Best Bad Credit Car Loans In 2022: Top Lending Companies That Provide Loans To Buy A Car

Nikhil Goswami

Nothing improves your mood like good news: you can trade in your old car for a new one. You do not even need to have all the money to buy a new one right now; there are accessible loans for that. Can you get a car loan with any credit? Several online platforms offer car loans to all credits, including bad credit, and we reviewed some in this article.

One of the best aspects of these car loans is that they are secured loans. A secured loan is one where you must present collateral before you access the funds. The car you buy with the loan is the collateral for the loan. So you do not have to use another asset to get the loan. The lender can take the car if you fail to pay the money back.

Another exciting part is that the typical sky-high interest rates that accompany bad credit loans do not apply to these loans. The reason is that a secured loan does not attract high-interest rates. However, this aspect depends on the lender and the loan terms. You may want to ensure the loan contract is favorable before agreeing to any terms.

Our Top 5 Picks For Best Bad Credit Car Loans On The Market:

  1. Money Mutual – Overall Best Bad Credit Car Loans, Editor’s Pick 
  2. Bad Credit Loans – Most Reputed Bad Credit Loan Approvals
  3. RadCred – Prime Choice For Car Loans 
  4. Cash USA – Most Recommended For Instant Cash Advance For Car Loans
  5. Personal Loans – Top Rated For Favorable Terms To Get Personal Loans 

#1. Money Mutual – Overall Best Bad Credit Car Loans, Editor’s Pick 


Bad credit customers do not have to look far for secured or unsecured loans. Money Mutual is one of the most dependable companies offering bad credit car loans to all credit types, including bad and poor credit. While it is not a direct lender, it is a secure marketplace for borrowers to meet credible lenders for a mutually-satisfying business transaction.

Using Money Mutual to reach lenders willing to give a car loan to bad credit customers is simple. You must use the company’s website to apply. Fill out the available form and submit it. Ensure you provide all the required documents to make the process fast and easy. Otherwise, you may have to provide the required information at a later time, and it only serves to prolong the deposit time.

The company does not ask for much when it comes to personal information. However, you must provide your name, address, phone number, email address, and a valid ID. Proof of income and a bank account are also crucial because the lender must know you can pay the money back and have a means of sending the money within a short period. The company may require a few pieces of additional information, but you can always provide them in no time.

Money Mutual always provides short-term loans, although the loan amounts are typically small. That means you may have to come up with the bulk of the money needed to buy a new car. Nevertheless, you can get the money within 24 hours or less, depending on the contract terms and your discussion with the lender. You may not even meet only one lender; a single application usually opens the door to more than one. So, comparing loan terms is easy to make an informed decision.

Remember that Money Mutual does not directly involve itself in discussing loan terms. It also does not determine what goes into the contract and how much you get. These are up to you and the lender. Therefore, the outcome of the contract must come from how you negotiate with the lender. The company is only a marketplace, acting as a middleman for lenders and borrowers.


Quick Application Process: Applying for a car loan with Money Mutual is simple and quick. Head to the official website and fill out the online form. You do not have to look for it; click on the Get Started button. It will take you to the form, and filling and submitting it takes less than five minutes. However, it helps to use only the official website and keep documents handy to ease the process.

Loan Amount: Money Mutual offers loans up to $5,000, even for bad credit customers. That means you may have to provide a considerable amount to cover the cost of a car since cars are expensive. It also means paying the loan back will be easy because it is small. Besides, its interest rate may not be excessive, especially if you make prepayments.

Credit Check: The company does not do credit checks to determine who is eligible and who is not. All credit types are accepted so that no one is left out of getting a good car loan. Ensure you have all the required documents, including credit reports, even though your credit history does not disqualify you.

Speedy Approval: Money Mutual has a reputation for quick approvals for all loan types and credit scores. This makes loans accessible to everyone, wherever they are. Also, you do not have to wait long to get a fund deposit into your bank account, which is ideal for emergencies.


  • Reasonable interest rates
  • Quick car loans
  • Few requirements
  • Flexible repayment schedule
  • Dependable brand
  • Credible lenders


  • Small loan amount
  • Not available countrywide

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. Bad Credit Loans – Most Reputed Bad Credit Loan Approvals


The company’s name tells a story; Bad Credit Loans specializes in getting loans for bad credit customers. Your credit score does not disqualify you from a loan, although the company will perform a small check on your credit history. The reason is that it understands the pressing needs of most people when it comes to financial emergencies. Car loans are no different since such a car can be a means of survival.

It is a known fact that bad credit loans of any type attract high-interest rates. The lack of a credible credit rating usually makes many lenders attach a high rate to the money they loan out. Moreover, the loan amount does not reduce the rates, so you may be paying almost double or more of what you borrowed. The case is not the same with Bad Credit Loans, as it strives to provide for all its customers.

The company has a large base of satisfied and happy customers, and this should boost your confidence. It also shows the company provides essential services to people who trust the platform, getting many referrals and returning customers. The best part is that the steps to apply for and secure a loan are short and straightforward.

It does not take much to apply for a loan with the company. You will find its official website online. Open the site and find the loan form; it is easy to find, and the site is user-friendly. Fill out the form with your name, home address, phone number, email address, and bank account. You may also be required to provide proof of income and a valid means of identification. Submit the form; it might take a while to get a response.

The Bad Credit Loans platform does not take time to decide whether or not an application passes the eligibility test. It has a high approval rate for loan applications, including bad credit loans. You will get a response within minutes, and from there, the company connects you to more than one online lender. This works in your favor because you can compare loan terms and find the best one for your specific needs. You are not stuck with one lender given by the platform.

Negotiating the loan terms is up to you and the chosen lender. Bad Credit Loans is only a lending marketplace that provides a safe platform for finding credible lenders and borrowers. The faster you can agree on the terms with the lender, the earlier you can get the money. However, before signing the contract, you must check all the terms and read all the clauses. You can move to another lender if you find the terms unfavorable or have difficulty agreeing on specific aspects. In other words, Bad Credit Loans company makes the loan process easy and friendly.


No Extra Charge: Bad Credit Loans does not charge anything extra for its service. If anything, it delivers its service free of charge so that it does not increase how much you have to pay. Lenders deduct most fees from the loan sum, which may affect how much you have left for the car.

Accepts All Credits: As the name suggests, the company accepts all credit types. So, bad credit customers can access loans through the company. You do not have to worry about credit checks, as the platform performs only cursory checks. Therefore, you can get bad credit car loans from the company.

Reasonable Terms: Bad Credit Loans works with only credible lenders with reasonable terms to provide loans. You will find that you work around the terms and make the most of the loan. The terms do not strain your income and make repayment easy.

Customer Priority: You come first with Bad Credit Loans. Customers are a priority for the company, and there is always a representative to answer your questions. Also, you can reach the company at all times through a phone call or email.


  • Excellent service free of charge
  • No credit score discrimination
  • The site is easy to navigate and use
  • Loan sum available to all
  • Reasonable loan terms


  • There may be a tighter rule for bad credit customers
  • No involvement in negotiating loans

=> Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoans

#3. RadCred – Prime Choice For Car Loans 


If you want a company with excellent service and large loan sums, you may want to check RadCred. It is an online marketplace for lenders to meet borrowers for easier business transactions. The company has more than two decades of service in the loan industry, working hard to provide top-notch service to all its customers. It understands the financial strain on most Americans and how difficult it can be to secure a suitable loan, especially if you have bad credit. Therefore, RadCred has opened the door for everyone to access a loan.

You will find the company’s website once you search for it. Ensure it is the correct website before revealing personal and financial information. Fill out the form, providing the required information, such as your name, valid ID, home address, and bank account. You may need to provide other information the lender needs, including proof of where you work and income. That way, the lender knows that you have the means to pay the loan back when due.

Submit the form and wait for the company to reach out to you with the loan approval. Like the other platforms, getting a response does not take long, making it easy to look for a car loan elsewhere if you do not make the mark. However, it is hardly the case that RadCred does not approve a loan application unless there are missing pieces of the necessary information. 

An excellent part of using RadCred as a lending platform is that it offers high loan sums. The company offers as high as $35,000 for car loans, although this entire sum may not be available for all credit types. However, you will still have access to a considerable sum, as long as you can negotiate things well with your lender. Note that you must provide the information required by the lender if you want a reasonable sum.


Considerable Loans: RadCred offers considerable loans up to $35,000. While the entire sum may not be accessible for all credit types, it creates room to negotiate and get a good amount as a loan. That means you may not have to come up with so much to cover the rest of the cost of a new car.

Flexible Repayment Time Frame: The company has a repayment period of 72 months. This time frame makes it easy for all income types and levels to access loans and make timely payments. Note that this time does not apply to all borrowers, so you may not get the full time to repay the loan. It is up to you and the agreement you reach with the lender. It determines how much time you have to pay the money back.

Secure Website: The website is secure and private for all users. This is a priority for the company to ensure your information is safe and you can comfortably carry out financial transactions online.

No Charges: What’s more, the platform does not charge extra for its customer services. In other words, there are no hidden charges; you may have to clear possible charges with individual lenders.


  • Long repayment period
  • Secure website
  • Open to all credit types
  • Excellent contract terms
  • Large loan sums


  • Eligibility may involve having a steady income source
  • Requires providing a lot of information

=> Click here to visit the official website of RadCred

#4. CashUSA – Most Recommended For Instant Cash Advance For Car Loans


This lending platform is your go-to if you exhaust other options and need a quick bad credit car loan. Not only does it accept all credits, but it also delivers within a specific period. It does not turn any borrower away and has the reputation of approving almost all its customers. The company makes the application process easy and quick, so you can cut down the time between applying and getting funding.

CashUSA may check your credit history, but it is only part of the necessary steps. Your history does not affect whether or not you get loan approval from the platform. If anything, it ensures bad credit customers access loans because it understands how difficult it can be to get such financial assistance for people with bad or poor credit ratings. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about regarding securing loans with the online platform.

The company offers different types of loans, including car loans. It offers up to $10,000 for such loans and may make it available for all credit types. However, this amount may not be enough for a new car, so you must be prepared to fund the rest of the car cost. The type of car and the loan amount you are approved for will determine how much you must cover out of your pocket.

Applying for a loan with CashUSA is straightforward. Find the official website and fill out the form to begin the process. It takes a few minutes to complete and submit the application, but you must have all the necessary documents to quicken it. Carefully provide your name, home address, bank details, and a valid ID. While the company has a reputation for quick loan approvals for bad credit, it does not mean it opens its doors to everyone. It has a list of criteria that enables it to select applicants carefully.

After submitting the form, wait for a response. CashUSA connects you to multiple lenders with one application. This eases the process of moving from lender to lender while looking for the best loan terms. You can compare the terms and rates on each lender’s website and decide which offers the most reasonable terms. Once you get a lender connection, you negotiate the terms, agree, and get a disbursement of funds.

It is crucial to pay attention to all the terms and repayment plans to ensure they are favorable. Some lenders may stipulate only a few months to pay the money back, while others may offer a more extended period. Therefore, select a lender offering excellent terms with no hidden charges.


Easy-to-navigate Website: CashUSA makes it easy to navigate and use its website for all borrowers. Since it is a vast lending marketplace, the company understands that different people may use its services. Therefore, it ensures you can apply on your own from anywhere without any worry about privacy, security, or needing assistance.

Lender Network: The company has a vast network of online lenders ready to provide a loan for borrowers with bad credit. It ensures all its lenders are vetted to show credibility, so you do not have to worry about working with fraudulent lenders. Plus, the vast network ensures borrowers are always paired with several lenders with a single application. That way, you can vet them simultaneously and compare rates while checking their websites.

Credit Rating: Your credit history or rating does not affect your approval chances. CashUSA opens its doors to all credits; bad credit is no exception. You can access the loan facilities on this lending marketplace and get a considerable sum. However, it may not be enough to cover the cost of a car. You may have to pay the rest yourself.

Loan Sums: CashUSA offers between $500 and $10,000 to borrowers, although a bad credit customer may not access the total amount. If you have bad credit, you may get only $5000, which may be insufficient to cover a car loan.


  • A quick and easy application process
  • User-friendly website
  • Speedy delivery of funds
  • Several lenders with one application
  • Vast lender network


  • Requires a long list of personal information
  • Interest rates may apply

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA

#5. Personal Loans – Top Rated For Favorable Terms To Get Personal Loans 


A bad credit auto loan can be a relief for someone who does not have any other option for securing such a loan. While it is a secured loan, you do not need to provide any collateral because the car you buy acts as one. Many loan companies do not offer high amounts to bad credit customers; Personal Loans is a company that provides a wide range regarding how much you can borrow. 

The platform works like many others; it is an online marketplace where you can borrow money. Note that it does not directly lend to borrowers but acts as a go-to if you want credible lenders. Getting a loan through its network may seem slightly different from others, but that is only because of the lengthy requirements. Personal Loans company eases the application process by making the website safe and secure, and the navigation method is simple.

However, you must provide more information than the basic requirements. Apart from your name, home address, phone number, and a valid means of identification, the company may ask for information on military involvement and whether or not you own the house in which you live. This process eliminates the need to go to any physical office to deliver documents if a lender requires them. Moreover, you may not have to provide detailed information if you decide to use the same online service in the future.

Once you submit the form, the company checks the requirements and sends it out to its network of lenders. This application can connect you to several lenders and allows you to check their credibility and interest rates. You can make an informed decision from the information on the lenders’ websites. Then, when you select a lender and agree on contract terms, you can get the money in your account within one business day.

The third-party lender network is an excellent aspect of using the Personal Loans company. This network provides a credible network for every borrower, but it is not every time you get a match within its network. So, it reaches this third party for any lender willing to work with a bad credit customer. It ensures there is a lender for everyone, which means the company has many satisfied customers, according to verified reviews.


Loan Amounts: Personal Loans company is one with a high amount for borrowers. It offers as much as $35,000, and you can start with as little as $1,000. So, a borrower can pick within a wide range and make a request. This puts the platform above many others when it comes to loan amounts.

Repayment Plan: Personal Loans offers up to 70 months to repay the loan you take. While not every loan type and credit level may access the same repayment schedule, you will surely get ample time to pay the money back. However, you must ensure the contract states when you have to pay back the money.

Flexible Terms: The company offers flexible terms to all its customers. If you explain your circumstances to the lender, you can change the repayment times. An extension on your repayment does not affect how much interest you must pay. It only means that a delay does not affect your credit score.

Unique Lender Network: The company uses an immediate lender network and a third-party network. This makes it easy to reach lenders for every borrower so that no one leaves without a lender connection. This is more than many other lending platforms can offer.


  • A vast network of lenders
  • Works with a third-party lender network
  • Considerable loan sums
  • Flexible loan contract terms
  • Reasonable annual percentage rates (APR)


  • Requires too much personal information
  • Does not offer service in some parts of the country
  • Income source is required

=> Click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Selecting A Bad Credit Car Loan

A credible list of bad credit auto loans is one step in the right direction. While it is not difficult to find such a loan, it may be challenging to select one based on your specific needs. So, before taking this loan, what do you need to make an informed decision? This section is a buying guide of factors to consider before taking a bad credit car loan, especially if it is your first time.

  • Credit Score

Most lenders have a minimum credit score requirement, although they may not use it to disqualify borrowers based on this alone. So, check your credit score and get a paper record before applying for a loan with any platform, online or otherwise. You can access the credit history from bureaus or use the FICO chart to determine where your credit score falls.

Typically, lenders require a credit score above 630 as a basic requirement, although some go lower to 580. In other words, if your score is below 580, you may not access many lending facilities. Research and learn ways to improve your score before applying for a car loan. Timely payments help to improve it, and ensuring you do not overdraw your account or take more loans before completing payments may also fix your credit history. Otherwise, you may end up tanking your score and ruining your credit history.

  • Pre-qualification

Some lending platforms offer pre-qualification exercises to help determine whether you are eligible for a car loan. You may have other auto financing options, but getting a car loan like this may work best for you. Therefore, check if you qualify before applying through any platform. Get your documents ready, including proof of a steady income source.

Go online and search for pre-qualification platforms. Follow the steps and enter your details, including your credit score and history. Once done, you will get a response on your approval rating, and you can decide if you want to go ahead. This exercise saves you time and protects you from complicated processes. Remember that you must have your credit score to check your qualification status since it is a minimum requirement for most lenders.

  • Loan Coverage

It may sound excellent to get an auto loan, but most times, the amount you get barely covers the car cost. That means you must cover the rest of the cost from your pocket. It may deplete your resources without necessarily adding value if you do not already have the money for it.

Cars are expensive, and no lender is willing to cover the cost of buying a good one. The amount is usually smaller for bad credit loans. You may find a car dealership to work with, but it is not always ideal for you in the long run. Therefore, knowing the percentage that the loan covers before applying is crucial. You can compare different platforms and select one with the highest amount available for bad credit. However, check the repayment plan and compare it to the interest rates. 

The upside of covering part of the cost is that it reduces the amount you repay. It also means you do not have to borrow too much, making you more credible to lenders. Moreover, the interest rate reduces, and the loan-to-value ratio lowers to help negotiate with any lender. It is harder to get favorable terms with bad credit when you have little or nothing to reduce costs.

  • Terms

The loan terms can make or mar the contract. Reading and understanding every aspect of the terms is crucial, so you may need an experienced person to help you determine what works. Check for hidden fees, interest rates, prepayments, and repayment. As mentioned earlier, some lenders are averse to prepayments, and these payments can significantly reduce interest rates. Others impose strict regulations on how many prepayments to make per year. A few lenders are open to prepayments.

Some hidden charges can affect how much you receive. If a lender deducts money from the total loan sum to cover these charges, you may not have enough to cover the cost of the car. That may require getting money from elsewhere to complete it. Furthermore, some lenders have strict payment regulations, and missing any payment may incur additional charges. This is why you must scrutinize every aspect of your loan contract before signing it.

  • Request a Co-Signer

Having a reliable co-signer may improve your chances of getting loan approvals. It may also affect how much a lender will give to you. Such a co-signer must have a fair or excellent credit score and history. They must understand that you have bad credit, and their credit rating may improve your rating. Also, they must know about loans to help you to understand what is favorable, especially if you are new.

You can work towards improving your rating and score using this loan. Several lending platforms submit and document reports to the important credit bureaus, and making timely payments may significantly affect your record. So, consult with the lending service to see how it applies and how servicing your loans can help your score.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Car Loans:

  1. How do you find your credit score before applying for a car loan?

You can access your credit report at no cost to check your credit score. That way, you can determine if you have bad credit and prepare for getting a bad credit car loan. Check with credit bureaus or search for the FICO chart; you can calculate your score based on your report.

A score of 800 to 850 is excellent, and not many people fall into this category. Borrowers with credit scores within this range never have difficulty accessing loans. Also, they are not under strict regulations or attract high-interest rates because lenders know they can cover the loan anytime.

Next is the 740 to 799, a very good credit score range. This range is close to the excellent range but may not have access to all the privileges accruing to the former. After that, you will find the range of 670 to 739 for good credit scores. Then, you have 580 to 669 for fair credit. Any score below this range is bad credit, and a credit repair company may be your best bet in fixing it.

  1. Can you change your credit score with a car loan?

A car loan can positively or negatively change your credit score; the same applies to all loan types. The key lies in how you service the loans. Timely and complete payments improve your score because a lending platform is required to submit your loan application to credit bureaus. As you make payments, they reflect on your applications and change the ratings.

Your loan applications with various lending platforms are credit inquiries on your credit report. The inquiries stay on your credit record for about 24 months before they are erased. However, they help lenders to report your progress to the bureaus as you service the loans. That way, they can change your score; the same applies if you skip payments.

  1. Is collateral necessary for a bad credit car loan?

Collateral is not necessary for bad credit car loans. A car loan, whether for bad credit or not, is a secured loan that requires collateral. However, the car you buy with the loan acts as the required collateral. Therefore, there is no need to present any asset before accessing the loan. The lender can take the car if you default on payments.

Conclusion: Where Can I Get Car Loans? 

For car buyers, securing a bad credit car loan is no longer impossible. Gone are when lenders shied away from working with bad credit customers. They are more open to all credit types because there are ways to ensure eligibility and get their money back. So, you can get a car loan, even if you have bad credit.

This article explains some criteria that helped to select online loan companies to review. You will find unique areas where each company excels and how it fits your specific needs. However, you must also check the buying guide for other factors that help you pick the most suitable platform. It is one thing to have a shortlist of credible brands, but it is different from knowing the specific one that works for you. 

Therefore, look at the interest rates, necessary down payments, hidden charges, repayment schedules, and terms of each contract. Another thing to check is how to finance the car payment outside of taking a loan. If you can work with a credit union, it may be a better option. Otherwise, speak with family members or your employer for a cash advance you can comfortably repay.

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