5 Best Crypto Exchanges UK (2022)


These days, it seems like everyone wants a piece of cryptocurrencies. Finding the right platform to buy and sell popular crypto-assets such as bitcoin, ethereum and dogecoin can also be a challenge if you’re new to crypto trading.

To participate, you’ll need a crypto exchange where you can buy and sell digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, among others. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are speculative investments that you should only do if you’re ready to endure huge price swings and a reasonable chance of losing everything.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have taken off in the UK. It’s simple to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the UK, one of the world’s largest crypto marketplaces depending upon the trading volume. Even though the likes of Bitcoin aren’t considered legal cash in the United Kingdom, crypto-exchanges like Bitfinex are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). With AML and KYC laws in place, this ensures that the company is trustworthy and stable.

Traders should keep in mind that earnings from cryptocurrency trading that exceed £12,000 are subject to capital gains tax. When receiving payment in bitcoin, you are subject to income tax.

Having said that, buying and trading cryptocurrencies have never been more accessible with our list of the best crypto exchanges in the UK. Continue reading to learn about your many choices and find the best option for you.

Top 5 Crypto Exchange & Apps UK – 2022 Review

  1. BlockFi: Overall Best CryptoCurrency Exchange & Crypto Trading Platform UK, Editor’s Pick
  2. BitMart: Best Advanced Trading Bitcoin Platform In The UK
  3. YoBit: Crypto Exchange With Lowest Fees
  4. CoinSmart: Most Popular Crypto Trading Platform
  5. PaxFul: Best Crypto Platform For Crypto Exchange UK

#1. BlockFi: Overall Best CryptoCurrency Exchange & Crypto Trading Platform UK, Editor’s Pick

For people who want to use their cryptocurrency to earn interest or get money without having to sell their crypto assets, BlockFi’s loans and interest products might be worth looking into.

To make its name, BlockFi has tried to bring traditional financial services into the world of cryptocurrency. In contrast, many of its competitors don’t offer this service.

People who will use its platform can earn interest on their bitcoin or put it up as collateral for loans so that they can get money. Customers can earn up to 4.5% APY on their bitcoin, based on how much they have on the platform. This is based on how much they have.

You can avoid BlockFi’s withdrawal fees by limiting how often you take money out of the service. For each calendar month, the platform gives you one free withdrawal of cryptocurrency and one free withdrawal of stablecoins.

BlockFi is getting a lot of attention from regulators because of its new way of doing things. It combines aspects of the crypto world with some of the services banks usually provide. Several states haven’t permitted it to do all of its work, and some of its offerings (like interest accounts) are in even more doubt in states where they are already allowed.

Using Blockfi is best for

  • Crypto-to-crypto trading
  • Interest accounts
  • Borrowing against crypto


To start trading with BlockFi

You must have at least $20 in cash to trade through ACH. To trade stablecoin for cryptocurrency or crypto-assets for crypto-assets the minimum amount is $1.50, but it can be more or less.

To trade on BlockFi 

There are no fees. The company marks up crypto-assets with a spread of about 1%, but it doesn’t charge any fees. It can change based on the market.

One free withdrawal of stablecoins and one free crypto withdrawal every month

After that, fees start. They depend on the type of cryptocurrency in question. For example, there is a transaction fee for taking bitcoins out of your account. They can offer up to 12 cryptocurrencies, depending on the laws in your state.

BlockFi stablecoins

It has as many as 66 trading pairs. In states where it is not allowed to trade stablecoins, there are only 28 trading pairs. If you live in New Mexico or Nevada, BlockFi doesn’t have any trading pairs for you. It lets customers use their digital wallets to move money to and from the BlockFi platform.

People who use the company say that security is important to them, and they say that the company has taken both financial and technological steps to protect their accounts. As a result, BlockFi’s interest and lending services might look a lot like those of a bank, but the FDIC won’t protect your money if you use it.

BlockFi apps

OS and Android, both of which have been given three-star reviews by people who use them.

Customer service

There is live customer service by phone from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday. The company also has a chatbot that can help customers open a ticket to get help from real people if they keep having problems, the company says.

BlockFi’s “interest-earning” products are different from “staking” programs that some other exchanges use to earn money. A way to earn money with certain cryptocurrencies is to help verify transactions on a blockchain network.

Bitcoin can’t be staked

It often requires that you keep your crypto for a set amount of time. You don’t have to keep your crypto locked up to earn interest on Bitcoin and other currencies at BlockFi. You can make withdrawals at any time, and you don’t have to wait for your crypto to earn interest before you can.


  • Ability to earn interest on bitcoin
  • One free withdrawal each month


  • Services are limited in several states
  • The website is not easy to navigate

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BlockFi

#2. BitMart: Best Advanced Trading Bitcoin Platform In The UK

Sheldon Xia founded BitMart exchange, with over 5.5 million members worldwide. CoinMarketCap places this Cayman Islands-based cryptocurrency exchange in the top ten.

The portal now spans 180 nations and 123 platforms. BitMart has offices in China, South Korea and the United States. This is now growing, leaving rivals behind. The rationale is providing fascinating features that remove needless inconveniences. Trading wasn’t always as simple as it is today.

BitMart is a leading digital asset exchange that lets users swap digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum for fiat currency. A multi-layer and multi-cluster system design ensures system stability, security and scalability. BitMart supports English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

The revolution began with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies have unwittingly invaded the realm of commerce. BitMart will turn laborious trading into a breeze and a good source of passive income. Read this BitMart Exchange review to learn more about the platform.


BitMart is a cryptocurrency exchange that has a lot of good things about it. It isn’t like other cryptocurrency exchanges. It is a legit one that has better services than others. The following are the most important things:

Responsive and easy-to-use

Trading for beginners and intermediate traders.

BitMart exchange

They let people trade more than 90 different cryptocurrencies for BTC and ETH and USDT and for BMX tokens.

To trade popular altcoins

You need real-time data and charts from the platform.

BitMart’s app

It lets users check their portfolio and trade from anywhere.

99% of BitMart’s money is stored offline in cold wallets to keep users’ money safe. This is for safety.

Users of cryptos like

USDC can earn up to 6.25% a year in interest through a lending program.

BitMart Shooting Star

It makes it easy for high-quality blockchain projects to get off the ground quickly.

The platform

Gives you referrals up to 30% and has an affiliate program where you can get money for bringing in new traders.


It charges reasonable trading fees, competitive fees, and other things to make money. It is a guidebook for people who want to start trading cryptocurrency.


  • The US crypto exchange is regulated
  • BitMart accepts a wide range of coins
  • The trade charge is fair
  • Friendly user interface
  • Its economy is superior
  • It is the future of crypto exchanges


  • Unlike others, there are still a lot of cryptocurrencies to list
  • It is new

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BitMart

#3. YoBit: Crypto Exchange With Lowest Fees


YoBit is a cryptocurrency trading platform that runs on an online exchange. As an online cryptocurrency trading platform, it provides a straightforward exchange for those wishing to obtain access to nearly every coin/token pairing currently available. The YoBit framework includes 497 coins and tokens, with 8,575 active pairings.

YoBit was founded in 2014 and is based in Panama. It has been at the vanguard of the crypto market since before the 2017 market crash. YoBit is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, with a track record of more than six years. The portal is accessible in three languages: Russian, English, and Chinese. They have an extremely user-friendly interface; almost anyone can open an account and begin trading in under five minutes while remaining anonymous.

YoBit is a reliable and user-friendly platform that allows crypto buyers and sellers to buy and sell bitcoins and other major cryptocurrencies directly from each other. It has a large number of altcoins to choose from, and it allows altcoin developers to list their coins with little difficulty or verification.



Despite its centralized form, YoBit prioritizes security, providing more user security measures and taking more security precautions than most exchanges. Users can employ (“TOTP”) Two Factor Authentication confirmation each time they log in or request a withdrawal, which requires them to log in using a second physical device, in addition to the aforementioned two-factor authentication. They also employ SSL encryption and DDOS attack mitigation techniques.

YoBit Trading

YoBit’s user interface is simple to use. Their Price charts, market order books, order putting tools, and candlestick charts are all available for study on the trading platform, and they cover different time frames. They have a well-developed trading platform. Regardless of whether you’re a maker or a taker, the trading cost is 0.2 % of each deal. It is also unaffected by the amount of business done.


YoBit fee model is instead something called a “flat fee model”. They charge 0.20% and these fees are quite competitive as the global industry average is around 0.25%. It can also be noted that all Russian cryptocurrency exchanges that we present in our Cryptocurrency Exchange List have flat trading fees between 0.10% and 0.20%, so no exception from the rest of the group here. It currently has the most trading pairs of any exchange, and accepts both USD and Russian Ruble.

Methods of payment accepted by YoBit

YoBit’s payment structure is referred to as a “flat fee model.” They charge 0.20 %, which is quite low compared to the global industry average of 0.25 %. It’s also worth noting that all of the Russian cryptocurrency exchanges listed in our Cryptocurrency Exchange List have flat trading fees ranging from 0.10 % to 0.20 %, so there’s no exception here. It takes both USD and Russian Ruble and currently has the most trading pairings of any exchange.

Clients support

YoBit’s customer service team usually responds within an hour, but it could take up to 24 hours to get a response. For additional assistance, the YoBit platform provides a 24/7 chat box where you may communicate with other YoBit users as well as members of the YoBit staff. They have approximately 60,000 users in two Telegram communities (one in English and one in Russian). The platform recommends that consumers use Telegram support, noting that admins are usually available 24/7 and capable of resolving any issues. For individuals who do not utilize Telegram, the ticket option should be an additional choice.


  • YoBit supports FIAT deposits.
  • You do not need to provide any personal information or go through any sort of identification process, such as KYC, to use the site.
  • They offer a variety of tradeable cryptocurrencies.
  • They support FIAT.
  • Low Trading Fees
  • 24/7 customer support.


  • They don’t have any mobile apps for managing accounts on the fly.
  • Yobit does not allow you to trade with leverage.
  • Android and iOS mobile devices are not compatible with YoBit.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of YoBit

#4. CoinSmart: Most Popular Crypto Trading Platform

CoinSmart is an online crypto exchange that wants to make cryptocurrencies easier for everyone to use. The platform lets people buy, sell and even trade bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Cardano’s ADA, Ethereum (ETH), Ripple’s XRP (XRP), Stellar’s Lumen (XLM), and Tether (USDT) is the 9 cryptos that CoinSmart supports now.

CoinSmart has an easy-to-use exchange for people who are just getting into the crypto world, but it also has more advanced features for more experienced people.

CoinSmart was founded in 2018. It is based in Toronto, Canada, and is part of FINTRAC Canada, which keeps track of money. CoinSmart also has a license from the Estonian FIU.

In Canada, “FINTRAC” is a government agency that helps with money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities. It also has to make sure that personal information is safe.

The “FIU” license is a crypto exchange license that the Financial Intelligence Unit gives to exchanges that offer services in Estonia. The license is called the “FIU” license.

In addition to Canada and Estonia, CoinSmart can be used in these countries:

Austria, Belgium; Brazil; Bulgaria; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Italy; Jamaica; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malaysia; Malta; Mexico; Netherlands; Nigeria; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Russia; Singapore; Slovakia; Slovenia; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; Taiwan; Thailand; Turkey; Ukraine; and the United Kingdom.


CoinSmart makes it easy for people to invest and trade cryptos online. It also has a lot of advanced features.


It allows you to purchase, sell and exchange supported crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat trade pairings.

Advanced Trade 

CoinSmart also caters to sophisticated crypto dealers. Traders may use the charts to do technical analysis and execute market or limit orders.

CS Premium

CoinSmart offers tailored OTC trading services for organizations and individuals.


CoinSmart users may deposit, withdraw and trade crypto.

Options for tracking activity

Shows all transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, trades and pending orders.

Account Activity

Users may check their account activity on the “Dashboard” page.

Advanced Trade

On the “Advanced Trade” screen, advanced crypto traders can see open, fills, inactive and positions.

Wallets – Balances

The “Wallet” tab allows users to see their overall and individual wallet balances.

Pay Options

Upon verification of an account and payment of at least C$100, members may recommend a friend and receive C$15. After authenticating and depositing C$100, the suggested friend earns C$15. The CAD minimum does not apply to digital money.


Users may set up 2FA to demand a 6-digit code as a supplementary password.

Cold storage

CoinSmart uses cold storage provider BitGo to store cryptos entering the exchange.

Regulatory Compliance

CoinSmart is a licensed Money Service Business in Canada, overseen by FINTRAC. As a consequence, CoinSmart must comply with AML regulations. CoinSmart uses Chainalysis for AML. CoinSmart is licensed in Estonia.


  • Advanced trade options
  • Customer support
  • Fast account opening
  • Simple
  • SmartTrade


  • CoinSmart only supports 9 cryptos. However, these are amongst the biggest by market cap, with more currencies arriving soon.
  • No Android mobile app now, but CoinSmart will be Android compatible shortly. Until then, the CoinSmart website is completely functioning using a mobile browser.

#5. Paxful: Best Crypto Platform For Crypto Exchange UK

Today, it is tough to get Bitcoin through mining, so more and more people are buying it on peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges instead. People can buy Bitcoin with more than 300 different payment methods from Paxful, peer-to-peer exchange, and digital wallet providers. Customers can buy Bitcoin in more than 190 countries around the world.

Paxful was first called EasyBitz when it started in 2015. Over 4.8 million people use the exchange, and more than 200 people work there. It has offices in the Philippines, Estonia, and Hong Kong.

Some people use Paxful from all over the world. People who trade on the site come from Malaysia, UAE, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Zimbabwe and more. There was a goal for the CEO and founders to build a crypto community that was open to anyone who wanted to buy or sell bitcoins and other digital currencies.

Paxful, on the other hand, is a very trustworthy and straightforward platform that allows crypto buyers and sellers to directly interact with each other to sell or buy bitcoins and other essential cryptocurrencies. This is different from other exchanges that use an order book.

It’s possible to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether USD by choosing the Paxful vendor or buyer from the available options.



Using BitGo’s multi-signature wallets, Paxful users have an additional layer of protection. An escrow service is included with this kind of peer-to-peer exchange, which holds the bitcoins until both parties are satisfied with the transaction.

Additionally, Paxful has a rating system to reward sellers and buyers who behave ethically and promote a safe trading environment. Users can discover trustworthy performers more quickly via the rating system, while the escrow service helps resolve the problem of trust.

Interface & Results of Paxful Trading

Paxful’s trading platform is very user-friendly. A desktop and a mobile trading app are both available to you as part of your subscription to the service.

To begin a transaction with a seller or buyer, all you have to do is click on the “New Order” button. The platform lets vendors set up ads, which means they can get more buyers by posting their crypto deals on Paxful’s Facebook page or on the platform’s Instagram.


When trading on Paxful, you’ll pay very little in commissions. Between 1% and 2% of the withdrawal, the charge will be deducted from your credit card account when you withdraw money from the exchange. For example, vendors on Paxful will often charge between 0.1% and 5% in transaction fees, although there is no cost to purchase Bitcoin on the site.

Methods of payment accepted by Paxful

Peer-to-peer exchange Paxful allows most fiat money transactions, including PayPal, Western Union, VISA/Mastercard gift cards, Amazon Gift Cards and many more. Over 300 payment methods are available for exchanging Bitcoin at Paxful in addition to these options.

Clients support

Additionally, Paxful has a solid customer support system if you need assistance. Paxful is designed with customer service in mind, with a thorough FAQ section, forums, and account monitoring that occurs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Verifies biometrics
  • 300+ payment options
  • Trading charges
  • Quick response system
  • Securable Escrow


  • Excessive exchange rate
  • Possible seller scam

Buying Guide for Beginners For The Best Crypto Exchange UK

  • Reputation

When selecting an exchange, reputation is one of the essential considerations. Check reputable industry websites and peruse user evaluations to find out about a cryptocurrency exchange’s reputation.

You can also read about other people’s experiences in cryptocurrency forums like Bitcointalk. Does the exchange have a history of hacking? Customers who may have been the victims of a hacker attack should know what steps have been taken on their behalf.

You could also lose your money if an exchange does not insure or segregate client funds. Be sure that the trade you choose has a reliable “cold storage” facility if you decide to leave your coins or other digital assets there.

  • Fees and payment options

If you don’t want to be surprised by unexpected fees after you’ve started using the exchange, be aware of all of them. Depending on the exchange you choose, fees might vary greatly.

Does the exchange accept credit or debit card payments? Do they accept PayPal, or do you have to pay for a bank wire transfer to transfer money? When creating an account, certain exchanges only take cryptocurrencies, not national currencies. Limited payment options may make cryptocurrency purchases more difficult on an exchange than they should be.

  • ID verification

Credit card swaps often demand ID verification and charge additional fees because of the increased risk of fraud or theft. In addition, they may impose more excellent transaction and processing fees. On the other hand, wire transfers might take a long time to complete.

Deposits and withdrawals on most UK exchanges need some ID verification. Even so, if anonymity is important to you, you should double-check with the exchange in question.

The process of verifying a user’s identity might take many days, but it is necessary to prevent money laundering, fraud and other illegal activities.

  • Exchange rates

You may exchange cryptocurrencies listed in national currencies at different prices, and bid-offer spreads on specific platforms might be bigger or smaller. Consider the trading spreads of the exchange before you create an account.

The exact volatility depends on the currency and cryptocurrency involved; however, exchange rates have been known to swing substantially in quick markets. We’ve included four of the most popular UK-based exchanges below.

How We Have Created Our List For The Crypto Exchanges & Bitcoin Price UK

  • First and foremost

We wanted to ensure those brands’ safety i.e. if the transaction is secure. As cryptocurrency has grown in popularity and desirability in recent years, it has become an increasingly attractive target for hackers. Several leading exchanges, including Binance’s international operation and KuCoin, have been hacked, resulting in losses in the tens of millions for investors.

While exchanges often pay customers whose coins are stolen due to their insurance policies, you generally don’t want to be in that situation in the first place. As a result, it is critical that you only deposit funds on trustworthy exchange platforms. But with our deep research and picking the best brands, you are safe from that.

The risk of losing access to your cryptocurrency can be minimized by distributing your crypto purchases across multiple exchange platforms, or moving your crypto from an exchange’s default wallet to your own secure “cold” wallet that is not connected to the internet (and therefore much harder to hack).

You must, however, maintain strict adherence to your passcode, or you could lose access to your cryptocurrency for good. When you withdraw cryptocurrency from an exchange, you’ll need to be on the lookout for withdrawal costs as well. These are often different depending on the coin type.

  • Why should you trust our recommendations?

Because our mission is to help financially knowledgeable people make the best choices possible. We also know that the word “best” may be subjective–therefore, we make it a point to spell out both the positives and downsides of bitcoin exchanges.

To save your time, we spent countless hours researching and comparing different cryptocurrency exchanges’ features and product offers.

  • What standards did we apply to pick the top cryptocurrency exchanges?

To determine the best crypto exchange UK, we looked at a range of aspects such as the availability of cryptocurrencies, low fees, asset/account security, user interfaces and mobile accessibility.

As part of our analysis, we looked at whether exchanges offered services to both people and companies and additional account choices such as stake rewards, margin trading and Stablecoin support.

Frequently Asked Questions: Buy Bitcoin UK

Q1. What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

As an online brokerage for cryptocurrencies, tokens (virtual assets established using current blockchains) and other digital assets, a cryptocurrency exchange functions similarly to a stock market. In addition, several of these exchanges provide investment opportunities for advanced traders interested in buying, selling or holding digital assets such as bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin.

Most exchanges also provide custody and storage services for consumers who want to keep their cryptocurrency assets secure from theft and hacking. However, most exchanges aren’t entirely focused on giving personal wallet services.

Creating an external wallet with a bitcoin wallet provider or another storage wallet service is something you may do while keeping your crypto exchange account open and active. You may quickly move assets between your exchange account and your cryptocurrency wallet when the need arises.

Q2. Are cryptocurrency exchanges worth it?

This is based on your investment objectives and requirements. You have the option of investing in cryptocurrencies in more than one location. PayPal and SoFi, for example, aren’t officially crypto-focused businesses, but both accept digital assets as payment.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for low-cost choices, keep in mind that you may trade cryptocurrencies using fee-free brokerages like Webull and Robinhood. You would not have as many crypto-specific features as you would have with a Kraken or Gemini, though, which is the drawback to going this path.

You would effectively be giving up a greater variety of investments and account features in exchange for reduced costs and a more limited selection of cryptocurrency possibilities. On the other hand, cryptocurrency exchanges are likely to provide a more comprehensive choice of crypto-specific trading tools and account features than a traditional brokerage services firm.

Q3. What should you pay attention to when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange?

To choose a cryptocurrency exchange, you need to consider the following factors.

The security, fees, and cryptocurrencies provided by a cryptocurrency exchange are all important considerations when selecting one for your cryptocurrency trading needs.

In addition, it is critical to understand how your cryptocurrency is held, and if you have the option of moving that cryptocurrency to your digital wallet.

Exchanges for cryptocurrencies are available in both controlled and decentralized configurations. Governmental financial rules (such as those issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States) are rigorously adhered to by centralized exchanges, and many of them will protect your cash deposits and demand confirmation of identification before allowing you to use the platform.

Decentralized exchanges are uncontrolled internet exchanges hosted on distributed nodes owned by their users, with no centralized regulating body in charge. While this may seem to be a frightening prospect, decentralized exchanges provide transparent transactions and fees, as well as direct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading.

Q4. How do you buy crypto?

Cryptocurrency can be bought with money from a crypto exchange. To do this, you’ll need to sign up. You may need to get a crypto wallet to store your money, or your exchange may have one for you.

Some crypto exchanges don’t let you move your coins from one exchange to another. This could be dangerous–for example, if they get hacked. To do this, you’d have to sell your coins and buy new ones, which could have tax consequences.

Choose an exchange and a wallet. Then, you can buy crypto by depositing money into your account on the exchange or wallet. You will be able to buy crypto with a credit or debit card, but there may be extra fees. Some of these fees could be very high, up to 5% of your transaction. Some crypto exchanges let you use other cryptocurrencies or their stablecoins to pay for things.

Q5. How much do you need to buy crypto?

Exchanges have different rules based on the type of cryptocurrency you want to buy, and these rules can change. You might be able to buy small parts of coins for a few dollars or cents. Remember to check the requirements for the coin you want to buy, on the best crypto exchange UK you wish to use before you buy it.

Q6. How do I create a crypto exchange account?

Check out the exchange’s website or download its app so that you can open an account with them. Each crypto exchange has its unique registration process. With some, you will be able to make an account and buy and sell small amounts of crypto, without having to prove your identity or give out a lot of personal information.

However, as the industry evolved, measures to prevent money laundering and fraud have been introduced. In general, you’ll need to submit data like:

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • The postal address
  • Proof of identity, like a picture of your ID.

Q7. Are cryptocurrencies safe?

Cryptocurrencies can be safe, but only if you are careful and know what to do if something goes wrong. There are a lot of scams because cryptocurrency is still very new, so there are a lot of risks. Keep your private key safe and confidential when you use cryptocurrency to do business.

Q8. What are the benefits of cryptocurrency?

The main benefit of cryptocurrency is that there are no central banks or intermediaries like payment processors in the transaction. People who buy and sell things do so on a one-to-one level. In this way, each person who is part of a transaction has more control and privacy, which is good for them.

If people don’t like how a bank or a money service works, this can help them stay away from those places.

Q9. ‍Is crypto real money?

Cryptocurrency is very much like real money in that it is a way to exchange value. Despite this, it is not a currency in how it is taxed. Instead, it is good. Coins and paper money doesn’t exist in the form of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is in many ways like real money, but it’s not real money.

Q10. Is cryptocurrency legal?

Cryptocurrency is legal as long as you pay tax on the profits you make when you sell your cryptocurrencies, as required by HMRC. Try to avoid coins that become popular on social media and Reddit as “meme coins,” or coins that become a big hit. It’s usually wrong to buy coins like that.

If you also avoid cryptojacking and other illegal ways of getting cryptocurrency, you are free to invest in and make transactions with cryptocurrency.

Q11. Is it possible to sell bitcoin in the UK?

Yes, you may sell and trade Bitcoin in the UK in the same way that you can purchase it. Suppose you already have Bitcoin on another exchange or in a wallet. In that case, you can transfer it to your new crypto-exchange and then sell it for another cryptocurrency or fiat currency, depending on your preferences. Once again, you’ll want to check into the top cryptocurrency trading platforms in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, once you have purchased Bitcoin on your current crypto-exchange, you may swap it for another cryptocurrency or fiat money just as quickly as you can trade it for another cryptocurrency.

You should keep in mind that if you decide to sell your Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) in exchange for fiat cash, you will be subject to capital gains tax if you make a profit of over £12,000.

Q12. Can my bank let me purchase Bitcoin with my credit card?

Your credit card may not be accepted for purchases of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom, depending on who you bank with in the country. The Lloyds Banking Group prohibited credit card purchases of cryptocurrency in February 2018, including Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland and MBNA.

Customers of Virgin Money and Capital One are likewise prohibited from using their credit cards to make cryptocurrency purchases.

However, other big banks, such as Barclays, HSBC, and NatWest continue to allow clients to purchase cryptocurrency using their credit cards. All banks–including Lloyds, Capital One, and Virgin Money–accept debit cards for crypto purchases, as many other financial institutions do.

Conclusion: Which Exchange Is Best For CryptoCurrency In UK?

Finding the best crypto exchange in the UK is significantly less complicated than you may expect. You can discover a variety of exchanges accessible in your area, as well as on international and semi-international exchanges. All you have to do is figure out what you’re looking for, and select the exchange that best meets your demands.

Consider the exchange’s reputation, transaction fees, other charges, exchange rates, dealer spreads and customer service while making your decision. Never forget to factor in the time it will take to establish an account, and the time it will take to get the cryptocurrencies you have purchased.

Since we are focused on providing our readers with honest reviews of the best cryptocurrency for investors of all skill levels, we hope you enjoy reading our article. We have selected exchanges that are trustworthy, safe and simple to use, and have a long history of providing a high degree of quality.

Get started with one of our best cryptocurrency exchanges right now!

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