Best Free Business Email Address In 2022 : Top Picks For You

Suvrat Singh

A business email address is the preferred option when it comes to business dealing. A dedicated and professional email address for the business is mandatory to look authentic. It gives your business a unique identity, making it easy to communicate with a new client. Moreover, once your email address is approved, the web defenders won’t treat it as malware. Since you have an official business email address, you can also rest assured that no one else will send fake messages on your behalf.

There is no need to rely on services like Google or Yahoo to get a free email. Most online hosting services offer an email address associated with your website as you purchase hosting. The only complication is finding a platform that offers free email with hosting. 

You can even get a custom business email address from such services. If your company has a big name, you can get an email address with only abbreviations, making it easier to type. Let’s go ahead and see how we managed to choose the platforms to get a free business email address.

Our Top Picks For The Best Free Business Email Addresses

  • Bluehost – Overall Best Free Business Email Address, Editor’s Pick
  • GoDaddy – Top Pick For Built-in Email Marketing Tools
  • Namecheap –  Best Set Up Email Redirects For Domains In Bulk
  • ScalaHosting – Most Recommended Automated Backup That Keeps 7 Copies Of Your Site

#1. Bluehost – Overall Best Free Business Email Address, Editor’s Pick

Bluehost started its business in 2003. Since then, they have grown to become one of the biggest hosting services for WordPress websites. They have multiple servers for data backup and to keep your website running 24/7. With Bluehost, you never have to worry about seeing any errors on your website unless the problem is from your backend.

Their discounts on the services make Bluehost a convenient option for small business owners. Some of their services have a discount of up to 63%, so you can get a boost to start your business. You can get services for any website you want. They even have separate plans for ecommerce platforms to offer them top-notch and premium services.

One thing you might not like is that they require an annual subscription on every plan. While they have lower prices for their plans, you need to ensure your commitment for a year to utilize their services.

If you plan to build a website on WordPress, Bluehost has one-click WordPress installation and easy management. Additionally, they add all the necessary plugins and even provide a free theme to set up your website. You won’t have to do anything except add the content to your website.

You can cancel the subscription anytime you want, and they’ll still let you use the free website and SSL certification for one year. However, you won’t get any support from the company upon cancellation of your subscription. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like their service or if you find something better. However, you won’t get the refund on your domain name as the company won’t take it back. The best you can do is to wait until it expires or put it for sale on website sale/purchase portals.


Free Email: This is one nifty feature of Bluehost – you’ll get a free email address regardless of which hosting your purchase. However, your hosting determines how many features you get with your email. Typically, with the hosting at the lowest price, you’ll only get an email address, but you have to configure it manually. Opt for dedicated hosting or a VPS, and you’ll get the best email services. The company will set up everything, and you can start sending and receiving emails instantly. The best part is that if you have provided someone with the same email even before configuring it, you’ll receive their messages.

Easy Email Integration: You can use the custom email on any app you have, like Outlook, Gmail, Bluemail, etc. You can set up the outgoing and incoming email servers on your hosting and dedicate some storage to save the emails if the company hasn’t done it already. Once you are done with configuring the server, you can add the email anywhere you want. You can even use the Windows default email app to access your mail. However, you’ll need to check whether your email will work as an IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) or POP (Post Office Protocol), which requires you to configure the email address multiple times on Outlook or Bluemail.

Multiple Business Email Addresses: This is another feature you get with Bluehost. Instead of getting one email address, you can get multiple email addresses for your company. You can get a separate email for your HR manager, finance department, R&D department, etc.

Lots of Add-Ons: You’ll get lots of add-ons for your email and website for quick operation and productivity. Some add-ons are free, while the rest require some financial commitment. Not to worry, though. The company won’t force you to purchase the add-ons.


  • Plans include a domain name
  • Use your custom business email address
  • An option to get unlimited free business email addresses
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Free Cloudflare integration


  • Not the easiest option
  • Requires an annual commitment

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bluehost

#2. GoDaddy – Top Pick For Built-in Email Marketing Tools

If you want the lowest prices for premium plans, GoDaddy is the best option. It offers all sorts of hosting you want, whether for WordPress or a dedicated server. However, they won’t offer a physical server, so you must follow their rules. Otherwise, they’ll terminate your services without notice. This might be the only thing you should care about while using GoDaddy’s services.

Their shared hosting service is perfect for small websites as they offer a whopping 73% discount. The dedicated WordPress hosting is an excellent option for content writers as the company provides the website with WordPress installed. You can choose the tools or plugins beforehand, and you’ll get them installed with the website.

The best part of GoDaddy is that you get to pay in your national currency instead of dollars. That way, the rates will stay the same regardless of how much your currency value goes up or down. You can purchase your own domain for as little as $1.99 for the first year. After that, the rate will reach up to $9.99 based on your domain’s value.

Their professional email is available for each user, meaning you can get as many emails as you want on one hosting. However, as your usage increases, you might need to upgrade your hosting, which you can do by paying the additional cost.

GoDaddy has a technical department always ready to solve the customer’s issues. Connecting to a professional won’t take more than two minutes, and they’ll stay with you until your problem is solved.


Free Email Accounts: You’ll get a free email address with every domain, so if you have a business that requires subsidiaries, GoDaddy can provide you with multiple free email accounts. However, you’ll need a custom mailbox to maintain them, as GoDaddy’s official mailbox is not very user-friendly. We recommend using Outlook if you have lots of emails to manage. You’ll get an easy integration as the company will show you a step-by-step tutorial to use their email on another mailbox.

Strong Uptime: With GoDaddy, you’ll have no worries about your website going offline or crashing because of excessive load. This platform uses multiple servers for backup without asking for extra charges. Those backups ensure that your website will keep running without delay or interruption. However, backup servers won’t run for long, so they’ll notify you on your website and via email about how much time your website can hold. You can take preventive measures by rerouting the traffic or removing the cache so your website won’t crash.

Fast Loading Speed: GoDaddy is widely known to have the fastest website loading speed thanks to its smart cache control. They have tools that automatically remove the junk and clear the cache from your hosting to keep it working at optimal condition. You’ll get all the necessary tools pre-installed on your hosting to keep its speed at best, but you can also install third-party tools.

Personalized Marketing Tools: GoDaddy offers the best marketing tools to help grow your business. They even have a dedicated marketing section on the website to help you decide easily. The Digital Marketing Suite is free, and you can use it without a website. Email & Office 365 require a matching domain name before allowing you to access the email and work from anywhere.


  • GoDaddy allocates generous resources
  • Outstanding website builder plans
  • Affordable prices
  • Optimized servers for any need


  • Near-constant upsells
  • The website is hard to follow

=> Click here to visit the official website of GoDaddy

#3. Namecheap – Best Set Up Email Redirects For Domains In Bulk

Namecheap was founded in 2000, and in the last 20+ years, it has had more than 11 million registered users. It is the best company for beginners who want to learn more about hosting, domain, and their work. They don’t just provide a hosting and domain name. They also help you set up everything from scratch (optional choice), so you can learn how it all happens.

You’ll get the option to access more than 100 apps within Namecheap hosting, which you can install with only one click. This is the only hosting that offers free unlimited bandwidth on any server hosting, which means your website will never crash no matter how many users it has.


Free Domain and Migration: Namecheap is the best portal for domains. They offer free domains in the first year when you sign up for their hosting. They also offer free domain migration if you want to switch to another hosting. They will do it in less than 24 hours, and the maximum downtime will be 15 minutes.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee: Much like the others on our list, Namecheap has an excellent refund policy. If you request a refund within 30 days, you can get your money back, no questions asked. However, you won’t get the money back on your purchased domain as you can shift it to another hosting.

Excellent Customer Reviews: More than 2 million customers marked this hosting service as the best by providing 5-star ratings. Overall, Namecheap has a 4.7 stars rating, and that too after getting reviewed by more than three million users.

Good Customer Support: You have two options to talk to customer support: ticketing or live chat. The quickest way is to get into a live chat with the representative, and they’ll do their best to solve your problem. If they can’t solve it, they’ll redirect you to their tech department, where you’ll find an experienced person to solve this issue.

Lower Renewal Prices: Unlike other services, Namecheap offers lower renewal costs, so you won’t feel bad paying a higher amount to keep the website and other services running.


  • Trusted brand (over 20 years of experience)
  • Comparatively good uptime
  • Great basic plan
  • Quick load time


  • Lack of data centers

=> Click here to visit the official website of Namecheap

#4. ScalaHosting – Most Recommended Automated Backup That Keeps 7 Copies Of Your Site

ScalaHosting is not as popular as other hosting services we’ve mentioned so far. But with its current pace in the market, it might eventually give its competitors a run for their money. To put things in perspective, they are close to getting their millionth customer, so you can expect their service to be pretty reliable. ScalaHosting offers superb value for money with its dedicated servers.

You can get one for as low as $15 a month with unmetered bandwidth. If you have a different requirement, choose a custom plan and build your own VPS (virtual private server). ScalaHosting could be a suitable option for a beginner with quick installation and an easy-to-navigate interface.


SPanel: Instead of cPanel, ScalaHosting offers a SPanel where you can control and manage your VPS. It has quite an extensive interface with all options laid in the front. You can easily manage your business emails, check your domain status, configure system DNS, and more.

Multiple Backups: This is the best feature of ScalaHosting, as your data will be backed properly within seven different copies. The best you can get from some other hosting services are two backups of your website. However, these hosting services keep your copies in one server, so you can’t access your backup if that server is down.

White Label Hosting: This type of hosting is also known as reseller hosting, where you can host your client’s website by your name, but at the backend, a company hosting is running. ScalaHosting allows this kind of practice so their customers can also earn. However, this service is only available on dedicated servers or VPS.

SWordPress Manager: This is another unique feature of this hosting service provider. If you want an excellent manager for your WordPress site, the SWordPress manager might be suitable for you. You can control the entire website from here instead of using the traditional WordPress control panel. SWordPress is fast, reliable, and more user-friendly.


  • Generous provision of resources
  • HTTP/2 on all plans speed site loading
  • Get a free domain name, SSL, migration, and more
  • Extremely developer-friendly environments


  • Higher fees upon plan renewal
  • Only VPS plans get all-in SSD performance
  • No website builder

=> Click here to visit the official website of ScalaHosting

How We Made This List

We looked for basic features you should get in a mail address. For starters, a dedicated mail server that is under your control is preferable. Additionally, a huge amount of storage is always a necessity for your business emails. You really don’t want to stop getting emails because of low storage. Furthermore, the security of such email addresses should be top-notch, so no malware should enter, making them inaccessible to hackers.

Quick customer support is equally necessary for such services as issues can come out of nowhere. All the issues should be resolved within minutes not to cause a delay in your important business discussions.

What We Looked For

  • Storage: Business correspondence often contains lots of data that’ll fill space much faster. As such, getting an email account will lower storage and cause many issues once you start getting multiple large emails. The biggest problem you’ll see is not getting more emails until you clear the previous ones. Another issue is not being able to send larger files because your issuer has a limit on the files. So, we chose only those services with no restriction on sending and receiving files. However, while they offer lots of storage, there is still a limit. Keep removing the junk so you won’t run out of storage quickly.
  • Security: An email address contains lots of sensitive information about your business. If your business deals are mostly done through email, they should be secured. We chose those services that offer top-notch security and notifications if someone tries to access your email. Moreover, they also offer two-factor authentication to make your email more secure. Whoever tries to access your email will require your PC and your mobile since two-factor authentication adds such security. You’ll get all these services for free from our choice of companies.
  • Total Control: You’ll have complete control over your email and its server. Even the company cannot access it unless you allow them. This is necessary as you don’t want anyone else to look at your business deals and make all the necessary actions that, on average, require a confirmation from the service. For example, a public mailing service like Google or Yahoo won’t allow you to send and receive mails to specific addresses. You won’t have to worry about such restrictions if you have complete control.
  • Quick Customer Support: Finally, we looked for companies that solve their customer’s problems within minutes and won’t put them on hold.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Free Business Email Address

Here are a couple of factors you should consider when getting a free email account.

Company Reputation

A dozen older companies online have established a positive reputation for providing great services. However, newer companies might offer compelling features in their services that can attract lots of startups and new businesses.

The average email often has tons of sensitive data. If the service provider is not secure or trusty, they can steal and use that data. For example, a scam company can steal your data and client or make business inquiries on your behalf without letting you know. It is better to check the company reviews and how they treated their customer before choosing one.

This is more important than only looking at their age and making a sweeping decision based on it. Services with high levels of security are often popular among users, so you’ll easily find reviews and customers’ opinions on them.

Archive Capabilities

Getting an email address is not just about sending and receiving an email. The mailing platform should offer an interface that is easy to navigate. It should allow you to delete emails in bulk, provide a quick search option, and the ability to filter emails based on priority and business deals.

Additionally, there should be an option to store the emails and archive them to track which business deals are done and are still in progress. All these features should be available in the email service by default, and you should choose a company that won’t charge for such stuff. Our choice of companies offers these features as you get a domain from them and an email address.


If you depend on other productivity tools or email services to save some time, you should choose a company that offers easy account integration. In simple words, you can use your company email in front, but at the backend, you’ll receive emails in your desired tool.

Some people are not fans of using the default email app or interface. They like to use custom email apps for better control. Since this is an important feature, every email service provider will mention it. But, just to be on the safe side, you can ask their customer support before deciding so it won’t cause any problems in the future. That way, you’re sure that your email service provider can integrate properly with your favorite tools.

Spam Filter

An automatic spam filter is needed as new emails get lots of messages from bots without any purpose. Most of the time, your inbox shows full storage as bots keep sending huge chunks of files for no reason. A spam filter will automatically send these emails to the spam folder, where you can delete them all at once. You can also set a schedule to clean the spam folder every day automatically. However, sometimes your important business emails have some files that your filter will consider spam. Make those types of business emails a priority so they won’t end up inside the spam folder.


One problem that everyone faces with such servers is downtime. It could be for any reason; the company is maintaining something, or some virus has affected your server and needs cleaning. On the other hand, sometimes, the company’s server has issues that cause random errors on the website and your email. While you’ll face downtime daily, it should not be more than seconds. Every reputable company has multiple servers to keep the operations active 24/7. The downtime you face is the server switching, and it should not take more than three to four seconds and must not cancel any email in progress.

Ease of Use

The webpage where you manage all your emails must be easy to use. There is no need to get many buttons and options on the page; just the basics will suffice. Additionally, it should have an interface that is easy to adapt, allowing you to execute your daily tasks easily. An option to schedule and automatically send an email should be there so you won’t stay awake late at night only to send an email. Email tagging is also required, so you can easily prioritize emails from several clients. Email tags allow you to rank your priority; red tag emails are the most critical, yellow tags are the second most important, and so on.

Advanced Features

A company should offer additional features that you won’t use daily but might need once in a while. An example is the option to categorize emails based on the niche of business you deal with. It is not something you’ll require daily, but when you have many clients with different businesses, you need to categorize them. Email snoozing is another option you’ll need as some clients have automatic responses for daily task reminders regardless of you clarifying the time required for the job. You can snooze them so they won’t bother you and, once the job is done, remove the restriction to receive the client’s messages normally.

FAQs About Free Business Email Address

Q1. How can I get a free email address for my business?

If you don’t want to opt for free services like Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft, ask your domain provider to give you a free email address. Most companies have the policy to provide an email address as you purchase a domain for your business. Some might charge additional fees for the email. Others might increase the domain price as you get a free feature. If you can’t find a free service, we have provided four of them in our article. Read about them in the review section and choose the one that suits you best. If you don’t like them, we also have a buying guide to help you choose the best one on your own.

Q2. Should I get a business email?

Yes, you should. Getting a business email has lots of advantages. Apart from having a unique identity, it builds trust as your client knows they are dealing with a real person, not a scam. Additionally, a custom email gives you full control, and only you can access the email. Not even your service provider is allowed to check your inbox without your permission.

What’s more, your email won’t be considered spam, and you have a consistent source of communication with your client. Another advantage is that you won’t get nosy notifications and promotional emails that you might get on other email services since your business email is not available publicly.

Q3. Can I make a business email for free?

You can make a free business email, but you’ll need a domain service and a website. After that, you’ll need a free business email service provider to handle your request. We shared four free business email service providers, but you can find many others online if you don’t like our choice. Once that is done, follow the steps required to create and operate a custom email. You can use Google or other mail services to create a business email, but we won’t recommend such practices. You’ll get promotional emails for no reason, and they won’t allow you to send and receive emails to many recipients.

Q4. What is the most professional free email?

If we talk about getting free mail for everyday usage, then Gmail is the best platform. However, if you want an email for your business, it is better to avoid such services. The first reason is freedom. Gmail restricts you in certain ways that might not be entirely comfortable. The email service providers we mentioned above offer free business email with their domains and with as few restrictions as possible. You don’t need a server to set your email; you’ll get one for your website. That server has enough data to save your emails for a long time and offers a dedicated email app you can use on your cPanel.

Q5. Can I have a business email address without a website?

You can create a business email address without a website. However, you’ll require a server or shared hosting on which you can store your emails. If you own a local business, you can get a domain name based on your business and use it to register an email address. Once you get the email, you can integrate it with your preferred email box or service. It might take a bit more time to set up a custom email box, but if you want to use your business email on your phone, you’ll need an email app.

Q6. Is Google Workspace email good for business email?

Yes, Google Workspace is one of the best premium email services. However, they might be a little expensive, depending on what your budget is. Nevertheless, they’ll provide you with a unique business email if that is available in their directory. If someone already took that name, Google will offer you another email that resembles it.

Q7. Can I get a free domain name?

Some hosting services provide a free domain name for up to a year, and you’ll have to pay as little as $0.99 once the free trial is over. The complication in getting a free domain name is that you might not find your desired name. Most companies have suggested names that they offer with hosting so that you can test their hosting service. However, if you are lucky, you can find premium domain names for free in sales or discounts. Choosing a unique domain name is better so you can easily find it for free. Multiple hosting websites allow searching for domain names to see which one is available. Do that, and you might be able to find a good domain name for free.

Q8. Is Zoho Mail better than Gmail?

If price is not a problem, then Gmail is the best mail service. It has all the features you want, and you won’t experience any errors using Gmail. Google has the best and biggest servers for its operations and backup. You’ll rarely feel any problems using its services. However, you have little freedom when you use Gmail, you’ll get promotional messages from Google advertisers, and your mailing service will stop if you unknowingly send an email to someone banned on the Google list. Zoho doesn’t have such problems, is budget-friendly, and has a good interface, but lacks some features.

Q9. How to create a free business email?

First, you must choose a service to get a hosting and domain name. After that, set up the domain and your hosting on cPanel so you can access all its features. There, you’ll find an email manager. Open it and find the option to “create an email”. The option might vary based on your desired hosting service. Once you click that option, you’ll see a pop-up asking to set an email. Type the desired email address, and if it is available, you’ll see a green tick. Click “save” and set up additional options that you want to use with your email. Send a test email and see if your email is working or not. Contact customer support quickly if you face any issues.

Q10. Can I get web hosting for free?

No, web hosting is not available for free, you might get a free trial, but it will last for two to three days. Hosting is the primary service offered by a hosting company. The domain name or email address comes after. You might get a website or email for free, but there is no option to get free hosting. Even if a company advertises “free hosting,” they’ll likely still charge you as low as $2.99 for the cheapest hosting option. You can purchase the hosting at such prices, but that’ll increase to almost $9.99 the following year when you’ll have to renew the plan. Since all your data is on this hosting and transferring the data takes time in which your website won’t stay active, most people pay the money.

Conclusion : Free Business Email Address You Can Trust

A unique business identity is necessary to earn the client’s trust, and having a custom email address for your business is one step towards that trust. We shared the best platforms that offer a free business email address and some of them even let you have more than one business email address.

These free email services not only help you get quick access to a professional business email address, but they can also provide a business website and a web hosting account. However, they don’t offer a mobile app for email handling. So, you might need to check other mobile email apps for such purposes.

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