Curran free of taint carried by opponent for county exec


It is not so long ago that Nassau County elected its present DA.

The voters beat back the forces of special interest and won with the right choice.

It is not much different this time in the run for county executive.

On one side is a candidate so mired as to be one with special interest and who has a record of numerous wrongdoings both large and small.

His opponent, Laura Curran has a clean record and is saying what is correct. Hopefull she will win for the benefit of Nassau County.

In other prevailing news is Queens County wanting to activate some old water wells.

At the same time there are those calling for more development on Long Island.

Nothing may move forward regarding these matters without a proper OK after a thorough study of Nassau County’s water supply is completed.

Nassau’s water wells may not be overpumped allowing allowing salt water to ruin any of the aquifers.

The aquifers cannot be repaired should this happen and it would begin spelling the end of parts of Long Island for human habitation.

New York City has a different water supply system which has to be added to in order to better serve those parts of Queens County.

Another problem these days is opioid misuse which results in many unnecessary deaths.

An oil from the hemp family of plants is having good results with such problems as epileptic seizures. It is in the news that prescriptions for opioids will no longer be allowed in many instances.

This will eliminate much of the corruption in the medical profession.

Check out MJNA OTC.

There is no THC in this oil and it does not produce a high. It is already being used here, in Europe, Mexico and Central and South America with great results. 

Last but not all: The LIRR rails have to be put in good condition and the antiquated signal system has to be replaced with one that is up to date.

Penn Station work and the access to Grand Central has to be completed before any more consideration is given to a third track. 

However, the elimination of grade crossings should begin.

Charles Samek 



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