A Thanksgiving feast like no other

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First-grade students from Searingtown Elementary School in Herricks participated in a special “Book Tasting” reading celebration on Nov. 24. (Photo courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)

On Nov. 24, first-grade students at Searingtown Elementary School in Herricks were treated to a special “Book Tasting” reading celebration. The first-grade team, in collaboration with the school’s reading teacher, developed the event to present students with a “menu” of book options in various genres in hopes of encouraging them to get “hungry” for reading.

The menu included an appetizer course, the main entree and dessert. Throughout the day, students sampled a variety of items from the menu and “tasted” everything that the book genres offered. In addition, special guest readers served students fun reading materials, including a poem titled, “Albuquerque the Turkey,” the current issue of Scholastic News, and their very own box of various books for them to “sample” and keep.

Throughout the event, the students enjoyed reading alone, with a partner and listening to stories read with guest speakers.

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