

  • Effects

Pheromone colognes brands will offer you possibilities of wealth; you need to select that which matches your desired effects. Pheromone products are suitable when you need to attract women’s attention. With this, you will compel women to have a second look at you. This kind of pheromone will rekindle your love for your partner. Other pheromones products help in improving your social standing. They make women see you as more self-assured, manly, and authoritative, unlike you.

It’s impossible to misjudge the importance of first impressions. Best quality pheromones dramatically improve your possibilities of getting the woman you’ve always wanted. The mixture of an appealing character and an alluring message has a significant impact. Moreover, the pheromones you produce will deliver to your friends and coworkers you deserve the attention you like and improves your self-esteem. In addition, others will see your aggression and sincerity as they treat you properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Pheromone Cologne For Men

  1. What are pheromones?

These are compounds that humans and animals produce to determine the behavior of others who are around them. Pheromones are for communicating nonverbally and attracting.

  1. How do pheromone colognes for men work?

Ladies are more sensitive to scent than men. Due to this, you will find that substances in men’s pheromone cologne produce a fragrance that repels other men as it appeals to women. Moreover, men’s pheromones affect ladies to different degrees. However, ladies are more sensitive when they are ovulating.

Since human pheromones vary over time, some healthcare professionals disagree on how efficient pheromone cologne is. A lady can find fresh sweat pleasing but will react less favorably to the smell of dried sweat. Moreover, social situations can also complicate male pheromones’ effects. A congested party with more other human scents can overpower the advantages of the pheromones. When in an intimate setting, you are likely to notice its benefits.

Pheromones have a hint of scent in smaller doses. Thus, they will directly impact ladies’ brain chemistry and subconscious. Including modulator pheromones and primer pheromones, it is simple to send unseen signals, which offers men a look of alpha-male confidence. Moreover, you shouldn’t expect this attraction product to help you all through. It would help if you talked also.

  1. What should one do to get the most from pheromone colognes?

Firstly you should only use pheromones for men’s light before you anticipate meeting women. Pheromones operate best after the first release, which is why you need a pheromone colognes. Furthermore, you need to apply it to your open skin. More recommended at your neck or behind your ear. Moreover, your clothes should filter out human pheromones and make them less effective.

  1. How long do pheromones colognes last?

Pheromone’s colognes potency differs. This depends on its synthetic human pheromones available and active ingredients. Other factors change the time a scent lasts, and temperature is one of them. When in a warm environment, pheromone cologne effects will disperse much faster.

When in a cold environment, oil colognes for men may not diffuse well, making them less effective. Moreover, more pheromone cologne effects last for a period of six to ten hours.

  1. Are pheromones for men effective?

Best quality pheromones for men can bring a big difference to your dating life. They act as a love language to people that want to attract women, either men or women. Furthermore, these products will helps one in making a meaningful connection that you couldn’t. In addition, remember pheromone products aren’t magic; therefore, they cannot improve your personality or physical appearance.

By buying an extra-strength pheromone cologne, you will have an added edge. Your self-confidence will improve. In addition, the best pheromones will empower you to seal the deal.

  1. Can ladies use pheromone cologne to attract men?

Yes, ladies can benefit from the power of pheromone perfume. With just a few drops, a woman will be irresistible to men. They can use it during the daytime or nighttime. This is the best way for ladies to be more flirty, playful, and intimate with other men.

Some products offer a woman self-confidence in all stages of the relationship. This amplifies natural sex appeal; thus, more men will feel the need to be intimate. Furthermore, women can use this product to entice all genders since this secret weapon work on anyone. Women’s products tend to have slightly different content from men’s pheromones colognes. Ladies will benefit more from feminine hormones, including coupling that has a sweet scent or subtle. An extra-strength cologne meant men have alpha hormones for showcasing masculinity. Every pheromone cologne for women comes with different ingredients for different purposes.

  1. How do pheromones cologne smell like?

Fresh male sweat elicits some reactions from women. Moreover, one would have a hard time sustaining the new scent. Synthetic pheromones, including those for men, don’t smell like anything. Furthermore, they will still impact your olfactory system, although they don’t have a noticeable smell.

  1. Can one use pheromones colognes on everyday basis?

It would be best to be careful when utilizing any of the pheromones colognes daily. Moreover, most people prefer to use these products when having special activities and events, mostly on weekends or when they want to improve their dating life.

  1. Do pheromone colognes have any side effects?

Like every other product applied to the skin, pheromones colognes can also trigger some side effects. This can range from minor irritations to severe reactions. Moreover, all these depend on your skin type, body chemistry, product quality, dosage, etc. Pheromone cologne should help in improving your sexual arousal feelings. Moreover, the product may need a trial and error to check if it’s the best blend for you. Other side effects are resolved with the help of other drugs. These include mild headaches, heart palpitations, rashes, tired feelings, and anxiety, though in rare cases.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Pheromone Perfume For Men? 

Pheromone cologne is the best tool for men to use to get attraction from women. The product will help in boosting your self-esteem and brighten your day in different ways. The foundation of any man is being able to attract possible mates. The help of the best quality human pheromones is a tool for linking and strengthening relationships. When buying the best pheromone cologne, you should consider the ingredients used, brand’s reputation, product’s potency, scent, etc.

Moreover, for pheromone enthusiasts, you should only use the proper dosage since the cologne’s fragrance can be overwhelming when used too much, and you will miss the results you need when you use too little.

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