A signature beer comes to LI

The Island Now

NYCB Live has launched Long Island Love Lager in collaboration with Oyster Bay Brewing Company.  Beer connoisseurs and New York Islanders fans alike were the first to taste the craft beer, which was available to the public for the first time this week. Long Island Love Lager is the venue’s first custom beer since reopening in April 2017.

“We created this beer with Oyster Bay Brewing Company as a way to celebrate the Long Island community,” said Nick Vaerewyck, vice president of programming, NYCB Live. “Long Island Love aims to recognize local businesses and showcase our incredible community. This joint creation is a great way to accomplish just that.”

“We have really enjoyed teaming up with NYCB Live on this all-Long Island beer,” said Gabe Haim, co-owner of Oyster Bay Brewing Co.  “We take pride in the fact that 100 percent of our craft beer is made in Oyster Bay and packed in Oyster Bay. We hope everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy one of these Long Island Loves Lager at an event at NYCB Live or at the brewery.”

Beer enthusiasts can taste Long Island Love Lager at the arena and Oyster Bay Brewery. 

The beer is accessible by craft beer standards, with four percent alcohol by volume. Long Island Love Lager is a traditional style American light lager with light toasty and floral aromatics. It is very easy drinking with a light, dry, crisp finish.

To enjoy a Long Island Lager at an upcoming event, visit https://www.nycblive.com/.

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