Atria on Roslyn Harbor celebrates 10 years

Amelia Camurati
The Atria on Roslyn Harbor celebrated its 10th anniversary Thursday after a summer of fundraising for the Nassau County Firefighters Museum and Education Center. (Photo courtesy of Atria on Roslyn Harbor)

The Atria on Roslyn Harbor celebrated its 10th anniversary last week with an end-of-summer party after months of fundraising for a local museum.

Allison Miller, the executive director, said at the anniversary celebration last Thursday that she was happy to present a $2,500 check to the Nassau County Firefighters Museum and Education Center after hosting events all summer to raise money for the museum.

“Atria believes in intergenerational programming and giving back to the community, and they do educate young people in Nassau County,” Miller said.

Throughout the summer, the Atria on Roslyn Harbor hosted events such as a Cirque de Soleil night with a firethrower, stilt walkers and live music, a carnival-themed grandparents’ day for the community and a Billy Joel tribute band night.

“People were really surprised when they walked in because it’s really not what people typically would think of for a senior living community,” Miller said.

Joanna Mansfield, Atria regional vice president, said the independent senior living community caters to higher functioning residents and has thrived for 10 years because the staff has become skilled at anticipating the needs of residents instead of reacting after the fact.

“We consistently reevaluate what we’re providing, how can we do it better, how can we change our services to better meet the needs of our population,” Mansfield said. “It has changed over the last 10 years, needs are a bit different, families look at a different point in time, and we strive to be forever accommodating and taking into consideration the clientele we’re catering to.”

Julie Wexler, director of sales, said part of their success comes from creating a product ideal for North Shore residents, whom she describes as “a discerning population,” and the combination of the ornate building, view of Hempstead Harbor and attentive staff keeps residents happy.

“Communities like Atria didn’t exist years ago, so I think it’s hard for folks of our parents’ generations to see there could be anything better or different than living in their home,” Wexler said. “Very often, they’re surprised when they come to Atria that they can have a better quality of life that’s filled with more social stimulation, activities, not having to worry about the burden of their home while having the support of the staff but also of their peers.”

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