Readers Write: Katz thanks Plaza voters for listening before vote

The Island Now

It’s past midnight on Sunday, so It’s actually very early Monday morning as I compose this note to all the residents of the Village of Great Neck Plaza.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 15, we will all go to the polls and cast our votes for the next mayor of the Plaza as well as for two trustees.

Many times elections are framed as very decisive, crucial to our future, or even “the most important election in our lifetime.” Without being dramatic, the future of the Plaza is being decided tomorrow. Residents who are happy with the way the Plaza looks will support the incumbents and those of us who are extremely upset with the devolving of our once-great village will write in their votes for myself and my team.

It’s been said that voters deserve the leaders they get because in our democracy we do have the freedom to choose our elected officials every two or four years and if we are unhappy with the results of the election or find that our leaders have disappointed us by their actions or inactions, we can easily cast our votes for the opposition and vote the incumbents out of office.

Thank goodness, in our country no one gets shot for the way they vote. So it will be in this election. You, the voters, will choose which way the village will be governed over the next 1 1/2 years. I wish us all well.

In conversations, I’ve likened our campaign to a pregnancy. It’s lasted almost nine months, with the first trimester (January through March) being very emotional, the mid-trimester (April through June) being relatively calm and the final trimester (July through September) being, once again, very active with the anticipation of a final, hopefully, good ending.

I find it appropriate to thank all those who have helped in our campaign. And I only mention my wife, Floura, because without her support and encouragement I could not have sustained the tremendous effort required to complete this very long arduous journey. Along the way, I’ve met so many good people who, as I do, truly care about our village.

They have contributed their time, energy, talents, and even their money to keep this campaign moving forward and to them, I owe my deepest respect and thanks. It’s easy to start naming names, but invariably someone will be omitted so I want to publicly thank you all for your continuing efforts in social media, publicity, promotion, materials distribution, telephoning, and attendance at the endless coffee and donuts meeting, which morphed into on-line Zoom discussions.

This short note is getting rather long, so I’ll close by thanking the residents of the Village of Great Neck Plaza for being open to listening to our ideas and plans. I hope we’ve generated a different view of the Plaza and that should the incumbents hold sway, some of that view will percolate into new policies that will benefit us all.

It’s been my a pleasure to share the ticket with two outstanding people and I look forward to maintaining my relationship with them, as well as other members of the campaign committee.

My best wishes to all,

Leonard Katz
Village of Greta Neck Plaza.

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