Aging, everyone’s enemy can now be a thing of the past


Say good-bye to aging. As we welcome a new era. clinical anti-aging and the study of how we age, be it evolutionary, biological, medical, social or psychological has evolved substantially in recent years.

Together with the implementation of the many alternative forms of medicine and combined with technologically advanced medical esthetic treatments, we are able to completely rejuvenate the face, body and mind. What a great time to be alive and benefit from these technologies. 

The new holistic approach to aging enables us to uncover the root cause and really nip it in the bud before becoming an issue.

The truth is that aging is a disease.  Yes, that’s right, Aging can be classified as a disease, caused mainly by inflammation.  And, as such, when treated preventatively, the aging process can be slowed down to greatly improve your quality and longevity of life. 

Researchers predict that life expectancy will soon reach 120 and so we really want to take even more care of ourselves, starting with changing our lifestyle!

Long Island has an abundance of spas and medical spas offering the usual medical aesthetic treatments. However, very few address how to age well from the inside out. Two experts in the medical and aesthetics field, members of the American Anti Aging Association, have changed that.  

“Aging well,  the first step to preventing or even reversing certain aspects of aging is proper diagnosis. Beginning with a comprehensive health, nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire and blood and DNA analysis, gives you a personalized program that will address your individual needs and help you to put your life back on track. 

Most Effective Anti-Aging Diagnostics utilized are:

  • Natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is used in treating both women and men’s hormone imbalances, which are key to maintaining overall health and well-being by maintaining good organ function, consistent muscle mass, healthy libido, tight and firm skin and managing menopausal symptoms. 
    • DNA test, shows the body’s natural predisposition to the five most common age-related diseases. (ie. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, oxidative stress, Alzheimer’s ), as well as any DNA mutations that may exist.)
    • Oxidative stress test  reveals levels of free-radical damage, directly related to the cellular and organ aging
    • Zytoscan testing reveals the bio-rhythm data of our bodies physical & emotional stress-related factors that affect our health
    • Other biochemical blood and hormone saliva testing
    • Bio-marker telomerase and ANS heart variance testing which examine internal biological age, as compared to your chronological age. 
    • Complete body analysis and external body assessment (as related to existing age) including BMI index, muscle mass, fat mass, weight, metabolic function, skin condition, tone, etc. 

Having evaluated your needs properly, you can implement one or more of our Programs and help you to change your lifestyle by introducing an easy, beneficial daily program. By examining all aspects, such as nutrition, exercise, external aging, skin damage, work habits, stress related issues, home environment, and even psychological factors that may be affecting your health.


Some of the most effective anti aging programs:

  • Hormone Support and Replacement Therapy –HGH, Testosterone, Estrogen & Progesterone Supplementation
  • Vitamin Infusion Therapy &B12 Shots
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule Therapy (or Activated Oxygen Therapy)
  • Holistic Detox & Nutritional Program
  • Revolutionary Medical Esthetics Program using the “Facelift of the Future” technique, combining Aerolase and Versa PL Laser Skin Rejuvenation therapy, the latest in Venus VIVA and MORPHEUS8 RF skin resurfacing and skin tightening and the Venus Legacy RF/PEMF  Skin Tightening for Face and Body.
  • 30-Day Fast Track Medical Detox and Weight-Loss Program and “Skinny Shot”

Don’t miss out on giving yourself the best Valentine’s Day gift of Self-Love!

Katherine Sempecos – Founder and Co-Owner of Prism Med Spa, Roslyn

Clinical Aesthetician & Laser Expert

Prism Med Spa is located at 41 Main St. in Roslyn. Prism was voted the Best Spa on the Northshore, as well as received the Roslyn “Excellence in Physicians” Award for 2015-2021. For a complimentary consultation, call 516-277-2293.

Katherine Sempecos

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